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Kawaii Klaws gets exposure aka Douchebags ruin the internet yet again

January 29, 2016
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Last week I was interviewed by ABC Brisbane for my nail business Kawaii Klaws. Apparently an ABC employee who is a regular at Ben’s bar saw me doing nail art at their Star Wars event which he thought was really cool so he suggested his colleague Jessica Hinchcliffe contact me to do a piece. She sent me a message and we arranged a time for her to have a chat with me and take some photos. I actually just assumed she was just scouting for possible stories but we did a proper interview and the next day I was on their website and even on the radio! I was obviously super stoked by it because it was a really nice piece and obviously I want to spread the nail art love in Brisbane!

A day later, Ben noticed that the article had been reposted by the national ABC Facebook page! It was one thing for the people of Brisbane to be aware of my work, but all of Australia? How cool is that? After some cheering, I then asked “so… what do they have to say in the comments?” which I know I should avoid at all costs but I was curious and have a pretty thick skin when it comes to people trying to be mean to me on the internet. I was expecting  couple of douchebags clogging up the comments section with useless drivel but I was almost impressed by how random some of it was!

Here are a few examples:

Like, what do you even say to some of these people? Oh I’m terribly sorry that every single article that the ABC posts on their Facebook page isn’t tailored to your interests? Just because you’re not interested in something, doesn’t mean it’s not newsworthy to others, dickhead! Also, how do you look at my ail art and say it’s crap? I’m not implying I’m the best out there (far from it) but I do some really good work! Don’t even get my on the Jamberry spam consultant either…

Brett Freeman made me laugh with his fury at fuel prices. I’m going to guess that he goes onto just about every news article he sees that isn’t about fuel prices and complain that they’re not focusing on the REAL issues, like how much it costs to fill a car with petrol! A few people replied to him, telling him that we’re all capable of thinking about more than one thing at a time (and that many of us DO car about how expensive petrol in Australia is) but he wouldn’t have a bar of it because clearly nails are just a DISTRACTION from the great fuel conspiracy! Haha ok mate!

But the real reason why I’m posting about these dingbats is because of this thread. While it wasn’t unexpected, seeing complete strangers discuss my looks was a real bummer. This article was about my nail art, and yet a bunch of men and even some women ignored all of that to talk about my boobs and whether or not my tattoos ruin my looks. Ol’ mate Christopher Marx even had something to say in another thread:

Whenever some dropkick says “we don’t need feminism” any more, I want to smear their face in comments like these. Why the fuck can’t women just exist without men feeling entitled to critique their looks and their fuckability? It was a piece about NAIL ART for crying out loud? What if I wasn’t conventionally attractive, would they have discussed how ugly I am, how undeserving of a new article I was? What if I was more conventionally beautiful, as in I had a natural hair colour and no tattoos, how gross could the comments have gotten then? Some friends jumped on with their feelings about these arseholes and eventually I decided to have a bit of a say:

There is no justification for anyone to discuss another persons looks, especially when their personal appearance is not relevant. My looks aren’t important when talking about nail art. I get that my “look” is interesting, so seeing people compliment my style was actually really nice because I do try to maintain a certain image that compliments my style of nail art. But there is no justification in pointing out how “buxom” I am or whether or not my tattoos look good because that’s not the point! In fact, even if this article was about tattoos, discussing whether or not you think mine are good is not the point! It’s personal preference, and I couldn’t give a shit if you think my zombie sleeve looks like a mass of blue or whatever, they’re on me and I love my tattoos so piss off with your nasty opinions!

When men (and women) do this sort of thing, they are perpetuating a culture of sexism where women are only valued for their looks, not what they do or their smarts or anything else. It turns women into objects which can be discussed as though they aren’t actual human beings with feelings or any other uses but to be looked at and maybe fucked, if they’re lucky. Sure, maybe they didn’t mean to offend, except you were offensive and rude so your intentions mean precisely nothing (though I’d argue that calling someone’s tattoos ugly actually did mean to be offensive, Ruby Moon). It may seem like a stretch to some, but this is why we live in a world where women are continually attacked and harmed by men because our worth is reduced down to our looks and not much else. The culture of toxic masculinity feels justified in treating women as mere objects, so that when we say no to them or try to leave them, we get beaten and/or killed because we’re just things to be possessed to these types of men.


