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What the hell have I been up to?

October 11, 2016
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Hi friends! I haven’t been blogging too much lately, as I’m sure you’ve probably noticed! It’s not because I don’t want to (I actually really miss blogging) but my time management skills are abysmal and I just haven’t forced myself to dedicate more time to blog. But recently I kind of had a mini epiphany where I realised I was lacking motivation in my creative and professional life and it bummed me out. So I am attempting to turn over a new leaf and find my motivation again for all of the things I love doing! Including blogging, of course :)

So what the hell have I been up to lately since my last posts? Well, working mostly. I’ve actually been getting busier at work which has been great, but it’s also meant I’ve really dropped the ball in other parts of my life. But busy, yay! I’m going to aim to do more nail art posts here, probably to coincide with the weekly newsletter I do. I have a few fun plans to do with Kawaii Klaws which I’m going to start rolling out over the rest of the year, but I’ll keep you updated here!

Here are a few recent nail art designs I’ve done lately. If you wanna see more, just pop on over to my instagram or facebook page!


If you don’t follow me on instagram (@rockfotze) then you’ll have no idea what I’ve been wearing lately! But don’t stress, here’s a few samples of the outfits I’ve worn in the last few weeks:


In other news, it’s now October. Yay! Which means I have started my 31 Days of October challenge! I’ll try to do some blog posts here about it BUT just in case I flake out like lat year, you can suss it on my instagram! Unfortunately I don’t have anything as exciting as a Halloween wedding to finish off my challenge with BUT I am having a big ol’ Halloween Party on the 29th which will be pretty fun. Ben and I are working on decorating our house to make it absolutely ridiculous and I can’t wait!

OK that’s all for now. Fingers crossed I am able to maintain my motivation and post more. Thanks for reading, pals!


What I Wore: Kawaii Alien Fantasy

May 31, 2016
Fashion and makeup, Parties and Fun, What I Wore

Last weekend we had a stall for Ruby Kawaii and Kawaii Klaws for the Medieval Market & Fantasy Faire in Ipswich. On the first day I went full Unicorn (I forgot to take proper outfit photos but you can see it here). For the Sunday I probably took the fantasy theme too liberally and went for a super bright, kawaii space theme! I was super hungover from a hen’s party the night before, so it’s amazing I managed to put together anything half decent at all TBH.

Outfit details:

Top: Alien Abduction tee by Pastel Pixie
Skirt: Lavender PVC skater skirt by Black Milk Clothing
Stockings: Microfiber Footless Tights in Pastel Mint by We Love Colors
Necklaces: Pastel Pixie and Kmart
Hair Bow: Ruby Kawaii


31 Days of Halloween Challenge – Week Two

November 23, 2015
31DaysofHalloween, Halloween, Things I Like, What I Wore

Welcome to the 2nd week of my 31 Days of Halloween challenge! Revisit week one here!



I think this has been my favourite outfit so far, the combination of black and white with light purple is simply wonderful! The theme was ghostly with a bit of Jack Skellington for good measure. My dress is from Black Milk, necklace and brooch from Creep Heart, stockings from We Love Colors and bow by Ruby Kawaii.



From ghosts to bats! Despite my enduring love of bats, it turns out I don’ have as much bat covered clothing as I thought I did! Luckily I was able to create a bat bow by using a brooch on an old hair bow and there were some little bats on my leggings (hidden under my skirt though, unfortunately) to tie my outfit together. My top was from the kids section of Big W, my skirt and leggings from Black Milk,  necklace and brooch from Creep Heart and a Ruby Kawaii gravestone clip.

DAY 10


It might have been my friend Jasmine’s wedding but that didn’t mean I’d forget about my challenge! Luckily I bought a sensible and cute dress for a previous wedding that just so happened to feature lots of little skulls in the pattern! A few skull accessories, including the studs on my shoes which were tiny little silver skulls, and I was both wedding-appropriate AND Halloween themed! My dress was from Dangerfield, stockings from Black Milk and my hair clip was an old one I put a Creep Heart brooch on.

