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What I Wore: Nail Art at the Low Road

September 15, 2015
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Thanks to my good friends at the Low Road, I am now doing monthly pop up nail art at their cafe in Windsor! Last Saturday was my 3rd stint and it was a fun day as usual. Although we don’t live particularly close by, we tend to patronise the cafe a lot so it’s super cool to also team up with them business-wise!


Dress: Gifted, I believe it was from Princess Polly (please disregard the pesto stains on the skirt!)
Leggings: Candy Hearts leggings from Black Milk Clothing
Shoes: Low top platform Converse
Accessories: All by me and mum for Ruby Kawaii

Here’s some of the nail art I did on the day:


My next pop up at the Low Road will be on Saturday 3rd October!


Supanova Gold Coast 2015

April 28, 2015
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Last weekend was Supanova on the Gold Coast! These days we don’t get much time to do markets for Ruby Kawaii but we still keep up with pop culture conventions. I’m a little bit sad to say it was our last Goldnova though. It was just not worth our time to be honest. This was the first con we’ve done where we didn’t get stressed out as we still had a lot of bows leftover from Brisnova last year (it was a little bit slow too) and we even had somewhere to stay on the Gold Coast so we didn’t have to drive the 90 mins to and fro each day. But despite all that we just didn’t make enough sales to justify doing it again next year. Other stallholders said they were disappointed too, so it wasn’t just us having a bad weekend. I guess that between a dozen other stalls also selling bows (grrr) and the fact it’s so expensive to go to Supanova now (after paying to get in, buying food and getting a celeb autograph or photo, who has money for trinkets?) I think people have to be more careful with where they spend their cash. Ahh well, we had a good run. We’ll keep doing the Brisbane ones (I will hopefully also start doing nails at them) and leave the Gold Coast ones to go as a regular patron.

Here are some photos from the weekend. I just want to say I did a pretty big thing on the Sunday by wearing a crop top to match my sister. My body image is a bit shite and I am forever envious of my sisters (mostly) effortless, slim figure but I decided I needed to stop being so negative about my body and start practicing some body love! I actually feel like I made a significant difference to my self esteem that day, I’m starting to be less critical of my perceived flaws and

On the Saturday I wore the A Whole New World scoop skater dress from Black Milk Clothing.
On the Sunday Erin and I wore the matching Little Lovers crop and skirt set, also from Black Milk.

Femmo Bites – #notallmen

February 6, 2015
Feminism, femmo bites, My Advice, Random Thoughts, Ruby Kawaii


I have decided I’m going to start blogging my random feminist thoughts here.  I have a lot of them all day every day but I’ve been finding it hard to do regular posts about feminism because I tend to put too much thought in them which means I often don’t get around to posting them or I think it’s not interesting/engaging enough. So instead I will post smaller “femmo-bites” about something I happen to be thinking about right now.

Today’s one stems from a facebook post I was commenting on. The OP shared a link where a girl in India confronts the man who tries to touch her inappropriately and without her consent on a plane. Almost immediately she was swamped with guys saying NOT ALL MEN in a variety of colourful ways. A number of people clarified that she did not mean ALL men at all but these dudebro’s kept going and on and on about it, even suggesting women should specify “some men” in future posts/conversations to avoid confusion in the future (ugh). This was my response (slightly edited for this post) which is my stance on why #notallmen is a harmful derailment tactic:

The fact is, a lot of men do things like this. Not all, not even most, but a lot. There are also a lot of men who mightn’t actually do this sort of thing themselves but think about doing it or don’t see why there’ such a fuss about the men who do do it. The reason for this is because many men have it deeply ingrained in them that women are objects rather than people. They feel like they, as men, have the right to touch these objects that they find desirable. For a long time, the vast majority of women put up with it because it was deeply ingrained in us too that this was how it was and we had to accept it. It’s only been in very recent history that women have found themselves able to stand up and say NO, that is NOT appropriate, and even more recently that laws have be adjusted to reflect this.

Feminism is still crucial these days, even though at a glance it might seem like women and men are pretty much equal. The wage gap and the glass ceiling both still exist, for example. But very importantly, too many men are still finding themselves unable to view women as people rather than objects and so they touch, abuse, harm and kill them in abundance. Sometimes women find themselves unable to yell at a man for touching her inappropriately because there is the very real risk that he will harm her for daring to stand up to him. The woman in this video found herself in a position where she could safely confront the man trying to touch her without her consent and did so. But if she had been in a different scenario it possibly would have been safer for her to be quiet, ignore him and leave the situation as quickly as possible. That is not equality between genders, that we cannot stop something horrible happening to us because we might get hurt or killed for saying no.

We have a very long way to go, because there are still too many men who are like this and when women try to talk about it, a bunch of other men get upset because they feel unfairly targeted despite the fact that wasn’t actually the case. That harms these conversations because it means women have to then double back and clarify that they didn’t mean ALL men at all and the original conversation has been derailed and brought back to focus on men. That is counter productive. So PLEASE understand, when women are talking about this sort of thing, we do NOT mean ALL men do these things. We are referring to those men that do. If you don’t do these things, GREAT. Keep not doing those things and maybe have a go at listening to what women are saying instead of wondering if we’re indirectly referring you and bringing the conversation back to your hurt feelings!


