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31 Days of Halloween Challenge – Week Two

November 23, 2015
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Welcome to the 2nd week of my 31 Days of Halloween challenge! Revisit week one here!



I think this has been my favourite outfit so far, the combination of black and white with light purple is simply wonderful! The theme was ghostly with a bit of Jack Skellington for good measure. My dress is from Black Milk, necklace and brooch from Creep Heart, stockings from We Love Colors and bow by Ruby Kawaii.



From ghosts to bats! Despite my enduring love of bats, it turns out I don’ have as much bat covered clothing as I thought I did! Luckily I was able to create a bat bow by using a brooch on an old hair bow and there were some little bats on my leggings (hidden under my skirt though, unfortunately) to tie my outfit together. My top was from the kids section of Big W, my skirt and leggings from Black Milk,  necklace and brooch from Creep Heart and a Ruby Kawaii gravestone clip.

DAY 10


It might have been my friend Jasmine’s wedding but that didn’t mean I’d forget about my challenge! Luckily I bought a sensible and cute dress for a previous wedding that just so happened to feature lots of little skulls in the pattern! A few skull accessories, including the studs on my shoes which were tiny little silver skulls, and I was both wedding-appropriate AND Halloween themed! My dress was from Dangerfield, stockings from Black Milk and my hair clip was an old one I put a Creep Heart brooch on.

DAY 11

Another Sunday at mum’s prepping for the wedding meant being comfy so I wore my Halloween Villains shirts from Tokyo Disneyland which I got way back in 2009! I actually forgot I had it and possibly hadn’t worn it since I bought it! I also wore my cute bat headband which I bought last Halloween.

DAY 12


This theme was thrown together last minute before a nail client but I really dig it. I call it “Zombie Barbie” and will probably wear it again. The drippy Barbie top was from Miss Shop in Myer, Braaains skater skirt from Black Milk, the Barbie/Zombie necklace was from a market years ago and I popped a Creep Heart brooch on a pink hair bow!

DAY 13

How great is this dress? I mean honestly! Lots of kawaii-faced pumpkins on a flattering, comfortable dress is the best! Pumpkin Patch dress and holey leggings were from Black Milk, the bolero is one I’ve had for years, a Creep Heart necklace and Ruby Kawaii hairbow!

DAY 14


I went to the launch of Ben and Emma’s Goosebumps exhibition at the Scratch which should have called for a bright, obnoxious outfit to match the colours of their art/photos but instead I randomly opted for a black and skulls theme. D’oh! I wore a Dangerfield dress which I got for Christmas years ago (still a fave!), some misc jewelry and a Ruby Kawaii Monster High hair bow!


31 Days of Halloween Challenge – Week One

October 13, 2015
31DaysofHalloween, Halloween, Things I Like, What I Wore

Last year I gave myself a challenge where I had to dress and/or do something Halloween-related for every day of October. It was a total blast and I was very excited to do it again this year. The fact I’m having a Halloween themed wedding or “Hallowedding” as I like to call it on the last day of October makes it that little extra exciting! I didn’t blog about it last year but I a determined to this time round, so without further ado, here’s the first week of the 31 Days of Halloween challenge:



I was going start off subtle as I didn’t want to start off too strongly right from day one but I got too excited, haha. A spider theme, wearing Black Milk leggings and dress, Ruby Kawaii bows and a Creep Heart necklace.



It was lucky I dressed up on the 2nd day of the challenge as I ended up scoring free tickets to Fright Nights at Movieworld for that very evening! I did manage to duck home to add my excellent RQ-BL bolero though. Dress and stockings are from Black Milk and another Ruby Kawaii bow.



As per my previous post, I did nail art at the Low Road on the Saturday and went for a brains and ghosts theme (I think I was tired when I came up with it). My skirt and stockings are from Black Milk, Boo top is from the kids department of Big W, necklace from Creep Heart and a Ruby Kawaii ghost clip.


