Time for a Wedding post: Getting Ready.

January 4, 2016
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I have been trying to write a post about our wedding for ages, but it’s been hard to dedicate the time because I started a small business a week after and then it was the silly season and I am exhausted! I was also trying to do one big post because I am notoriously hopeless at doing multiple posts about the one subject, but it just wasn’t working out. So I am going to attempt four blog posts about our big day: getting ready, the ceremony, the location photos and the reception. I’m also going to cut way back on the word count because that’s where I tend to struggle. So without further ado, here’s the Getting Ready post!

While our wedding wasn’t going to be anything close to “traditional”, I still wanted to get ready with my mum and bridesmaids (my sister Erin and best friend Sarah) while Ben got ready elsewhere with his best man/friend Kieran. Mum and I had gone to great lengths to make my dress a well as every other details (bridesmaid dresses, bouquet’s, headwear etc) as unique and amazing as possible and I wanted Ben to get the full blast of it with the of the guests at the ceremony. We both stayed together at home the night before, thoroughly exhausted from setting up the hall all day and continuing preparations until late, and went our separate ways mid-morning.

I went to a friends house in Taringa to take advantage of their lovely big, bright home that was relatively close to where the wedding was going to be. We still had a bunch of stuff to do including finishing touches on dresses, making caramel for the caramel apple station, having our nails done etc so we got to work right away. I got my good friend Mel from Excuse My French to do our nails as I figured we’d have wrecked them in the days leading up to the day with preparations or while setting up the day before. Plus I’d barely had the time to do our acrylic refills so I was very glad Mel could help us out!

Our hair and makeup were done by Sue McLaurin who a friend recommended to me. She was absolutely awesome and made us look fantastic. I especially admired her patience with curling my many hair extension pieces which stained her hands dark purple! I went for some dark, almost gothic makeup with lots of purples while my bridesmaids went a bit more natural and just had their natural hair styled.

The bridesmaid dresses were made painstakingly by mum using shot silk dupion and a variety of patterns and a whole lotta winging it because American patterns are very different to Australian ones and my bridesmaids have very different body shapes. We had a slight hiccup where Sarah’s top wasn’t fitting properly as we hadn’t had time to do a final fitting and mum had taken it in a bit too much. But we worked out a way to fix it before the panic completely set in! I’ll go into more detail in a later post about the other details of our outfits, such as the magnificent headpieces we wore!


Getting me into my dress was scary as we’d already attached the headpiece and I could only put the dress on over my head! Luckily a quick thinking Kristina (our magnificent photographer) suggested we drape my dressing gown over my head so that the dress could easily slip down! I can’t get over how a store-bought dress, particularly one that was both Disney-inspired and reasonably priced, fitted me so perfectly. I’ll go into more detail about the dress in another post.

Once we were all dressed, we only had a few minutes to spare for photos as we were running behind so Kristina snapped a few lovely photos of us in the library and the hallway before dashing off to the ceremony. We’d hoped to get some photos out in the beautiful gardens but we are Westworth’s after all which means we are forever running late. Fortunately we were able to leave the house right on the planned time, as I was dreading being super late (as is my usual style) and running out of time after the ceremony for photos! Go team!


We had Shiro and Midwich with us as they were going to be present for the ceremony. I reckon they helped keep me calm as the day went on, I’m not a particularly stressy person but tight deadlines can make me kind of angry and panicky so it was nice having my fur children around to distract me a bit. I wish I’d had time to get Shiro a little outfit to wear, though he probably would have hated it. At least Midwich looked cute in her little jack-o-lantern dress!


BONUS PICS! Ben and Kieran got to muck around a bit with some beers while getting ready which I’m sure was a welcome reprieve from the stress of trying to get everything done at the hall before guests started to arrive. Such a handsome husband-to-be!

I would like to thank the following people for helping us out while we were getting ready. Without you we would have been up shit creek for sure:

  • Kristina Childs for not only being a fantastic photographer, but a big help in keeping us stick to a schedule
  • Sue McLaurin for dealing with what Ben likes to call a “gaggle of Westworth’s” with some Sarah thrown into the mix
  • Mel, who came interstate for the wedding, and found the time to still do a fab job of my nails
  • Lara, for racing over before she had to get ready herself to do an emergency shop run for us and collect some rogue pumpkins
  • Sarah P for collecting and puppysitting Shiro and Midwich for us, something we couldn’t have managed without her
  • Ben’s mum Fiona for collecting all of the caramel and other bits and pieces we were still working on as we were getting ready
  • Mark for letting us utilise his beautiful home while overseas and Luke for letting us in and not judging the aftermath too harshly


31 Days of Halloween Challenge – Week Two

November 23, 2015
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Welcome to the 2nd week of my 31 Days of Halloween challenge! Revisit week one here!