Now I’m thinking about it, the comments dismissing the post as being pointless and not newsworthy are actually pretty darn sexist too. It’s funny how the things that women like to do are deemed trivial, boring, useless etc. Yet I can think of a lot of hobbies that are traditionally enjoyed by men which I bet wouldn’t get as many (or any) dismissive comments if the ABC did a piece on them. I mean, a lot of the article was about how keen I was to get men on board with nail art because it’s not an inherently feminine thing to do and should be a way for anyone of any gender to express themselves! But nah mate, this is boring female shit, where’s the REAL news about 4x4ing, fishing, blowing stuff up and footy???

All in all I was delighted to have Kawaii Klaws featured on the ABC. I think I fared OK with the comments as the ABC facebook can be a seething cesspool of awful opinions and shouted nonsense. But then again I have a very thick skin because I love engaging with douchebags on the internet, so little of what they can say really hurts my feelings (oh I’m fat and ugly, yeah ok m8, whatever you reckon). Imagine if I never fought trolls online so I wasn’t used to mean comments from jerks with nothing better to do with their time except to harass women? That would be sad, scary and possibly make me want to avoid any future media coverage, which is totally unfair.

Next time you contemplate writing a comment on a facebook status or news article or blog post that discusses how a woman looks, STOP. Have a think about why you’re doing it and whether it has any relevance to the post at all. Are you missing the point of the post to compliment/insult her looks, her body type or her sense of style? How would you feel if someone ignored what you had to say to make commentary on your looks? As a general rule, it’s always safer to just keep those opinions to yourself. No one cares what you find attractive, if you like tattoos, if you think women look better with “meat on them” or not. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman also, because you’re still perpetuating the same harm, which other men see and think “well a woman said it about her, so it must be true/ok!”.


Guess who has purple hair now?!

November 5, 2014

Yep it’s true, after eight years of pretty much the same hairdo I now have all-purple hair! I’ve actually had some variation of pink and black hair since I was in year 12 way back in 2000, with a year or so break when I dyed it all black when I embarked on my big European adventure (I got bored of that and so got a friend to help bleach a section of my hair at the nape of my neck in our hostel room one evening). I even has pink streaks in my hair when I was 15 for a year or so!

So to say I was used to my hair is a massive understatement. Having Black hair with a chunk of my fringe and my nape bright pink was so normal for me that I felt weird about getting compliments for it as it just seemed ordinary to me. It was also ideal because the pink sections were in the perfect position to not show regrowth for ages, I usually waited three months between bleaching the regrowth.

But earlier this year I started to entertain thoughts of trying something new, so I stopped redyeing the black (but maintained the pink), wondering what to do and when. The most obvious choice for me seemed to be to go purple, it’s my 2nd favourite colour and I felt that I could “deal” with a nice, dark purple as far as change and regrowth visibility go. In the last month or so when my brown regrowth was getting particularly visible, I decided I should do it sooner rather than later before I chickened out and dyed my black again. Halloween was coming up too, so I decided it was now or never.

I got a short bob haircut to rid myself of most of the leftover black then had to strip my hair of all the colour as much as possible as I knew it’d be a nightmare to bleach through the remaining black as well as the coloured I’d put on my brown regrowth to disguise my boring, natural hair colour. The dye remover I bought was JoBaz Hair Dye Remover (max strength) which a couple of friends had recommended to me. It was a fairly easy process, though long and rather stinky, but it worked pretty well! The black was barely there, my regrowth was really light (the hair dyes I’d used over it had lightened my regrowth quite a bit apparently) but the pink remained pretty strong, though I didn’t mind as the purple would cover it easily.