Sunday’s are my usual day off, but I often drive to mum’s to do various crafty things with her, right now it’s 100% wedding focused (oh god so little time). This was my first vague-ish theme which was Monster High. The top was from the Best & Less kids department, Miss-a-Ree Guts Creations bat necklace and a Ruby Kawaii bow.


Monday’s are typically nail days for me so I kept it comfy in the jack-o-lantern crop top I got from Urban Outfitters back when we went to the US over an old black dress, with a Creep Heart brooch worn as a necklace and a Ruby Kawaii pumpkin clip.



Back to work means getting a bit more carried away again! I wore the first ever Black Milk dress I ever bought with a Creep Heart brooch as a necklace and a Ruby Kawaii bow (definitely sensing a theme emerging). I also did my nails Halloween style! I love them sooo much!



This look was a bit of a mixed bag. All I knew was that I wanted to wear my Pumkin Knit leggings and I just thew the rest together in my rage rush to get ready for work. Leggings and dress by Black Milk, necklace from Creep Heart, spider brooch from a friend and my hair bow was specially made for me by mum :)


Fright Night at Movieworld

October 25, 2014
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Last Saturday night I went to Fright Night at Movieworld with my mum, sister and Ben. All through October Movieworld has special events on Friday and Saturday night for Halloween. They’re very reminiscent of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal which Ben and I happened to go to in LA last year.

I wasn’t sure how good it was going to be as I was sure I’d be disappointed compared to Universal’s version but I am happy to say it was AWESOME! We all had an absolute blast and while it didn’t quite compare to Halloween Horror Nights in some ways, in other ways it was actually better. Yay! I am so damn excited about how Australia is finally embracing Halloween properly. Until the last few years it’s always just been some silly American thing, but now lots of shops sell Halloween products and supplies and places like Movieworld are going all out.


When we arrived the place was packed, the night had sold out days beforehand and the car park was overflowing (I’ve honestly never seen that at any Gold Coast theme parks before). As we walked in (chuckling at the poor suckers who thought they could just go in with their annual passes) we were greeted with an unexpected and enormous burst of flames from above the gates and then total chaos as we entered the main square. There were dancers in cages and an array of scary characters scaring people or just looking menacing. It was super dark with dim red lighting punctuated the random bursts of flames and lots of eerie smoke. While nothing will compare to being chased by chainsaw wielding maniacs like at Universal, there were lots of scarers pouncing unexpectedly from the shadows to give us all a fright. There were also ghostly women in black on stilts and even some creepy looking creatures on stilts too that gracefully and silently stepped past you.

Knowing there were going to be crazy lines, we rushed to the first maze called “Cannibal Clowns” but realised right away there was going to be a good hour line up per maze and ride. Ben wasn’t having any of that and disappeared briefly, reappearing with fast track passes. Our night was becoming expensive but being able to go to the front of the line and skip the queue sure is a good feeling! The clown maze wasn’t that scary (so glad we didn’t line up for an hour for it) so we went to the next one called the Ripper which was based on Jack the Ripper, which wasn’t very scary either but we all agreed the set design was at least quite impressive.


On our way to the next mazes we stopped for some snacks and drinks. This is where Fright Nights kicked arse, it was all themed and was totally amazing (and quite cheap too). There were pus donuts where you squeeze the pus (aka custard) in yourself with a oversize syringe, specimen jar desserts (choc pudding = poo, lemon meringue = wee), blood bags (full of red soft drink) and jelly shot syringes. We went to the bar to sample the blood/pus bags (vodka cranberry / malibu pineapple) and the alcoholic jelly shot syringes. Talk about a sugar overload!

We then visited the last two mazes which we were hoping were going to be better than the first two. Fortunately we were not disappointed as they were TERRIFYING. The first one was based off the new game The Evil Within and the other one was based on Wolf Creek 2. The set designs were excellent and some of the characters were mortifying (particularly the one playing Mick Taylor, holy shit did we all scream), so we left both feeling quite hoarse indeed. I was delighted by the fact a couple of the scarers even managed to get Ben, the horror aficionado, to scream too! We were especially grateful for our fast passes by the end as the lines for those two mazes were so long, I wouldn’t be surprised if they took two hours to get through. No thanks!