I think this has been my favourite outfit so far, the combination of black and white with light purple is simply wonderful! The theme was ghostly with a bit of Jack Skellington for good measure. My dress is from Black Milk, necklace and brooch from Creep Heart, stockings from We Love Colors and bow by Ruby Kawaii.



From ghosts to bats! Despite my enduring love of bats, it turns out I don’ have as much bat covered clothing as I thought I did! Luckily I was able to create a bat bow by using a brooch on an old hair bow and there were some little bats on my leggings (hidden under my skirt though, unfortunately) to tie my outfit together. My top was from the kids section of Big W, my skirt and leggings from Black Milk,  necklace and brooch from Creep Heart and a Ruby Kawaii gravestone clip.

DAY 10


It might have been my friend Jasmine’s wedding but that didn’t mean I’d forget about my challenge! Luckily I bought a sensible and cute dress for a previous wedding that just so happened to feature lots of little skulls in the pattern! A few skull accessories, including the studs on my shoes which were tiny little silver skulls, and I was both wedding-appropriate AND Halloween themed! My dress was from Dangerfield, stockings from Black Milk and my hair clip was an old one I put a Creep Heart brooch on.

DAY 11

Another Sunday at mum’s prepping for the wedding meant being comfy so I wore my Halloween Villains shirts from Tokyo Disneyland which I got way back in 2009! I actually forgot I had it and possibly hadn’t worn it since I bought it! I also wore my cute bat headband which I bought last Halloween.

DAY 12


This theme was thrown together last minute before a nail client but I really dig it. I call it “Zombie Barbie” and will probably wear it again. The drippy Barbie top was from Miss Shop in Myer, Braaains skater skirt from Black Milk, the Barbie/Zombie necklace was from a market years ago and I popped a Creep Heart brooch on a pink hair bow!

DAY 13

How great is this dress? I mean honestly! Lots of kawaii-faced pumpkins on a flattering, comfortable dress is the best! Pumpkin Patch dress and holey leggings were from Black Milk, the bolero is one I’ve had for years, a Creep Heart necklace and Ruby Kawaii hairbow!

DAY 14


I went to the launch of Ben and Emma’s Goosebumps exhibition at the Scratch which should have called for a bright, obnoxious outfit to match the colours of their art/photos but instead I randomly opted for a black and skulls theme. D’oh! I wore a Dangerfield dress which I got for Christmas years ago (still a fave!), some misc jewelry and a Ruby Kawaii Monster High hair bow!


Why I’ve Been Away – The Wedding Edition

November 8, 2015
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Hi guys, I just wanted to post a little update as I have just not had the time to post on my blog lately even though I have much to say! So this is what has been keeping me away:

  • I quit my day job for good as of the 21st October
  • I married the love of my life Benjamin on Halloween
  • I officially started doing nails full time in a shop called Pastel Palace in Paddington (Brisbane) as of yesterday the 7th of November.

Today has been my first proper day off in weeks, and I am exhausted. I should be doing a big, proper post about the wedding and finishing off my 31 Day of Halloween posts and maybe even a post about my awesome Hen’s Night from a few weeks ago but I need to veg out and watch Netflix and stop doing stuff for today!

Our wedding photos were taken by Kristina Childs who was AMAZING! I have a bunch added on my facebook which you can check out here: #benandcaragetspooky

I promise to do a bunch of posts ASAP. My life has become a whole lot less stressful now so I think I’ll be able to commit to blogging a bit more. I mean, I do need to drum up lots of new business for Kawaii Klaws but now I’m not working a day job, doing nails every evening and on weekends and the wedding is over, I reckon I might have time to do shit again! Yay!


