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What I Wore: Rainbows, unicorns and a tiny dog

June 26, 2015
Fashion and makeup, Feminism, My Life, What I Wore, Wonderful Weekend

Last weekend I spent the day doing wedding stuff with my mum, which called for a fun, bright outfit of course! I recently got some stockings from We Love Colors which are the perfect compliment to my kawaii outfits! My theme was pretty loose, I just wanted to wear my unicorn dress and lots of bright colours really, and this was the result. As you can see, Midwich was pretty excited to be included, haha.


Dress: Attack of the Unicorn Reversible Skater Dress from Black Milk Clothing
Stockings: Plus Sized Nylon/Lycra Tights in Lilac from We Love Colors
Vest: Neon yellow vest from Target
Shoes: Converse Low Tops from DFO
Necklace: Feminist pride necklace by Miss-a-Ree Guts Creations, choker from City Beach
Hair Bow: Ruby Kawaii, of course!


What I Wore: Black, white and splashes of bright pink

June 23, 2015
Fashion and makeup, My Life, Parties and Fun, What I Wore

To follow up my recent post about dressing more kawaii, here’s another outfit post from last weekend (gosh I’m slack as positing these withing a decent time frame). I was going to a friends housewarming party which was going to be a very casual affair so I opted for comfort to go with the cute. I gotta say, black and white with a splash of a bright coloyr is one of my most favourite fashion styles because it’s easy to do and pretty darn effective!


Dress: Free Spirit Skater dress from Black Milk Clothing
Cardigan: Unknown. I’ve had it for years and I wish I had one in every colour!
Stockings: Sporty Stripes Hosiery from Black Milk Clothing
Shoes: Pink flatform Converse low tops from Hype DC
Flower crown: Made by my sister
Necklace: Fancy Pocket in Harajuku
Bat ring: 6% Doki Doki in Harajuku (the other rings are ones I’ve had forever)


What I Wore: Kawaii Forever!

June 2, 2015
Body and Soul, Fashion and makeup, My Life, Parties and Fun, What I Wore

While in Japan I had a sort of epiphany about myself and the way I express myself with my clothing. I like dressing up in cute, matching outfits but I tend to only find myself going the extra mile for special events while keeping it pretty simple (to the point of being kinda boring) on work days and even on weekend when I haven’t got anything special on. After a lot of thought, I have decided that it’s about time I start dressing more “me” now I’m back in Brisbane. The days I dressed up extra kawaii while in Japan, with everything matching and being noticeable from three blocks away was awesome, I absolutely loved it and it just felt right. I want to add more kawaii to my daily outfits beyond just wearing a matching hairbow. I want to ramp it up, try out decora fashion, buy more kids accessories to wear, experiment with makeup and just generally add more colour and accessories to my life. It’s not about trying to attract attention (though I accept it’s inevitable) but about expressing myself with the things I love to wear.

I know some people will judge, thinking I’m too old or too fat for such fashions, but I simply do not care for those sorts of opinions any more. I want to be true to myself and have fun with fashion! This means I need to start planning outfits in advance instead of panicking in the morning and throwing on whatever is easiest to grab, which is the case most morning before work. I’m pretty lucky that my work is pretty cool about my fashion choices so I might as well embrace it! I also need to invest in some coloured stockings to go with my outfits as the regular ol’ black leggings/stockings under 99% of my dresses just ain’t good enough any more. I’m going to get some of the solid colour tights and footless tights from We Love Color, if you know of any other companies that make awesome coloured stockings in decent sizes (none of this “one size” crap) or have tried We Love Color stuff before, please let me know!

So anyway, this is what I wore on Saturday to a friends birthday party with my new plan in mind. The black stockings really didn’t go but I wanted to cover my legs a bit as it’s starting to cool down here (hence my need for pretty new stockings). I didn’t even go full-kawaii as I was running late but after some initial nerves, for god knows what reason, I felt pretty good!

