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Ruby’s Wishlist – A Little Bit Pastel Goth

February 16, 2015
Fashion and makeup, Kawaii Klaws, wishlist

Well well well it has been AGES since I did a wishlist post! In actual fact now is the worst time to be lusting after new clothing because I need to be saving up for our Japan trip in May! But these things are all too cute and evoked a pastel goth kinda vibe so I thought I’d share:

Pastel Bat skater dress from Killstar – Pink bats on a black skater dress? Ummm yes please!
Skull N Roses dress from Dangerfield – OK so I am actually purchasing this as I needed a new dress for an upcoming wedding. So pretty but with discreet little skulls FTW!
Pastel Castle Acrylic Necklace from I’m Your Present – How cute would this be for y day at Tokyo Disney?!
YRU Qozmo Unicorn Platforms from Beginning Boutique – LOOK AT THEM!!!!
Black Nailz Emoki Crop Tank from OMIGHTY – This really should be my uniform for Kawaii Klaws!
Slimey Boner hair bone from Miss-a-Ree Guts Creations – Danella is a close friend of mine and makes amazing kawaii stuff like this that I covet constantly!
UNIF Bait Dress from Nasty Gal – This would look so whimsical and pretty over so many things!
Jelly Pom Pom Bow from I Am Chubby Bunny – I have a huge soft spot for clear bows with stuff inside, pom poms especially!
Donutella Pop Sprinkles Tee from Tokidoki – It’s such a bummer these guys don’t ship to Australia because this tee is too sweet to deal with AND it’s on sale :(


Ruby’s Wishlist – Cute and colourful

June 19, 2013
Fashion and makeup, I love Links, wishlist



I am so obsessed with pastel colours lately. I blme my obsession with fairy kei. When I started this wishlist I had no idea of what direction it was going to go, but I realised very quickly it was all about cute colours and prints!

1. Transparent Lace Up Boots from Caramel Syndrome on Storenvy – how quirky and adorable are these? Imagine what cute socks you could wear with them!
2. Starlight Star Bright unicron tank from Dollskill – This is waaaay to expensive but OMG I am so in love!
3. The Awesome Shorties by Black Milk Clothing – not really appropriate to the theme as such but man I want these shorts so bad to wear with all my BM leggings!
4. Magic Backpack unicorn tee from Dollskill – ahhh this reminds me of Lisa Frank! Adorbs!
5. You Scream Ice Cream Leggings by Black Milk Clothing – AAARRRGHHH these are sooooo cute! God dammit Black Milk, why do you do this to me???
6. 14-Character Hello Kitty Scarf from Yummy You – I don’t think I need to explain why I want this!
7. Pug Teapot Brooch by Ella Mobbs – I have the pleasure of knowing Ella and even had a stall next to hers at the last Supanova. This brooch is TOO CUTE!
8. Super Sweetie pink and black Bow necklace by MissaReeGuts – I am friends with MissaReeGuts herself and am always spending my Ruby Kawaii profits on her adorable accessories!


Ruby’s Wishlist – My Ideal Outfit

February 18, 2013
Fashion and makeup, wishlist


Sometimes when I’m coming up with a wishlist, the first items I add all make up one funky lil outfit. This is what happened today, but instead of adding extra items to pad it out, I thought I’d just share it as is. So without further ado, this is the exact outfit I’d like to be wearing right now (and not sweaty gym clothes)!


Ruby’s Wishlist – Part 8

December 6, 2012
Fashion and makeup, wishlist

I have such a shoe fetish  The more ridiculous the shoe the better too, apparently. I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I really can’t walk in ridiculous heels any more, and in actual fact I rarely wear heels at all these days. But it doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop looking at them and drooling over them. Here’s what’s taking my fancy lately:

Sole Boutique – The Framework Shoe in Nude and Fuchsia // Jeffrey Campbell – The Ascension Shoe in Green Blue Combo // Jeffrey Campbell – Neutra in Black Suede // Irregular Choice – Dan Sullivan Visionary Viper // ASOS – Vancouver Flatforms // Melissa – VW Skyscraper Pearl in Black// Sole Boutique – The Rockstar Shoe in Fuchsia