31 Days of Halloween Challenge – Week One

October 13, 2015
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Last year I gave myself a challenge where I had to dress and/or do something Halloween-related for every day of October. It was a total blast and I was very excited to do it again this year. The fact I’m having a Halloween themed wedding or “Hallowedding” as I like to call it on the last day of October makes it that little extra exciting! I didn’t blog about it last year but I a determined to this time round, so without further ado, here’s the first week of the 31 Days of Halloween challenge:



I was going start off subtle as I didn’t want to start off too strongly right from day one but I got too excited, haha. A spider theme, wearing Black Milk leggings and dress, Ruby Kawaii bows and a Creep Heart necklace.



It was lucky I dressed up on the 2nd day of the challenge as I ended up scoring free tickets to Fright Nights at Movieworld for that very evening! I did manage to duck home to add my excellent RQ-BL bolero though. Dress and stockings are from Black Milk and another Ruby Kawaii bow.



As per my previous post, I did nail art at the Low Road on the Saturday and went for a brains and ghosts theme (I think I was tired when I came up with it). My skirt and stockings are from Black Milk, Boo top is from the kids department of Big W, necklace from Creep Heart and a Ruby Kawaii ghost clip.


Sunday’s are my usual day off, but I often drive to mum’s to do various crafty things with her, right now it’s 100% wedding focused (oh god so little time). This was my first vague-ish theme which was Monster High. The top was from the Best & Less kids department, Miss-a-Ree Guts Creations bat necklace and a Ruby Kawaii bow.


Monday’s are typically nail days for me so I kept it comfy in the jack-o-lantern crop top I got from Urban Outfitters back when we went to the US over an old black dress, with a Creep Heart brooch worn as a necklace and a Ruby Kawaii pumpkin clip.



Back to work means getting a bit more carried away again! I wore the first ever Black Milk dress I ever bought with a Creep Heart brooch as a necklace and a Ruby Kawaii bow (definitely sensing a theme emerging). I also did my nails Halloween style! I love them sooo much!



This look was a bit of a mixed bag. All I knew was that I wanted to wear my Pumkin Knit leggings and I just thew the rest together in my rage rush to get ready for work. Leggings and dress by Black Milk, necklace from Creep Heart, spider brooch from a friend and my hair bow was specially made for me by mum :)


Nail Art at the Low Road sans outfit

October 7, 2015
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On Saturday I had another pop up nail art day at the Low Road which was lots of fun as per usual. I have some regulars now, how cool is that? Sadly I don’t think I’ll be back at the Low Roat at the beginning of November for two reasons, one being my wedding on Halloween and also because I will be busy sorting myself out before I start doing nails FULL TIME from November 7th! Yep, I’m finally taking the plunge! I will post more about this a bit later though, I promise!

Now, as it’s October I am doing my 31 Days of Halloween challenge. I slacked off and didn’t post about it here last year but I absolutely intend to this year so I won’t include what I wore there now as it will be showing up in my first Halloween Fashion post! So in lieu of outfit pics, here are the nails I did:


That last pic? Those hands belong to  5 year old girl! Who was the most patient and still little client I’ve possibly ever had. This is what I mean when I say to people I can do nail art on just about any nails! Unfortunately she was too excited to keep entirely still for the photo, hence the slight blurriness. I love my job!


What I Wore: Super Bright for Wedding Shopping

October 1, 2015
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Last Saturday my mum and I spent the day shopping for wedding supplies! We ended up visiting Costco which is the worst on a Saturday for decorations/lollies, DFO for wedding shoes and Paddington to look for jewelry and other bits and pieces. As I love on the south-west of Brisbane and Costco and DFO are waaaay up north there was a lor of driving and hurrying around but it was really fun!

I was determined to wear my dolls head necklace that I got in Harajuku and still hadn’t worn properly! SoI came up with a very bright, loud and fun outfit to compliment it! The people of the northside pf Brisbane obviously don’t see to much kawaii fashion as some people were quite taken aback! But hearing little kids get excited and compliment my outfit made it all worthwhile :)


Skirt: Little Lovers Cheerleader skirt from Black Milk Clothing
Top/s: From Valley Girl/Supre
Stockings: Plus Sized Solid Color Tights in Sky Blue from We Love Colors
Headband: Made by my sister for Ruby Kawaii
Necklaces: Dolls head necklace and heart choker from Romantic Standard