Skirt: Little Lovers Cheerleader Skirt from Black Milk Clothing
Top: Basic tee from H&M
Jacket: Recycled and dyed LA Gear denim jacket from WC in Harajuku
Stockings: Sporty Stripes Hosiery from Black Milk Clothing
Shoes: Neon Pink Leopard Vans from Platypus Shoes
Accessories: Heart choker from Romantic Standard in Harajuku, hairbow and necklace by Ruby Kawaii


Supanova Gold Coast 2015

April 28, 2015
disappointment tuesday, Fashion and makeup, My Life, Nerds and Geeks, Ruby Kawaii, What I Wore

Last weekend was Supanova on the Gold Coast! These days we don’t get much time to do markets for Ruby Kawaii but we still keep up with pop culture conventions. I’m a little bit sad to say it was our last Goldnova though. It was just not worth our time to be honest. This was the first con we’ve done where we didn’t get stressed out as we still had a lot of bows leftover from Brisnova last year (it was a little bit slow too) and we even had somewhere to stay on the Gold Coast so we didn’t have to drive the 90 mins to and fro each day. But despite all that we just didn’t make enough sales to justify doing it again next year. Other stallholders said they were disappointed too, so it wasn’t just us having a bad weekend. I guess that between a dozen other stalls also selling bows (grrr) and the fact it’s so expensive to go to Supanova now (after paying to get in, buying food and getting a celeb autograph or photo, who has money for trinkets?) I think people have to be more careful with where they spend their cash. Ahh well, we had a good run. We’ll keep doing the Brisbane ones (I will hopefully also start doing nails at them) and leave the Gold Coast ones to go as a regular patron.

Here are some photos from the weekend. I just want to say I did a pretty big thing on the Sunday by wearing a crop top to match my sister. My body image is a bit shite and I am forever envious of my sisters (mostly) effortless, slim figure but I decided I needed to stop being so negative about my body and start practicing some body love! I actually feel like I made a significant difference to my self esteem that day, I’m starting to be less critical of my perceived flaws and

On the Saturday I wore the A Whole New World scoop skater dress from Black Milk Clothing.
On the Sunday Erin and I wore the matching Little Lovers crop and skirt set, also from Black Milk.

What I Wore – Aladdin theme!

January 9, 2015
Fashion and makeup, Nerds and Geeks, Ruby Kawaii, What I Wore

Today I received my glorious new Aladdin dress from Black Milk, which I was able to buy with the gift vouchers I got for my birthday. Because I am a pretty big fan of Aladdin, I happened to have some very appropriate accessories to go with my outfit, including a Jafar hairbow and a Genie necklace. Fun!

Dress: A Whole New World scoop skater dress from Black Milk
Leggings: oldies from Target
Shoes: Converse low tops from DFO
Necklace: Handmade by me for my Genie cosplay from last year
Hairbow: Made me me and mum for Ruby Kawaii



Greazefest 2014

August 13, 2014
Fashion and makeup, My Life, Ruby Kawaii, What I Wore, Wonderful Weekend

Greazefest 2014

Greazefest was on this weekend and it was our second go at having a Ruby Kawaii stall there, despite the fact we didn’t do very well last year. I’ve been going to Greazefest for years even though I haven’t been into rockabilly for a good four or so years now, but it’s a bit of a tradition and always a bit of fun. Because of how disappointing last years was, we were a bit hesitant about even doing a stall again this year, but we figured we’d give it a crack in case last year was just a dud. Well… let’s just say we probably won’t be doing a stall at Greazefest again. We actually started off OK on the Saturday, we made more than the entirety of the previous year. But Sunday was a total bummer, it was really quiet which everyone seemed to notice. It’s such a shame! But that’s OK, we gave it a solid go and now will only attend future Greazefest’s as punters, not stall holders.

Here a few photos from the weekend, mostly of myself and my sister, usually eating delicious treats:

Greazefest 2014 Greazefest 2014
Greazefest 2014
Greazefest 2014 Greazefest 2014


What I Wore to a 5-year-old’s birthday party

July 23, 2014
Animals, Fashion and makeup, My Life, Parties and Fun, What I Wore

OOTD 5 year olds birthday party

On Sunday I went to a five-year-old’s birthday party. It was the granddaughter of my mum’s good friend and they asked me to come dressed up super kawaii to appeal to all the little girls there. With the promise of party treats and a petting zoo I was more than happy to oblige! It was a very fun afternoon and I was pleased to note the adults were probably the most impressed by my outfit, they all couldn’t get over my shoes! I also think I may have given Black Milk a few new customers thanks to my fabulous unicorn leggings.

