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CARA RAGE: Why I’m not an “attention whore”

October 11, 2012
Cara Rage, disappointment tuesday, Feminism, My Life, Rants

This week I was attacked on my Facebook by someone I know (not really a friend, more an acquaintance that I know through some mutual friends). I wrote this status update:

I wrote this while in a bad mood after having a crappy morning. I mean, it was Tuesday after all and we all know how I feel about Tuesday’s. I also think it’s fair to say I was just having a vent and didn’t expect to be taken very seriously. And most of my friends who commented on it were totally cool about it, agreeing with me or making jokes about whether or not I had toilet paper stuck to my shoe or food on my face to warrant the stares.

To cut a long story short, I was told that I can’t look the way I look and not expect stares and that I was being a hypocrite for getting annoyed at someone for looking at me when I work in a boring office environment. I was also called an “attention whore” and  an “incessant whinger” in between some backhanded compliments. But the message was clear “You’re not allowed to feel bad about this, you’ve brought this upon yourself by being unwilling to conform to the general definition of ‘normal’ and so you need to get over it”. It’s really pissed me off! To anyone who thinks that people deserve to be stared at for being “attention whores”, I have this to say to you”

I do not like being rudely gawked at by complete strangers. I don’t dress or look the way I look because I crave attention, I just do it because that’s who I am. If I wanted attention I would have a far crazier hairdo, way more tattoos and dress a hell of a lot differently. This assumption is just perpetuating the misconception that girls who don’t “fit in” with the rest of the general population are just desperate for attention when in actual fact, we just like different things to the bulk of other women. Life is too short to look like everyone else, but that doesn’t mean we should just suck it up when people forget their manners.

Like I’ve said again and again, if you think someone looks interesting enough to make you want to stare, go up to them and say something. Being stared at can totally ruin a person’s day, but receiving a compliment from a complete stranger can easily make someone’s week. It’s not hard, don’t be an arsehole. Whether it’s at a random person you see on the street, or on someone’s god damn facebook!

I won’t even get into the fact I believe this is a sexism thing, where some guys get their backs up at women who voice their strong opinions, whereas they’ll let their guy friends get away with way worse and not feel the need to start a fight. I’ll leave that for another rant later on ;)

16 & a Pain in the Arse

July 21, 2012
Cara Rage, Music Love, Rants

I like to think of myself as open-minded with music. As anyone who’s followed my blog for an extended period of time will know, I like a wide variety of music and am no stranger to enjoying a music video that’s a bit shocking and/or controversial. I have admitted I don’t mind the Biebs, I listen to Deutschrock, South African rap, K-Pop, 80s classic and much more. But I cannot stand this:

I don’t watch X Factor so I don’t know anything about this kid, and in fact didn’t know of her existence until I read this article on Mama Mia. Straight up, that is the most obnoxious music video I’ve seen in a long time. In all fairness it’s well made, I wouldn’t have thought it was an Aussie film clip as it has that shiny, US-made look about it. But aside from that, I find it really offensive. Who were the douchebag record executives who heard the pitch for this clip and said “yeah, that’s exactly the kind of music video we wants other kids seeing and thinking is fun and would be great to copy, let’s make it!”.  Because ya know, 16 year old committing petty crime to the dismay of everyone around them is LIEK TOTALLY AWSUM!!11!!

I miss the days when songs by and/or for teenagers were accompanied by cute, harmless videos like Stacie Orrico’s set-at-high-school Stuck On You, Christina Milan’s “sneaking out to go dancing” AM to PM or even the sickneing, family-friendly S Club 7. It’s one thing to bitch about how provocative Lady Gaga or Rihanna are, but their music is not aimed at teenagers (and younger) so as a parent you just gotta say “Nope, you can’t watch this, 11 year old daughter because I am a responsible adult who knows how to lay down the law”. But when music videos by 16 years old show this kind of bullshit? Ugh what the fuck, societies gone to shit anyway, so why am I so surprised?!

Now please excuse me while I sing along to this and then maybe this (not really relevant to this rant, but I’m now on an early-2000’s pop music memory trip).

EDIT: OK so I just noticed that the top-rated comment on her video on YouTube is mine! Haha  WINNER!

The Shire aka Bogans Go Wild

July 17, 2012
disappointment tuesday, In the News, Rants

If you’re Australian, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the new show on Channel 10 called “The Shire”. If not, let me paint you a picture. There’s an area of southern Sydney called the Sutherland Shire which is nicknamed the Shire (clever, I know). For a historical reference, Cronulla Beach is located in the Shire, where the infamous race riots happened back in 2005. Basically, it is known for having lots of bogan’s, including the ever fancy variety, the CUB (cashed up bogan) . It’s probably a nice area as far as landscape goes because it’s got some nice beaches and stuff but everything I know about the Shire revolves around the bogan’s and their race riots.