While leaving Costco it started pouring with rain. Mum and I were far too impatient to I grabbed a box to protect my hair and ran to my car. Of course it stopped as soon as I was about to get in the car, so mum snapped this pic :D


A weekend at Oz Comic Con 2015

September 25, 2015
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Last weekend we had a stall at Oz Comic Con for Ruby Kawaii. It was such poor timing, we had to give up three weekends of wedding prep to sew new bows after I went on a selling frenzy on facebook after a bit of a dud Supanova earlier in the year. But I’d technically booked the stall earlier in the year, before Ben and I had decided we should have a Halloween wedding, and as Oz Comic Con are really picky about who they let have Artist Alley stalls, I didn’t want to pull out. LE SIGH.  But as it turns out, it was a lot of fun! We weren’t particularly stressed this time round and got whatever we planned to make done without much fuss. We had a great spot and our sales were decent so I’m definitely glad we did it!

I didn’t have time to come up  special outfit or cosplay so I went black & white Mickey Mouse themed on the Saturday and then super mega kawaii Halloween themed on the Sunday with Erin. This was actually the first con that’s been within a reasonable time frame before Halloween so I was very keen to sell lots of spooky stuff, but alas Brisbane people still don’t get it and I still have a bunch of Halloween bows leftover. Not that I’m complaining, really!

One of the guests who was appearing was Richard Dean Anderson. As in MacGyver! Mum was so excited and kept spying on him when he was signing autographs until we convinced her to go and get one for herself, which she did and he gave her a hug and flirted with her! She was so, so stoked! Also, Jim Beaver from Supernatural approached mum and Erin as they were lining up to see Richard to have a chat! Neither of them realised who he was until afterwards so they just had a big ol’ chat about the weekend and whatnot. Hilarious!

There were lots of cool cosplays as per usual, I ran out and took a few photos of the ones that caught my eye:

Unfortunately this was probably our last con for Ruby Kawaii for the year as we just don’t think we’ll have the time or stamina to get ready in time for Supanova in late November because of my wedding and… other reasons which I will probably share here in the next couple of weeks! ;)


Femmo Bites: Fragile Masculinity

September 22, 2015
Cara Rage, disappointment tuesday, Feminism, femmo bites

Hi everyone! Today I am going to teach you about the meaning of the term “fragile masculinity”. It’s become quite a popular term lately, and I for one love it because it sums up so much sexist, unnecessarily gendered bullshit so succinctly.

But what does it mean? Well, basically the term is usually used when referencing products that have been labeled as “manly” or “for men” which really don’t need to be. Typically these products will have dark colours, bold text, larger sizing and imagery that supports that harmful notion that men must be hyper-masculine at all times. These products which can range from such ordinary items as tissues, body wash/loofahs, food and as above, lip balm are typically not gendered at all but there’s apparently money to be made from men who are so panicked by the thought of someone not thinking they’re a MANLY MAN at all time they need pretty much everything to look more masculine. I mean god forbid a man be caught applying classic Chapstick in public, I mean it’s mostly black but WOMEN use Chapstick and that’s embarrassing!

I find the idea of gendering food particularly hilarious. Like the time Donut King came up with the Bronut:


What genius thought this up? Eating one donut at a time (especially those awful, wussy pink ones) is too feminine so how about two lumps of lard covered in sugar together to really re-assert your masculinity!

The problem is two-fold though, because they’re unnecessarily gendering products towards women too, and have been for a long time. Things that absolutely do not need to be male or female because they’re just things all humans use. Some of the things I have seen in real life are ear plugs, pens, shavers, lollies, tools, soft drinks, disposable shavers etc. The extra shit thing is, often these hyper-feminised products come with a higher price tag. Often the product that’s geared towards men is the default while the one in pink packaging with flowy fonts, floral prints and “for her” scrawled across the packaging is the more expensive alternative. It stinks. It’s some sort of ridiculous marketing plot to make more money that society was sucked into far too easily. God knows I’ve bought products that have been labeled as “for her” when I could have gotten virtually the same product for less money. Sometimes the lure of pink is too strong, I guess.