I ate way too many chocolate crackles (it’s been so long!) and got to pat many a baby farm animal including this tiny pony who had a rainbow tail (don’t worry, it was just hair chalk). I also got my fac painted which was wonderful and I was so sad when I had to take it off later that night :(

OOTD 5 year olds birthday party OOTD 5 year olds birthday party OOTD 5 year olds birthday party


Leggings: Unicorn Black Leggings by Black Milk Clothing
Skirt: Tutu bought from a vendor at Supanova Gold Coast
Top: Black lace shirt from Jay Jay’s (I think)
Shoes: Adidas x Jeremy Scott Pink Poodle sneakers from Laced
Scarf: 14-Character “Hello Kitty by Twinkie Chan” Scarf from Yummy You
Bow: Hello Kitty Bow (Pink) by iamchubbybunny from Japan LA


What I Wore – Shopping on a Saturday

July 3, 2014
Fashion and makeup, My Life, What I Wore

On Saturday I spent the day with my mum having lunch and shopping. It’s something we used to do often but haven’t had a chance to do for a while, so it was lovely to get a chance to do it again. This was my first time wearing my Yummy You 14-character Sanrio character scarf which, judging by all of the kids faces who I passed, it was a big success. It wasn’t actually that cold (yay Brisbane winters) but like that ever stopped me wearing something fun!

OOTDJune03 OOTDJune04
Dress: Black Milk Velvet Black Evil Skater Dress
Leggings: Black Milk Merbarbie Leggings
Scarf: Yummy You 14-Character “Hello Kitty by Twinkie Chan” Scarf
Shoes: Converse Platform low tops
Bag: Bought from a market many a few years ago
Hair bow: Made by me for Ruby Kawaii


Enjoying sake and dumplings at Harajuku Gyoza with mum. She’ll kill me if she
finds out I posted this picture but it’s so cute!


What I Wore – A Little Bit Hufflepuff

August 30, 2013
Fashion and makeup, What I Wore



On the weekend I went to help Ben at work as they were a man down and I wasn’t up to much at home. As it happens I wasn’t needed as two of the other guys who run the bar were there for a drink so my services were rendered useless. Ah well, c’est la vie!

I did dress up in a cute little outfit though which I figured I’d share so my trip out was worthwhile. I’m really into yellow at the moment, I especially love it with black, possibly because I love bees or probably because I’m a  Hufflepuff! Well, so Pottermore says. I actually think of myself as Gryffindor, but I like to support Hufflepuff now and then. I thought the leggings suited the theme due to where their common room is located!

DressNew Matte Black Reversible Skater Dress from Black Milk Clothing
LeggingsJunkfood Black Leggings from Black Milk Clothing
Top: Ruffle sleeve top from Valley Girl
Shoes: Yellow flower flats from Target
Hair bow: Ruby Kawaii, naturally!


What I Wore: Greazefest 2013

August 20, 2013
Fashion and makeup, Ruby Kawaii, What I Wore


OOTD Greazefest kawaii blue

Greazefest was on the other weekend, and this time I had a stall! I’m sad to say it wasn’t a very successful weekend, we didn’t sell much at all which seemed to be the case for most stalls. Chalk it up to their change of schedule (two days instead of the traditional one) or the fact people had to pay $27 entry and probably couldn’t justify spending much more, especially if they intended on eating while there. Ah well, we had a good enough time talking to people and sunning ourselves on the two lovely, sunny days it was on.

OOTD Greazefest rockabilly
So here’s what I wore:

DAY ONE – Kawaii Blue

Dress: Oh Boy dress by The Hiding Tree from Princess Polly
Shirt: $5 number from Paper Scissors
Leggings: Tokyo Massacre by Black Milk Clothing
Apron: The Little Mermaid half-apron by Buttons & Bows (my mum’s new venture, coming soon)
Shoes: El-cheapo’s from Big W that turned brown with mud within about 10 mins of arriving
Accessories: Misc Ruby Kawaii

DAY TWO – Kawaii Rockabilly

Dress: Sheila dress by Sourpuss from Skye-Bow Clothing & Accessories
Leggings: 3/4 shapewear leggings from Target
Shoes: The Layer Cake Platforms by Converse from Hype DC (ugh they’re on sale now, damn them all!)
Accessories: Misc Ruby Kawaii