Our plan was to then jump on some rides as they were meant to shut down at 9pm but we quickly discovered the lines had closed at about 8.20pm which means we missed out. While we understood there were noise restrictions on the outdoors rides, we were pretty disappointed about it, especially since there’d been no signage about when the lines closed. Luckily we’ve all been on the rides plenty of times before, it would have really sucked for those who don’t get to go to the theme park much. So we did some more wandering, ate some more snacks, people-watched and bought some merch before we made our way home for the night.

It was an excellent night which we plan to do again next year, but will go the whole hog and get fast track passes for both the rides and mazes and may even try the VIP tour too! I only wish I’d had time to go again this year :)


RIP Rik Mayall

June 11, 2014
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Yesterday morning I found our Rik Mayall had died when Ben let out a mournful “Noooooooo!” as I was getting ready for work. To be honest it really got to me, I can honestly say he was one of my heroes. I grew up watching him in Grim Tales, Drop Dead Fred, the Young Ones, Bottom and Blackadder, in fact my sister and I were totally obsessed with the Young Ones, watching it religiously and quoting it constantly. Drop Dead Fred has to be one of my top 10 favourite movies (even though the ending was a bit naff), I defy anyone from around my age to say they didn’t want their own Drop Dead Fred! Perhaps it’s a testament to how much I appreciate funny people but I always had a bit of a crush on Rik, even though he played utterly repulsive characters. There was something about his manic style, the way he turned the most deplorable scumbag into someone almost lovable (albeit in a pitiful kind of way),  that I personally loved. This Vice article sums it up really nicely actually.

I’ll always regret how close I came to meeting him in 2005 when I was living in London. I found out about half an hour too late that he was doing a book signing, if I’d just read the newspaper a bit earlier I could have rushed in and made it. I was so mad at my friend who knew about it but had only thought to mention this when I’d lamented how upset I was at missing out. I have yet to even read his autobiography, possibly as some sort of dumb protest because I didn’t get a copy signed by him. Fortunately Ben has a very well-read copy which I will start reading tonight. I’ll also never forgive whoever made the decision to cut Peeves from the Harry Potter films. Rik Mayall was more Peeves than Peeves was.

RIP Rik. Thank you for all the fart jokes.

This house will become a shrine, and punks and skins and rastas will all gather round and hold their hands in sorrow for their fallen leader. And all the grown-ups will say, “But why are the kids crying?” And the kids will say, “Haven’t you heard? Rick is dead! The People’s Poet is dead!” And then one particularly sensitive and articulate teenager will say, “Other kids, do you understand nothing? How can Rick be dead when we still have his poems?”


My Birthday and Christmas 2013

January 6, 2014
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December is a pretty hectic time of year for everyone, but it’s especially so for me as it’s also the month of my birthday! I was actually born on December 23rd which is a big ol’ inconvenience because who has time to celebrate a birthday two days before Christmas? Ah well, I usually make the best of it :)

I had a great month though and thought I’d share some of the photos from this crazy time of year!


I celebrated my birthday a day early on the 22nd by having a BBQ with friends and family at our house, which means we finally got to utilise our awesome deck properly! We only just bought a table and chairs for it so it was great to make use of them. We’d also inherited the BBQ from the previous owners so it was nice to make use of it finally.

On my actual birthday I had to work (booo) but afterwards we had dinner at Papa Jack’s which is amazing. It’s New Orleans inspired which rocks because I still constantly think about the amazing foods we ate in NOLA (I will finish my posts about our trip, I promise). I had a few delish cocktails as well as some proper southern style cooking such as grits, gumbo and mac ‘n’ cheese. Yum!