DAY 11

Another Sunday at mum’s prepping for the wedding meant being comfy so I wore my Halloween Villains shirts from Tokyo Disneyland which I got way back in 2009! I actually forgot I had it and possibly hadn’t worn it since I bought it! I also wore my cute bat headband which I bought last Halloween.

DAY 12


This theme was thrown together last minute before a nail client but I really dig it. I call it “Zombie Barbie” and will probably wear it again. The drippy Barbie top was from Miss Shop in Myer, Braaains skater skirt from Black Milk, the Barbie/Zombie necklace was from a market years ago and I popped a Creep Heart brooch on a pink hair bow!

DAY 13

How great is this dress? I mean honestly! Lots of kawaii-faced pumpkins on a flattering, comfortable dress is the best! Pumpkin Patch dress and holey leggings were from Black Milk, the bolero is one I’ve had for years, a Creep Heart necklace and Ruby Kawaii hairbow!

DAY 14


I went to the launch of Ben and Emma’s Goosebumps exhibition at the Scratch which should have called for a bright, obnoxious outfit to match the colours of their art/photos but instead I randomly opted for a black and skulls theme. D’oh! I wore a Dangerfield dress which I got for Christmas years ago (still a fave!), some misc jewelry and a Ruby Kawaii Monster High hair bow!


31 Days of Halloween Challenge – Week One

October 13, 2015
31DaysofHalloween, Halloween, Things I Like, What I Wore

Last year I gave myself a challenge where I had to dress and/or do something Halloween-related for every day of October. It was a total blast and I was very excited to do it again this year. The fact I’m having a Halloween themed wedding or “Hallowedding” as I like to call it on the last day of October makes it that little extra exciting! I didn’t blog about it last year but I a determined to this time round, so without further ado, here’s the first week of the 31 Days of Halloween challenge:



I was going start off subtle as I didn’t want to start off too strongly right from day one but I got too excited, haha. A spider theme, wearing Black Milk leggings and dress, Ruby Kawaii bows and a Creep Heart necklace.



It was lucky I dressed up on the 2nd day of the challenge as I ended up scoring free tickets to Fright Nights at Movieworld for that very evening! I did manage to duck home to add my excellent RQ-BL bolero though. Dress and stockings are from Black Milk and another Ruby Kawaii bow.



As per my previous post, I did nail art at the Low Road on the Saturday and went for a brains and ghosts theme (I think I was tired when I came up with it). My skirt and stockings are from Black Milk, Boo top is from the kids department of Big W, necklace from Creep Heart and a Ruby Kawaii ghost clip.


Sunday’s are my usual day off, but I often drive to mum’s to do various crafty things with her, right now it’s 100% wedding focused (oh god so little time). This was my first vague-ish theme which was Monster High. The top was from the Best & Less kids department, Miss-a-Ree Guts Creations bat necklace and a Ruby Kawaii bow.


Monday’s are typically nail days for me so I kept it comfy in the jack-o-lantern crop top I got from Urban Outfitters back when we went to the US over an old black dress, with a Creep Heart brooch worn as a necklace and a Ruby Kawaii pumpkin clip.



Back to work means getting a bit more carried away again! I wore the first ever Black Milk dress I ever bought with a Creep Heart brooch as a necklace and a Ruby Kawaii bow (definitely sensing a theme emerging). I also did my nails Halloween style! I love them sooo much!