The next day mum came over and did an awesome job of bleaching my whole head which we both were terrified about but it ended up being pretty easy and painless. We weren’t able to get it all white, the lingering black was stubborn and got to a dirty blonde colour, but we didn’t want to re-bleach it and wreck my hair so we left it as is. We then added the purple! I decided to go with Brite Organix which I picked up for sale at Woolworths. A girl I follow on instagram recommended it for being long-lasting, an excellent shade and terrific value for money, plus the convenience can’t be beat (for reference, I usually use Special Effects for my pink which is phenomenally hard to get and pretty expensive, usually $25 a bottle). Mum reckons it went on differently to SFX in that it immediately gripped my hair and didn’t spread as well, which I took as a good sign as being easy to spread tends to mean it’s not stick to the hair very well.

Washing it out was a nightmare, our shower may never recover! I had to rinse it eight times and even then purple was stillrinsing out, which worried me as I thought that might mean it all rinsed out. But as soon as I got out of the shower I saw it had stuck perfectly and my hair was an intense bright-but-dark purple! Yay! Where my black had been was especially dark while the placed that had been pink were super, super bright pirple. The effect was actually really cool!

I’m still getting used to having purple hair, I still get a jolt of surprise when I see myself in a mirror. But I definitely love it so far. I’m not sure how long it will take for my regrowth to show but I intend to keep the purple bright and minimise fading so it’s less noticeable (or so I hope). I may get sick of having to bleach the regrowth every 6 or so weeks, but I’m really excited about the change and am already considering trying other colours in the future!

Harry Potter Trivia Winners!

July 8, 2014
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As you are all probably aware, I really like Harry Potter. I’ve even blogged about it a few times. Well I found out a little while ago that a Brisbane group called Man vs Bear were hosting a Harry Potter trivia night at a local bar, so obviously I immediately signed up a team (hilariously named “Quidditch while we’re ahead”) and started recruiting friends to join me in my quest to prove how big a HP nerd I really am. In the weeks leading up to the night, I tried to cram as much study in as possible but between working my day job and starting my nail business I only manged to read the Philosophers Stone and a few chapters of Chamber of Secrets. Oh no! I did a whole bunch of online quizzes whenever I could, but I was so nervous! People kept joking about how there would be a group there who had no life and so knew every intricate detail of the books and would defeat us easily. NO! I had a reputation to uphold, I was known for my HP-love thanks to the (now defunct) Harry Potter fanclub and all of my appearances on the radio, TV and in local newspapers  whenever the new film/book was coming out.


On the afternoon of the quiz, I met with my team to discuss tactics and have a few quick drinks to ease our nerves. We were all HP fans with excellent knowledge who were keen to win! I actually managed to rope in my friend Jen who did the quiz the night before (it’d been so popular, they had to add an extra night, which happened to be the night before we were going) who found out that the questions would be different but it was great to have some insider knowledge on how it all worked.

I won’t go through every blow by blow details of the evening as that’s ridiculous/boring but here are some of the highlights:

  • We got stuck up in the back corner as people apparently lined up super early, but it was a cosy little booth where no one could cheat off us and wasn’t crammed with people like up the front
  • The served Butterbeer! It was actually a cocktail but a delicious one! They also had shots caused Parselmouth which weren’t as delicious as they were full of absinthe but I tried one anyway ;)
  • Our team worked together brilliantly, we all knew things that left the rest of the team stumped and there were no arguments about any answers, even when we got some wrong
  • At the half way mark when the scores were double checked by the hosts, our team was ahead by a whole FOUR POINTS!
  • The last half of the quiz was tough and I started to worry again some other super team would beat us… BUT WE WON!


Look I’m not going to lie, I was one of those awful, obnoxious winners who screams, dances and carries on like a jerk. But I was so damn excited. I was also stoked when I realised the top prize was a Black Milk voucher, it was as though it was meant to be! Needless to say we celebrated for a while and I maybe made myself very, very sick (oops) but let’s face it, it was soooo worth it!