On Christmas eve, which I also had to work (boooooooo) we had afternoon lawn bowls at the most fantastic and quaint little club. As it turns out I am a bit of a natural at lawn bowls! Despite the heat I simply had to rock the Jake the Dog leggings Ben got me for my birthday!


Christmas day was at our place again where my family came along as well as our two friends Tony and Renae as their families are in the USA and we were keen to spend as much time as possible with them before they moved up to Rockhampton. We ate lots of tasty food and drank soooo much delicious booze including a wide range of beers provided by Ben, a proper bottle of champagne (that was surprisingly delicious) and the cake flavoured vodka I brought back from the USA.

Boxing day was all about going to see the new Hobbit (it was excellent, as expected) and then relaxing for the rest of the day, occasionally stuffing my face with Christmas leftovers

I got pretty spoiled with presents between both my birthday and Christmas:


I got lots of Black Milk including a couple of vouchers, shoes, perfume, jewelry, books, stationary, a plant, a giant clock, a voucher to get my hair cut (finally), a Sodastream, a tattoo voucher and so much more! In fact I later realised I forgot to include a few other presents! I am so spoiled :D

I hope everyone else had a lovely Christmas and got lovely things and spent time with those who mean the most to you!


Guess who’s back from the USA?!

November 21, 2013
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Well howdy y’all! Guess who got back from the USA today? Let me just start off by saying it was AMAZING and I’m a tiny bit bummed to be back in Brisbane. I mean, being able to rest, hug my pup and walk around the house in my underwear has definitely been wonderful but I really do love travelling and the USA was incredible.

I am going to write up a bunch of blogs about my trip, which will probably focus on each place we went to as well as a post or two about some of my America-wide experiences. This is mostly for my own benefit so that I have an everlasting memory of my trip but I also hope it will give people some helpful tips before they embark on a trip to the crazy ol’ US of A. There are more than a few tips I know I wish someone had told me about before we went, so I’d love to help other people have the best trip ever by giving them plenty of heads up about what to expect.

While I upload all of the happy snaps to my flickr, I thought I’d share some of the highlights of my trip to get the ball rolling (in no particular order):

  • THEME PARKS! We managed to go to four (yep, FOUR) on this trip. Disneyland and Universal Studios in LA and Disney World and Universal in Orlando.
  • Getting a Halloween tattoo in LA (even if it caused me much duress for most of the trip because of the placement).
  • Finally getting to see Japan LA in real life and buying so many awesome things. I was in a rush (see next point) so I could have gone REALLY crazy if I’d had more time.
  • Going to see Elijah Wood’s new film in LA and standing beside him in the line at the candy bar where he struck up a conversation with me!
  • Going to Las Vegas as an adult, walking down the street drinking booze and discovering the majesty of Downtown Vegas. Oh and spending Halloween there!
  • Falling in love with New Orleans completely and utterly.
  • Trying so many delicious American craft beers everywhere we went.
  • Finally seeing New York where we saw and did SO MUCH! That city is crazy and wonderful!
  • Catching up with Cam, one of my best friends who I lived with in London. Also finally meeting Maya who I’ve known online for 10 years now!
  • Meeting and spending a lovely evening with Twinkie Chan who’s a bit of a crafty, kawaii hero of mine (she even blogged about our encounter!)
  • All of the animals! Squirrels, scores of dogs in coats, lizards, alligators, birds… there were so many!

OK that’s all I can think of without going totally berserk and just listening ever single thing we did. Ben and I had an amazing trip and I really can’t wait to share it with you all. Lots of photos will be coming soon!


Guest Post: The Ten Cutest Characters In Adventure Time

September 20, 2013
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Welcome to my first ever guest post! This one is from Laura from Blue Banana.

Pic source

Adventure Time is one of the most popular cartoons in the world right now, all thanks to its surreal themes, witty humour and layered story that appeals to more than just kids, but also to teens and young adults who appreciate alternative and original style. Part of why people love the show so much is the gorgeous art and animation that leads to all sorts of adorable creations.