So, Channel 10 decided to make a show called The Shire which follows the lives of a few residents in the ever-special “dramality” format. In other words, it’s meant to be reality TV but they try to class it up by making it look a bit like a soap opera with nicer lighting and better shot framing etc. Also, you bet your arse it’s at least partially scripted. Think of classic American TV dramality shows like “Laguna Beach” or its spin off “The Hills”.

If you’ve seen either “Laguna Beach” or “The Hills” then you know what a load of clap trap it is. But it’s pretty addictive even though you know the typical episode is just 10 minutes of Lauren Conrad moaning about something, Heidi and Spencer being the worlds worst couple and then a whole bunch of shots of Hollywood Hills as filler. But it kind of works for whatever inexplicable reason. Australians cannot recreate it, and so before it even debuted, everyone knew The Shire would fail. I mean really, who wants to see a bunch of 20-something CUBs having made up fights with each other, acting like they have ALL THE FUN and do ALL THE SHOPPING with dickhead bogan accents and filler shots of the beach? BORING.

Naturally I was stubborn and refused to watch it and instead opted to take my dogs for a walk. I saw enough in the constant stream of ad’s they showed to have the whole first episode, if not the whole series, summed up nicely. But I’ve done a fair bit of reading up on it today and am pretty confident I was 100% spot on. Apparently people are taking back their claims that Lara Bingle’s atrocious reality show is the worst Australian show ever made, and giving that title to The Shire instead. Yep, it seems like it’s just that bad.

I will say this though, it’s NOT our equivalent of “Jersey Shore”. I mean come on, at least they have Snooki! Seriously, at least Jersey Shore is in-you-face trashy and is like a car-crash – you can’t help but watch in shocked wonderment. The Shire is just embarrassing.

Anyway, for the LOLs here are a few of the articles I’ve had a laugh at about just how badly received the show was:

The Shire ‘makes Lara Bingle’s show look like Q&A’
The Enthusiast review
Timeout Twitter Reviews

Did you watch it? What did you think? Are we all being totally unfair on this new show or is it exactly as shit as everyone is saying? 


Books That Suck – A Rant

May 17, 2012
Books, Cara Rage, My Life, Nerds and Geeks, Rants

Ever since I got an eReader last year, I have been reading a LOT. I mean, a couple of hours a day now, especially since I now commune to work every day. I also find myself reading a lot of books I would never normally bother with, some of which I have thoroughly enjoyed, some have been some brainless fluff to pass the time and the occasional e-book has been totally awful. I’m not trying to sell eReaders to anyone (though they ARE great!!!) but rather I wanted to discuss a discovery I have been made by a genre of books I never knew much about before and how much I don’t like it.

Paranormal romance.

Those two words together make me cringe, probably because I thoroughly enjoy picking on Twilight. For the record, I have read all of the books and didn’t hate them. In fact I kind of slightly enjoyed them, to an extent. But they are jolly good fun to tease and hate on. But Twilight isn’t it as far as paranormal romance is concerned. Oh no, there’s a LOT of it these days. And I thought I might enjoy some of it since I enjoy the paranormal and I’m not opposed to a bit of the ol’ romance and surely there are better authors out there than Stephanie Meyer! Oh how wrong I was.

Basically the “romance” in a lot of these books is just erotica. In other words, it’s Mills & Boon but with vampires, werewolves and all those trendy creatures. I’m not a prude at all, but I find this sort of erotica annoying and embarrassing. And overdone.  When I read a book, I like to be swept away with the story, I don’t need sex scenes interrupting the narrative or halting the action. I don’t find it sexy, I find it off-putting and wonder if I didn’t just grab a Mills & Boon book by accident (or in my case, download one in error). Basically, sex scenes don’t appeal to me in books. Maybe it stems from that uncomfortable moment in a movie you’re watching with say, your parents, when a sex scene comes on *cringe*

And then I found out about a new book called Fifty Shades of Grey. A friend heard it was really good and asked if I’d read it, and since I hadn’t I quickly started reading up on it. And let’s just say, I was not impressed. Naturally, I was instantly repulsed by the fact it started off as Twilight fanfiction. I have never been into fan fiction, as I find most of it tacky and dull. So to hear about a book that’s become a best seller that was originally a fan fiction… ugh, my mind boggles! Then there is the subject matter. Check this out:

The plot traces the relationship between recent college graduate Anastasia Steele and manipulative billionaire Christian Grey. Steele is required by Grey to sign a contract allowing him complete control over her life. As she gets to know him she learns that his sexual tastes involve bondage, domination and sadism, and that childhood abuse left him a deeply damaged individual. In order to be his partner she agrees to experiment with BDSM, but struggles to reconcile who she is (a virgin who has never previously had a boyfriend) with whom Christian wants her to be: his submissive, to-do-with-as-he-pleases partner in his “Red Room of Pleasure.”