This look was a bit of a mixed bag. All I knew was that I wanted to wear my Pumkin Knit leggings and I just thew the rest together in my rage rush to get ready for work. Leggings and dress by Black Milk, necklace from Creep Heart, spider brooch from a friend and my hair bow was specially made for me by mum :)


What I Wore: Super Bright for Wedding Shopping

October 1, 2015
Fashion and makeup, My Life, Wedding, What I Wore

Last Saturday my mum and I spent the day shopping for wedding supplies! We ended up visiting Costco which is the worst on a Saturday for decorations/lollies, DFO for wedding shoes and Paddington to look for jewelry and other bits and pieces. As I love on the south-west of Brisbane and Costco and DFO are waaaay up north there was a lor of driving and hurrying around but it was really fun!

I was determined to wear my dolls head necklace that I got in Harajuku and still hadn’t worn properly! SoI came up with a very bright, loud and fun outfit to compliment it! The people of the northside pf Brisbane obviously don’t see to much kawaii fashion as some people were quite taken aback! But hearing little kids get excited and compliment my outfit made it all worthwhile :)


Skirt: Little Lovers Cheerleader skirt from Black Milk Clothing
Top/s: From Valley Girl/Supre
Stockings: Plus Sized Solid Color Tights in Sky Blue from We Love Colors
Headband: Made by my sister for Ruby Kawaii
Necklaces: Dolls head necklace and heart choker from Romantic Standard

While leaving Costco it started pouring with rain. Mum and I were far too impatient to I grabbed a box to protect my hair and ran to my car. Of course it stopped as soon as I was about to get in the car, so mum snapped this pic :D


A weekend at Oz Comic Con 2015

September 25, 2015
Fashion and makeup, Halloween, My Life, Nerds and Geeks, Parties and Fun, What I Wore, Wonderful Weekend

Last weekend we had a stall at Oz Comic Con for Ruby Kawaii. It was such poor timing, we had to give up three weekends of wedding prep to sew new bows after I went on a selling frenzy on facebook after a bit of a dud Supanova earlier in the year. But I’d technically booked the stall earlier in the year, before Ben and I had decided we should have a Halloween wedding, and as Oz Comic Con are really picky about who they let have Artist Alley stalls, I didn’t want to pull out. LE SIGH.  But as it turns out, it was a lot of fun! We weren’t particularly stressed this time round and got whatever we planned to make done without much fuss. We had a great spot and our sales were decent so I’m definitely glad we did it!

I didn’t have time to come up  special outfit or cosplay so I went black & white Mickey Mouse themed on the Saturday and then super mega kawaii Halloween themed on the Sunday with Erin. This was actually the first con that’s been within a reasonable time frame before Halloween so I was very keen to sell lots of spooky stuff, but alas Brisbane people still don’t get it and I still have a bunch of Halloween bows leftover. Not that I’m complaining, really!

One of the guests who was appearing was Richard Dean Anderson. As in MacGyver! Mum was so excited and kept spying on him when he was signing autographs until we convinced her to go and get one for herself, which she did and he gave her a hug and flirted with her! She was so, so stoked! Also, Jim Beaver from Supernatural approached mum and Erin as they were lining up to see Richard to have a chat! Neither of them realised who he was until afterwards so they just had a big ol’ chat about the weekend and whatnot. Hilarious!

There were lots of cool cosplays as per usual, I ran out and took a few photos of the ones that caught my eye:

Unfortunately this was probably our last con for Ruby Kawaii for the year as we just don’t think we’ll have the time or stamina to get ready in time for Supanova in late November because of my wedding and… other reasons which I will probably share here in the next couple of weeks! ;)


What I Wore: Nail Art at the Low Road

September 15, 2015
My Life, Nails, Ruby Kawaii, What I Wore, Wonderful Weekend

Thanks to my good friends at the Low Road, I am now doing monthly pop up nail art at their cafe in Windsor! Last Saturday was my 3rd stint and it was a fun day as usual. Although we don’t live particularly close by, we tend to patronise the cafe a lot so it’s super cool to also team up with them business-wise!


Dress: Gifted, I believe it was from Princess Polly (please disregard the pesto stains on the skirt!)
Leggings: Candy Hearts leggings from Black Milk Clothing
Shoes: Low top platform Converse
Accessories: All by me and mum for Ruby Kawaii

Here’s some of the nail art I did on the day:


My next pop up at the Low Road will be on Saturday 3rd October!