The World Of Ooo is full of all sorts of cute little critters, so here are the best cuties that have appeared across all five seasons of the cartoon – that’s over one-hundred episodes! Some only popped up once, but that was enough to endear them to our hearts right away. Algebraic!

10. Shelby

Shelby is a pink worm that lives in Jake’s viola. He’s only made a few cameo appearances but every moment he does is memorable because of his sarcasm. The little guy has a sharp tongue and speaks as if everything is always lame. He’s pretty cute, but not as cute as the others on this list.

9. Me-Mow

Me-Mow is a very tiny little kitten dressed like a Mummy, but despite her cute looks she’s actually a deadly assassin. In ‘Jake vs Me-Mow’ she’s tasked with assassinating Wildberry Princess and threatens Jake with poison to do her dirty work. This episode was one of the funniest in the show and Me-Mow is one of the most adorably evil little characters imaginable.

8. Flambo

Flambo is a recurring character in the series and friends with Finn and Jake. He’s a mischievous little fire demon able to cast magic that allows mortals to enter the fire kingdom. Although he has a fiery little temperament and talks like a sneaky gangster, there’s no getting away from how cute the little guy is.

7. Wildberry Princess

Of all the Princesses in Ooo, Wildberry Princess is one of the most adorable in personality and looks. She’s basically a little living raspberry, has a timid nature (probably helped in no part by her continuous capture by the Ice King) and has a squeaky little voice. Kawaii!

6. Little Dude

Little Dude is the name given to Finn’s famous hat when it comes to life thanks to the Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving. Gaining a cute little face and four legs, Little Dude makes a great mischievous companion at first but turns out to be evil and more trouble than he’s worth. But, despite the evilness, just look at his little face!

5. Gunter

Gunter is the Ice King’s most faithful penguin servant and is usually a source of mischief and trouble for him too. The Ice King loves Gunter like a father, whom he refers to as ‘sweetie’. Gunter also happens to be one of the most evil beings on Ooo, despite making non-threatening quacks. It’s his/her naughtiness and source of frustration for the Ice King that makes Gunter so loveable though.

4. The Jiggler

Appearing in one of the show’s earliest episodes, The Jiggler is a cute little being that was adopted by Finn and Jake. The Jiggler was named after the two adventurers discovered it loved to dance to Finn’s singing, waving around those wiry little arms and whistling. Unfortunately, the Jiggler got sick because it was really a baby separated from its mother, but Finn and Jake returned it home where it was restored to its lively self.

3. The Cute King and the Cuties

The Cute King and his army of Cuties appeared in the episode ‘Conquest Of Cuteness’. The Cuties are a tiny race of mushroom headed beings that are rainbow coloured and believe themselves to be a fearsome and evil army despite their cute looks. The King and his army try to attack Finn and Jake but are completely hopeless as they are too weak. Eventually the King surrenders but comes to the realisation that it’s easier to use their cuteness to manipulate victims than to fight.

2. Snail

The Snail is the only character that appears in every single episode of the show without fail and has become a firm fan favourite. The little Snail is a running gag and at least once in every episode he appears in shot doing a cute wave at the audience, breaking the fourth wall. Half the fun of every episode is finding him and it’s always exciting to see where he’s hidden each time.

1. BMO

“Who wants to play video games!”

BMO is most definitely the cutest character in the show and with each passing season he/she gets even more adorable. The little happy-faced computer plays games with Finn and Jake and even gets up to imaginary games when they’re out of the house. BMO’s character has grown over the seasons from purely a games console to an integral part of the cartoon. With Korean accent and little Gameboy console appearance, everything about BMO is loveable and every cameo in the show, whether big or small, is all the brighter for BMO’s presence.

These are just a few examples of the sweet creations that inhabit the land of Ooo in Adventure Time – when you watch the show you realise that actually pretty much all characters are cute in some way due to the artistic style. So what the glob are you waiting for? Start watching Adventure Time and all their wonderful characters!