Ruby’s Wishlist Part 7 – SHOES

June 22, 2012
Fashion and makeup, wishlist

Know what I love? Shoes. I absolutely do not understand anyone who doesn’t love shoes. If I had my way I would have a house just for my shoe collection and they’d be worth $10, 000, 000 and insured for twice that. Here are a few of the shoes I have found on the internet lately and really want to own:


Top: Black studded fake-Converse platform sneakers on ebay. These are apparently all the rage in Asia and so naturally I want in. I used to have some low top Converse platform sneakers but they were really uncomfortable and so heavy so I gave them away. Kind of wish I didn’t now :/
Middle:  Jeffrey Campbell Stinger Spike’s in Black Pewter on Solestruck. Semi-opaque PVC creeper-style platforms with big-arse silver spikes… Need I say more?
Bottom: Buffalo Pink/Leopard Print Platform Sneakers from Solestruck. OK now we’re just getting ridiculous. I LOVE IT! But they’re sold out :(


Top: Jeffrey Campbell Vicious in Black Fuchsia Neoprene from Solestruck. Excuse me while I DIE! Yeah I think we have a new contender for my new DREAM SHOE. But they’re sold out also :(
Middle: Jefrey Campbell Upend in Black/Clear from Solestruck. Yeah yeah another pair of JCs. Sue me! These are so DUMB that I hated them initially and now I want them SO much! Imagine wearing them to work! Oh yes please!
Bottom: Acne Flax in Black from Solestruck. Uh oh, another pair of zany nerd shoes come heels. At $740 though I probably won’t ever own them (though it kinda makes me want them even more).


Top: Ego and Greed Virgo Plaforms in Bright Pink from ASOS. Holy shit, these shoes have fringing on them!!! I am so in love, it’s crazy. I freaking LOVE fringing! AN’ HOLD THA PHONE! They’re half price! Guess what I’mma get RIGHT now? :D
Middle: Lipstick Zilla’s in Purple from Lipstick. There’s no change I’d be able to last more than 23 minutes in these but I do so love purple and sequins. Damn my clumsy feet!
Bottom: Haus of Price The Endeavour from Solestruck. Ohhhh they look like they’re made of candy. I love big, obnoxious embellishments like these and they look like they’d be super comfy. SAPRKLE SPARKLE.

Ruby’s Wishlist – Part 6

May 23, 2012
Fashion and makeup, wishlist

Time for a new fashion wishlist – with a TWIST! I kepy finding multiples of things I liked so decided to do a VS sorta thing. Except not really, because if I had the coin, I’d buy both without any hesitation. Anyway, here goes:


1. TRASH King Kong Dress from Beserk. Holy shit balls this dress is both obnoxious and glorious nd I WANT it. At $139 though, it’s way to expensive and the style would prbably make me look fat. But it’s so coool!
2. X-Ray Parts Babydoll Dress by Sourpuss. I love how it’s both dainty and feminine while also having skulls and body parts on it. At $50 I think this might be the one I wind up with though.


1. Surface To Air Glitter Jacket from ASOS. OK so I don’t normally like red but this jacket is just gorgeous. It reminds me of fire and I adore the cut. But since it costs over $500, it will never be mine :(
2.  Tokito Ladylike Carpet Coat from Myer. How adorable! This is my absolute favourite shade of pink and I really do need some longer jackets. On sale, you say..?


1. Melissa VW Lady Dragon Skull in pink gloss. GTFO! THese are pretty much my dream shoes. Pink, skulls, ladylike style with a not-too-crazy heel? I LOVE Melissa shoes, but they’ve outdone themselves this time!
2. Jeffrey Campbell Gil Stud in silver from Solestruck. I don’t give a shit if I’m too tall for these, I LOVE THEM! And I promise I will own them one day soon! Maybe for the Lady Gaga concert that’s coming up? Hmmm *strokes chin*


1. Hello Kitty Bowtie Nerd glasses on ebay. These were so IN at Supanova this year and I ain’t too proud to admit I love them in all their kitsch glory. But which colours do I want? All three??? Damn right I do!
2. Prada Baroque sunglasses in black gradient.  I have been coveting these babies for ages but refuse to buy designer sunnies due to the fact I will break them instantly. Ebay has tonnes of replica’s though ;)

Ruby’s Wishlist – I Love Leggings

May 3, 2012
Fashion and makeup, wishlist

BROKEN* from Supre (only $20!!!) || Starry Night from Black Milk (I love Van Gogh) || Rainbow Animal Print from anywhere, really || Pink Lightning from Lorna Jane (shame they’re so overpriced) ||  ASOS Sequin Panel from ASOS (Ahhh how hot are sequined leggings???)
I loved leggings WAY before Black Milk made them cool. I’ve campaigned for leggings-as-pants acceptance and wear them ALL the time (though not yet as pants – that’s something I’m still working on confidence-wise). Here are the ones I’m desperate for at the moment. I found SO many amazing styles, so this is a very refined list!