What I Wore: It’s Adventure Time!

September 3, 2015
Fashion and makeup, Nerds and Geeks, What I Wore

After a good year and a half of scanning ebay and crossing my fingers, I finally got the pair of Black Milk leggings I’d foolishly put off buying until they’d all sold out and had coveted ever since. They are the Adventure Time Bro Ball leggings and I was so happy that I not only found them in my size but also managed to win them! I missed out on a pair a couple of months ago and was so mad at myself for not paying attention to my ebay watch list. But it’s all good because they are finally mine!

For a day of hanging out with friends and family I thought a bright, fun Adventure Time outfit was in order. I have about 20 Adventure Time shirts but I wanted to utilise my denim pinafore that I often forget I own, so I wore a yellow crop underneath and added all of my favourite AT accessories to complete the theme.


Leggings: Adventure Time Bro Ball leggings from Black Milk Clothing
Dress: Black denim pinafore by Gail Sorronda for Target from Target
Top: Basic crop from Supre
Shoes: Black vans with pink cut out hearts, thrifted in New York
Accessories: Hair bow and Jake & Finn pins handmade by me and mum for Ruby Kawaii, necklace from a showbag!


What I Wore: Greazefest 2015

August 4, 2015
Fashion and makeup, Festivals and Gigs, My Life, What I Wore

Greazefest was on this weekend and it was the first one we’ve not had a stall at for two years. It was pretty great to just go for a browse and not have to worry about setting up and packing down the stall, being bored and/or tired for two full days, dealing with customers and so on. The only bad thing was that I spent way too much oney and made nothing in return! Ha!

I went with my best friend Sarah where we met with our long time friend Dallas and my mum to catch up and chat and have a look at the many classic cars and market stalls. Unfortunately we didn’t think of taking photos til the end when Dallas had already left and the sun was blinding so a most of my photos were washed out. But I snapped a few of my outfit which I decided to call “Kawaiibilly” (as a play on rockabilly). I wore a vintage dress my mum gave me something like 12 years ago, in fact I wore it to my 21st dinner! Combined with a bunch of super cute accessories and face bling (my new favourite thing) I felt pretty darn cute that day ^_^


Dress: Vintage swing dress from the 50s, gifted to me by my mum many years ago
Shoes: Converse flatform low tops
Socks: Clear socks with pink hearts and purple seams from WEGO in Japan
Headband: Pompom headband made by my sister from Ruby Kawaii
Necklace and earrings: Bought on the day from UrsaLady


What I Wore: Bright and cartoony for Finders Keepers

July 8, 2015
Fashion and makeup, My Life, What I Wore

On Saturday I went with my friend Melissa to check out the Finders Keepers markets at the Old Museum. I’ve been going to these markets for years, mostly to support friends who have stalls there as a lot of the stuff there isn’t to my liking (it’s a bit too beige, quaint and “whimsy” for me). But it’s a good excuse to go out and support locals who hand make their wares. I wanted to wear my Simpsons x Hello Kitty dress as I haven’t worn it much and it’s just so damn cute! I also wanted to combat the muted colours I knew I’d encounter at the markets and so I chose lots of brights accessories.


Dress: The Simpsons x Hello Kitty Village Dress from Japan LA
Stockings: Plus Sized Solid Color Tights in Sky Blue from We Love Colors
Hair bow: Made by my for Ruby Kawaii
Accessories: Earrings and Hell-no Kitty necklace from Miss-a-ree Guts, peace heart necklace from Fancy Pocket Harajuku, brooch by Winnfreds Daughter, bracelets from Japan
Shoes: Jelly sandals from Windsor Smith

(With Mel outside the Old Museum and with Ella Mobbs, one of my favourite Brisbane artists)