What I Wore – Aladdin theme!

January 9, 2015
Fashion and makeup, Nerds and Geeks, Ruby Kawaii, What I Wore

Today I received my glorious new Aladdin dress from Black Milk, which I was able to buy with the gift vouchers I got for my birthday. Because I am a pretty big fan of Aladdin, I happened to have some very appropriate accessories to go with my outfit, including a Jafar hairbow and a Genie necklace. Fun!

Dress: A Whole New World scoop skater dress from Black Milk
Leggings: oldies from Target
Shoes: Converse low tops from DFO
Necklace: Handmade by me for my Genie cosplay from last year
Hairbow: Made me me and mum for Ruby Kawaii



Supanova Brisbane 2014

December 12, 2014
My Life, Nerds and Geeks, Ruby Kawaii, Wonderful Weekend

Supanova was on again last weekend and as usual we had a stall for Ruby Kawaii! Brisnova is a good one because it’s not only very convenient, it also goes for three days which works well for is as the Friday is a bit quiet and if you forget anything you don’t have to stress too much. Win win!

There was a pretty stressful lead up to the weekend though as mum and I left things til last minute, as per usual. But we got it all done and had a good time as per usual. It actually didn’t feel as busy as previous years but sales-wise we did fine and they apparently had record crowds so I think it might have been because of the new venue which was much bigger and easier to get around (instead of being in various halls across the RNA showgrounds).

Here are a few photos I quickly snapped over the three days, including some of our stall and the people I saw over the weekend!


Day One: Manning the stall, with Emma of Emetic Art and with my longtime friend Sarah as Burlesque Poison Ivy!

Our stall, with new set up. I think we’re the cutest stall in Artist Alley by far! Shame we forgot to iron the curtains though!


Day Two: Cheryl helped us out on the Saturday (such a gem) and mum made me pose with this rather handsome Captain America cosplayers that had her all a tither ;)


Day Three: Erin and I at the stall and with the super lovely and gorgeous Amanda Hartley.

Erin and I got a photo with Aussie actor John Jarratt who’s most famously known for his terrifying character Mick Taylor in Wolf Creek. He was super flirty and hilarious, we were glad we decided to go get a pic with him!



Greazefest 2014

August 13, 2014
Fashion and makeup, My Life, Ruby Kawaii, What I Wore, Wonderful Weekend

Greazefest 2014

Greazefest was on this weekend and it was our second go at having a Ruby Kawaii stall there, despite the fact we didn’t do very well last year. I’ve been going to Greazefest for years even though I haven’t been into rockabilly for a good four or so years now, but it’s a bit of a tradition and always a bit of fun. Because of how disappointing last years was, we were a bit hesitant about even doing a stall again this year, but we figured we’d give it a crack in case last year was just a dud. Well… let’s just say we probably won’t be doing a stall at Greazefest again. We actually started off OK on the Saturday, we made more than the entirety of the previous year. But Sunday was a total bummer, it was really quiet which everyone seemed to notice. It’s such a shame! But that’s OK, we gave it a solid go and now will only attend future Greazefest’s as punters, not stall holders.

Here a few photos from the weekend, mostly of myself and my sister, usually eating delicious treats:

Greazefest 2014 Greazefest 2014
Greazefest 2014
Greazefest 2014 Greazefest 2014


Supanova Gold Coast 2014

April 14, 2014
Nerds and Geeks, Ruby Kawaii

Well Supanova on the Gold Coast (or Goldnova as it is affectionately known) was on last weekend and I am still feeling it! This was the second year we had a stall there for Ruby Kawaii, and our fourth Supanova overall. Mum and I spent almost every weekend of the last two months sewing like crazy, and as much as we thought we were making good time and wouldn’t have the last minute panic until all-hours the night before… we totally ended up sewing madly past 1am the night before which meant we only got about 4 hours of sleep!

Overall it was a busy weekend, though the general consensus was that it felt a lot less busy than the year before even though the organisers kept reminding everyone that it was the biggest Supanova yet (as far as ticket sales to get in to the convention went). I don’t know where all these extra bodies went but it didn’t feel like it was near us! Though we were told as we were packing up on Sunday that they had opened up the hall a bit more this year so there was more room which is maybe why it felt less busy? Anyway, it was still a success for us and while were exhausted for days afterwards, it was a really great weekend.

On the Saturday I dressed as a Slytherin student, completed with m new Black Milk Death Eater leggings and black PVC skirt. On the Sunday Erin and I went as matching versions of Princess Bubblegum and Lumpy Space Princess.

Here are a few of the pics I managed to take when not serving lots of kawaii-loving people (click on them for the bigger pics):




Farewell 2013, Bring On 2014!

January 14, 2014
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Well we’re already half way through January and I’m only just writing my “So long last year, hello new year” post! It’s been a busy ol’ year so far, and I’m looking forward to some downtime in the next few weeks, finally.