So what the heck can we do about it? I guess the most simple thing to do is to stop buying unnecessarily gendered products. Not just for you, for everyone. Is there a child in your life, be it your own or a friends or family members? Try to buy something gender neutral for their next birthday and help break the cycle before that little boy thinks he needs matte-lip balm or the little girl thinks it’s OK for shaver companies to charge and extra dollar for a product whose only actual difference is that it’s pink instead of blue. Need new body wash? Go for brands that aren’t affiliated with shitty corporations like Unilever (they own brands such as Dove and Axe/Lynx which both target women/men in really crappy ways), I highly recommend Original Source as their packaging isn’t targeted at any gender and its natural, vegan and smells divine. If you need to buy moisturiser or shampoo for a male, get him whatever is on special, not this crap. Basically, just be aware of how products are marketed to you and opt for the gender-neutral options where possible. It’s sometimes hard for me because I fucking LOVE the colour pink, but when it comes to saving a bit of money and smashing the bullshit, patriarchal notion of what women and men are meant to like, I suck it up!

And if you see some ridiculous product being marketed to men that uses matte black packaging, bold text and obnoxious things like guns or naked women as set dressing, please make sure to mock it mercilessly and discourage everyone you know from ever, ever buying it. Because that shit is seriously whack. #fragilemasculinity


What I Wore: Nail Art at the Low Road

September 15, 2015
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Thanks to my good friends at the Low Road, I am now doing monthly pop up nail art at their cafe in Windsor! Last Saturday was my 3rd stint and it was a fun day as usual. Although we don’t live particularly close by, we tend to patronise the cafe a lot so it’s super cool to also team up with them business-wise!


Dress: Gifted, I believe it was from Princess Polly (please disregard the pesto stains on the skirt!)
Leggings: Candy Hearts leggings from Black Milk Clothing
Shoes: Low top platform Converse
Accessories: All by me and mum for Ruby Kawaii

Here’s some of the nail art I did on the day:


My next pop up at the Low Road will be on Saturday 3rd October!


Femmo Bites: Why doesn’t anyone care about domestic violence?

September 10, 2015
Cara Rage, Feminism, In the News, My Advice

As someone who has been in an abusive relationship (it was verbally and emotionally abusive though I now realise it could have also become violent had I stayed) this hurts my heart so much. Leaving an abusive person is hard. They wear you down over time to make you feel inadequate and worthless and if they’re worried you might leave them, drop threats at what will happen if you do leave. In my case it was having deeply personal stuff revealed publicly and having no friends left after what he’d tell them all about me.

I can’t even imagine how much harder it would have been if there’d been threats of physical harm, or if we’d had kids together. I’m also lucky I had an excellent support network who got me out of there in a day, a mum who took me in without a single question or complaint and I had control of my money and belongings so I didn’t have to leave with nothing. Many women don’t have it like I did, they have no money and have to flee, with their children, with only minimal belongings. If they don’t have friends or family who can help them, they have to reply on crisis shelters which receive little support and are closing down all over Australia, so are probably over capacity already.

I don’t tend to talk about that part of my life because a) it fills me with burning, fiery rage b) life is great now and I don’t want to waste any more time on my ex and c) I’m fairly certain he still reads my blog and social media through dummy accounts and I don’t like giving him the satisfaction knowing I still think about him, even if it’s in a negative way. But I figure if someone reading this goes “hey, that’s why my partner does to me” and it gives them the courage to leave them or at least be more conscious of how they’re being treated, then I’m happy to put it out there.

Domestic violence should be one of the biggest issues in Australia right now, if not the whole world. But it’s left to being a sensationalised headline for a day or two and immediately forgotten about. That’s why the Destroy the Joint “Counting Dead Women” campaign is so important, because it’s easy to forget about these women when they’re only in the news briefly and no policy is made/changed to help other women from sharing similar fates.

So what do we do? I’m sorry to say, I don’t know. I don’t have a clue. Women keep shouting about how shit this is, but it seems to be falling on deaf ears. Or shitlord of a PM is Minister for Women and cares very little for women at all, so he’s as useless as tits on a bull. I see people all the time online claiming it’s not that bad or that it happens to men as much/more than women or suggesting women should just leave if their partner abuses them, like they’re fucking genius’ who somehow figured that out before anyone else did.

It fills me with such dread and sadness that I can’t think of anything to do. All I can suggest is to be vocal about it as much as you can. Call out bad behaviour that jokes about or approves of women being harmed in any capacity. Help any women in your life who might be in an abusive situation without judgement. Just please do not stay silent on this topic, whatever you do!