Note: This is not a sponsored post.


PAX AUS 2013

July 26, 2013
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On the weekend Ben and I went down for a very brief trip to Melbourne, specifically for PAX AUS. Due to other commitments (ie. work) we were only able to spare the weekend so we flew down on Saturday morning to return on Sunday evening which made for a very busy couple of days!

For those who don’t know (and are too lazy to Google it for themselves) PAX is a convention run by the guys behind Penny Arcade, a long running and insanely popular web comic that’s predominantly about video games. The convention isn’t just about video games though, it’s about all games, from the good ol’ fashioned board games to smart phone/tablet games.

Now, I’m not much of a gamer, in fact I am horrible at video games and I get bored very quickly of games on my phone. But I do play board games on a semi regular basis and it seems like board games are becoming a big thing after being shrugged off as super nerdy and lame for many years. Plus Ben is a total board game maniac these days which was the main reason why we were going.

Unfortunately we overbooked ourselves somewhat which meant we got nowhere near enough sleep all weekend which resulted in a super tired Cara who managed to fall asleep on the ground of the gaming area at one point. Though funnily enough I managed to win the board game we played which I kept dozing off in (not even exaggerating, I was literally modding off to sleep as I was playing). I got dem skillz ;)

One of the guys from Penny Arcade, Jerry, was even hanging around on the floor saying hi to people, signing autographs and getting photos taken on the fly. Ben was all starstruck, which was totally adorable. On the right is our mate Tom who came along with us and seemed a bit starstruck by Jerry too. Aww, nerd luv <3 Note: The photo is blurry because I am not good with iphones and didn’t focus it properly :(

Unfortunately we were unable to attend any panels as they filled up hours before they even started, which was a shame. I guess it was lucky we were only there for the one day, as it would have been hugely disappointing if we had a three day pass and missed out on all of the panels we wanted to see. Still, the “fake geek” seminar would have been really good so it was still a bit of a shame.

It was a really fun day despite being the tiredest person ever. I got to hang out with some friends I rarely see (due to them being from Melbourne and all) and even bumped to the super kawaii Maddie. We’re already planning to go back for the full three days next year, where we’ll sleep more and hopefully get to go to some of the panels!



January 23, 2013
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Apologies for all the music stuff and lack of proper blog posts lately, but tonight’s discovery simply had to be shared.

Please take three minutes and fifty two seconds of your time and dedicate it to this music video. Forget Gangnam Style or Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – THIS IS THE NEW SHIT!

I promise you, it will be worth it.


The Day I Bought a New Car

December 21, 2012
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On Monday 17th December, I finally became an adult. I did something that I’d never attempted to do before and actually never thought I’d be able to do because of some silly decisions I made as a younger woman. I BOUGHT MYSELF A BRAND NEW CAR! Oh yes, I own my own little Toyota Yaris, brand new, fresh off the truck. And the best pit? IT’S MOTHER EFFING PINK! It’s not a custom colour either, “Cosmopolitan” aka hot pink, is a standard colour for this particular model of car.

I’d been considering buying a new car for a while. My dear, precious Betsy (a 1986 Ford Laser wagon) was on her last legs and it wasn’t worth the cost to pay her rego because she needed so much work. Plus I was sick of owning a car that’s almost the same age as me, with no air con, a non-working fuel gauge and no power steering that would break down constantly because I am no good with older cars and didn’t show Betsy the proper respect she deserved.

So there we have it. I bit the bullet and ordered one and picked it up on my day off from work. It was the single most terrifying and exhilarating purchase I’ve ever made in my life! Sure I could have bought another used car, but the timing was perfect (woohoo super low interest) and I knew deep down this is something I wanted to do, and I doubt I’ll ever regret it for a second, because SHE’S HOT PINK, BABY!

Now to think of a name for her. Maybe Lola? Oh, there’s so much potential! :D