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Q. Is your real name Ruby Velour?
A. I wish! My real name is actually Cara (which is actually a very nice name, I’ll admit). There’s a funny story around the name “Ruby Velour” actually, I was living in Berlin at the time with some friends who were in a band. I foolishly thought I was able to play the bass guitar after playing it briefly in high school, and joined their band, only to discover very quickly that I did, in fact, suck. Anyway, we were looking up funny stuff one day and we found a Rockstar Name Generator. My result was Ruby Velour which I have kept to this day. Considering this was very early 2005, it’s no surprise some people actually do know me as Ruby.

Q. What’s with you also being known as “rockfotze”?
A.  This is also from the same time in Berlin. Jana, who I stayed with, used to call herself that and I guess I kind of stole it. It’s actually kind of rude and means “rock cunt” in German but I like to say is actually means I’m tough and into rock music. Which is funny since I’m not that into rock music these days! I still love the name though and continue to use it.

Q. How many tattoos/piercings do you have?
A. I have about 14 tattoos but they’re hard to count because of where they are and what they’re of. I have them on my back, my stomach/hips, on my arms, one matching pair on my feet, on my calves, inner leg and a little one on my neck. I have plans for many more though! As for piercings, I don’t have many these days, just my ears and nose. I used to have snakebites done for ages but retired them a few years back. My bellybutton ring fell out a couple of years ago and I had both eyebrows done for about 3 months 7+ years ago. I’m not all that into piercings these days to be honest.

 Q. Did you design your own website?
A. HA! I wish!  I’ve not designed a website on my own since the good ol’ Geocities/Angelfire days and they were awful at best (want proof?). I would love to learn how to create websites eventually, but for now I enlist the help of good friends Kimberly and Natatree.

Q. How long have you been blogging for?
A. It feels like forever. I first got online when I was 13 but mostly used to haunt chat rooms and message boards back then, while still writing in a regular, paper diary. Over my high school years, I started a few websites on Angelfire, Geocities etc which focused on posting photos, info about myself and the occasional rant. After high school I started using Livejournal religiously (I still write on there on occasion, for stuff that I don’t want public on here) and later started a website called die-banane.net with a friend where I had a blog called Dein Vampyr. After falling out with that friend I ended up creating RubyVelour.com and here I’ve stayed!

Q. How often do you blog?
A. I’m ashamed to admit, it’s not very often these days. I used to blog about 3 times a week but now I’m lucky to post once a week, if not only fortnightly. Chalk that up to being super happy these days so I don’t feel the need to rant as much. I also spend a little less time online compared to a year or two ago, so I struggle to keep up with fashion posts because I’m kind of behind these days! But I do still love to write so I will always make sure to blog as often as I possibly can!