2013 was a BIG year for me. It was my first full year with the love of my life, Ben! It feels like we’ve been together so much longer (in a good way), so to think we only met half way through 2012 boggles my mind. 2013 saw us buy a house together which was scary but exciting and we LOVE it. We have a beautiful house to decorate as we wish that’s surrounded by bush, with our adorable fur ball Shiro.

I made a go of Ruby Kawaii, doing lots of markets and selling bows online. We discovered very quickly that Supanova is our best demographic, so we intend to do as many conventions as possible. I also discovered selling stuff online is kind of hard, and it’s something I intend to improve on this year. It’s been an interesting experience and I’ve made a bunch of friends out of it too, and I hope to make it even bigger and better this year.

We went to the USA! I feel like most of 2013 was all just a lead up to this trip, and it did not disappoint! We really did have the best time there and I promise I will finish my blog posts about each city we went to SOON! We also did a bit of domestic travel too, mostly to Canberra where Ben comes from. I met his ENORMOUS family at the start of the year and we ventured back down via Sydney for his sisters engagement party and a friends wedding. I also popped down to Melbourne twice, once for PAX AUS and again with my mum to take her to the Hollywood Costume exhibition as a super early birthday present.

One thing I didn’t do so well was watch out for my health. I regret to say I’ve been turning into a bit of a lumpy space princess over the course of the last year or so, which isn’t such a bad thing except I’m starting to not fit in some clothes! NOOOOO! If there’s one thing about being in a loving, wonderful relationship that kind of suck, it’s how comfortable you get. I used to go to the gym 4 times a week on top of eating a strict diet, but when you have other options like hanging out with your beloved partner and drinking copious amounts of beer and cider and eating delicious foods, well… you figure it out. I’ve always struggled with my weight but now I’ve put on a few extra kilo’s I realise how silly I was being back then because I looked HOT and I need to take a much healthier and less harmful approach to weight loss instead of hating myself for not being slim enough. So it’s going to be less drinking, more balanced diet and exercising for the health benefits, not just to stay a certain size.

I have big plans for what I want to do with myself career-wise, some of which might take a few years to fully work out. I’m sick of working in an office in an industry I am not passionate about, I want to be creative and do something I love instead of suffering through the daily grind like all of the sheep I catch the train with each morning. I will keep y’all updated on this as I figure things out!

2014 will also be a year of reconnecting with old friends who I’ve been a bit to slack to spend much time with, because I love them and miss their company and have no excuse except sheer laziness! I’ve always been a bit of a loner, only having a few good friends who I’m nopeless at catching up with, but I’ve been especially bad lately and hope to have it all fixed ASAP.

So that was my year that was, and my plans for the coming year. I look forward to having lots of adventures in every aspect of my life, and hopefully I will improve on my blogging which were less than average last year.


Ruby Kawaii Update

September 12, 2013
Fashion and makeup, Ruby Kawaii



Guys! I have recently started getting my shit together and getting my online store up and running again! I was feeling a bit meh about the etsy for a while there, there was so much work to list everything and I wasn’t happy with the photos I was taking so I was feeling rather uninspired. But then I had a lightbulb moment when I saw another etsy and how they took their photos. All they were using was a bit of fake grass with flowers and their items looked majestic. So I found some pretty fake grass and snapped a whole bunch of new photos which have inspired me all over again!


If you like hair bows (and even if you don’t), please go check out my newly revamped etsy page. I’m adding new bows each week and will also be adding some of our phone cases and other bits and pieces. You can also access to store from my very own blog! See the link “Ruby Kawaii”up the top, click it and suss it out!!!


Because I love you guys, I thought I’d sweeten the deal a little bit. If you buy a bow from my etsy between now and the first week of October, you get FREE SHIPPING! Just enter the coupon code RUBYVELOUR while checking out and no matter where you are in the world, postage is completely free!


What I Wore: Greazefest 2013

August 20, 2013
Fashion and makeup, Ruby Kawaii, What I Wore


OOTD Greazefest kawaii blue

Greazefest was on the other weekend, and this time I had a stall! I’m sad to say it wasn’t a very successful weekend, we didn’t sell much at all which seemed to be the case for most stalls. Chalk it up to their change of schedule (two days instead of the traditional one) or the fact people had to pay $27 entry and probably couldn’t justify spending much more, especially if they intended on eating while there. Ah well, we had a good enough time talking to people and sunning ourselves on the two lovely, sunny days it was on.

OOTD Greazefest rockabilly
So here’s what I wore:

DAY ONE – Kawaii Blue

Dress: Oh Boy dress by The Hiding Tree from Princess Polly
Shirt: $5 number from Paper Scissors
Leggings: Tokyo Massacre by Black Milk Clothing
Apron: The Little Mermaid half-apron by Buttons & Bows (my mum’s new venture, coming soon)
Shoes: El-cheapo’s from Big W that turned brown with mud within about 10 mins of arriving
Accessories: Misc Ruby Kawaii

DAY TWO – Kawaii Rockabilly

Dress: Sheila dress by Sourpuss from Skye-Bow Clothing & Accessories
Leggings: 3/4 shapewear leggings from Target
Shoes: The Layer Cake Platforms by Converse from Hype DC (ugh they’re on sale now, damn them all!)
Accessories: Misc Ruby Kawaii