Ruby’s Wishlist – Part 5

February 26, 2012
Fashion and makeup, I love Links, wishlist

  1. Pink “Lenora” Cake Hat – Agent Lover Bakery – US$60. Made by my favourite Filipina blogger. I’ve been meaning to get one of these for ages. Tiny top hat + cake = LOVE!
  2. Galaxy Purple Leggings – Black Milk Clothing – $75. I’m conflicted about Black Milk and don’t usually like full length leggings but they’re so original an in right now. These are my absolute faves.
  3. Wink Marker Pen – Barry M – £4.59. I’ve heard Barry M products are really good and I love the idea of a texta for your eyes!
  4. Night Ware shoe – Jeffrey Campbell – US$199.95. My sister just bought a pair of Night Walk’s and if I can walk in them, I’m so getting these :O
  5. Shinjuku dress – Dangerfield – $59 (on sale). What can I say, I love Dangerfield. Love this dress and the name only makes it better. Plus, it’s on sale! Watch out, next pay cheque!
  6. Walking Into Spiderwebs nails – Kawaii Nails – US$39.99. While I wouldn’t ever buy/wear fake nails, I am so inspired by the nails these guys create and must replicate ASAP!
  7. Jolie Bow Picnic dress – Wheels & Dollbaby – $425. For that price? Not a chance. But I am so in love with this dress. OMG the fabric!!! I also adore this one.
  8. Camaro creepers – Underground – £79.75. I am so stoked that creepers are in fashion again! There’s nothing better than pink and leopard print together in one shoe!

Ruby’s Wishlist – Part 4

September 4, 2011
Fashion and makeup, I love Links, wishlist

  1. Zombietini Dress by Iron Fist. Cute and casual with zombie faces doing my favourite expression D:
  2. Boyfriend Skull Watch by Asos. I used to only ever wear novelty/kids watches but then I got a cute Guess watch and now appreciate simple styles. But I still love skulls and this watch is just too cute to comprehend while still looking normal and “adult”.
  3. Bat Attack pink dress by Sourpuss. Pink, flattering style and covered in bats? Umm, ok. You’ve twisted my arm!
  4. Zombie brains headband on etsy. Guess who just found the perfect accessory for my Brisbane Zombie Walk outfit?!
  5. Fruit slice ceramic nail art. I stumbled upon these so randomly and already have so many plans for them!
  6. Gold Digger Zombie Stomper platform by Iron Fist. I always wanted the green version but knew I’d have trouble with the height of the heel. Now it’s available in pink, who care if I can walk in them or not?!

Ruby’s Wishlist – Part 3

July 24, 2011
Fashion and makeup, I love Links, wishlist

It sure has been a while since I did up a wishlist. Obviously there is a bit of a theme here so bear with me on this ;)

  1. Hogwarts sterling silver ring – Found this on etsy thanks to Natatree. The only thing that would seal the deal was if it had some bling.
  2. Black Blindfold tank – By A is for Arsenic. I love sexy bondage imagery, what more can I say?
  3. Pink Petal Zombie Unicorn dress – By hell Bunny. No shit guys, this is the dress of my dreams. I am buying it as soon as I get my tax refund and will probably wear it to death. DAMN!
  4. Mysterious Mauve lipstick – By Dior. Maybe this makes me tacky, but I love purple lipstick but it’s always so plummy and dark. I saw this the other week and haven’t stopped thinking about it since (in other words, I’ll own it real soon).
  5. Deathly Hallows necklace – Found on etsy. A very subtle way to show you’re a total HP geek.
  6. Slytherin t-shirt – From Jay Jay’s. I am Gryffindor through and through but god I hate the colour red. I’m a bit wary of the idea of supporting Slytherins but at the same time I know they’re not all bad and in some cases can be  total heroes. All of the Jay Jay’s Harry Ptter shirts are adorable, and will all probably find themselves being bought when I get paid next!