OK so maybe it’s the feminist in me who objects to this, but I really find the whole concept appalling. People keep claiming it’s “empowering” to women who want to take control of their sex lives. I’m sorry, but at what point does a book about a girl who is completely dominated by her horrible MALE boss empowering to any woman, ever? Fucking hell, what a crock of shit. I was considering reading the book to just make sure I wasn’t over reacting, but screw it, I’m not wasting my time with any of that clap trap.

So in retaliation to this nonsense, and to all of the nonsense that’s getting printed as books these days and somehow become best sellers, I have finally decided to live out a dream of mine from back when I was in high school. I am going to write a book! I actually used to be a fabulous fiction writer and I’m sad that I seemed to grow out of it. Probably because I never had something to motivate or inspire me. Well I’m bloody well motivated now! It will NOT be a paranormal romance, it won’t be inspired by another paranormal romance nor will it have irrelevant, vividly/whimsically detailed sex scenes. It will take me ages as I’m hopeless with time management but it was be an adventure and I am VERY excited! So…stay tuned, I guess!

Now, back to finishing the Hunger Games trilogy which, by the way, is one of the most amazing series of books I have read since Harry Potter!

Vlogging for Beginners

July 27, 2011
Rants, vlog

OK so I am officially starting to vlog. The concept terrifies me as I hate my voice on camera and I get all self conscious and stuff. But everyone else is doing it so I figured I’d give it a shot. I don’t know what else I’ll do apart from “Cara Rage” but I’m sure it will be pretty special ;)

Let me know what you think and give it the thumbs up on youtube if you’re so inclined (it will give me a HUGE boost to my confidence, I assure you).

Internet Etiquette 101 – The Facebook Edition

May 18, 2011
Nerds and Geeks, Pet Hates, Rants, Teaches of Ruby


Ohhh Facebook. You’ce got to be the most boring thing on the internet and yet we’re all so horribly addicted to you. Tell me honestly, how many people do you know who does not have a Facebook page, never has, and doesn’t even have a fake one to spy on people? I know just one person (and it’s a shame because she’s a cool girl and I don’t have her phone number). How sad is that? Just about everyone we know is on Facebook. Actually I don’t think my dad is, but dad’s generally don’t count when it comes to this sort of thing.

Aside from the fact Facebook is the king of all time wasters, it’s also a total cess pit of human despair. How often do you skim through the latest friends feed and think to yourself “Oh god, just SHUT UP ALREADY!” or “Holy shit you must be the most boring person alive”. How many times have you seen a breakup unfold in status updates or realised someone you thought was pretty cool types lyk a fukhed omg LOL.

I believe there should be classes in school for internet etiquette. It’s 2011 now and we’re ALL online, from little kids all the way up to our great grandparents. And yet it seems as though all of the basic rules for existing with other humans gets thrown right out the window as soon as you’re sitting in front of a computer screen. Well, in my ideal world where people are paid to tell children how to behave in cyber space, the first and most important lesson would be FACEBOOK ETIQUETTE 101. Here are some of the most important lessons I have come up with so far:

  • Learn to type. I know we can’t all be perfect at grammar and as much as it pains me to see they’re/their/there used in the wrong context, there is a far bigger problem at hand. People who can’t be bothered hitting this shift key, who use text-speak when they’re typing on a godamn keyboard and those who use terms LOL to punctuate a sentence when what they said was not even a tiny bit funny. Text speak should have gone out with the introduction of predictive text and qwerty phone keypads. It suited a time when writing the word “you” took five seconds and the letter “u” took two quick button presses. Using letters instead of words, abbreviating the shit out of everything and generally making everything you say unintelligible to most is so hideously daggy. A bit of correct spelling, grammar, and the occasional capital letter will always go a long way in most peoples books.
  • Stop airing your dirty laundry in status updates. OK so you had a fight with your boyfriend, best friend, work mate or whoever. Of course you want to write bitchy, vague things all over the internet to show them how much they’ve hurt you or pissed you off. But it’s pathetic. I say this as someone who has been a culprit of it more than a few times. No one likes a vague status update, and especially not a whiney, woe-is-me one. If you’re fighting with someone, keep the fight in private, where it belongs. And if you really need to vent, that’s what best friends and ice cream are for, dammit.
  • Post some damn captions! When you’re on a mad Youtube video posting rampage, please make the effort to mention why you’re posting the video. I don’t know what to expect when you post the video and nothing else, and quite frankly, nor do I care to find out. Even if it’s just something along the lines of “This is Amazing” or “HAHAHA”, give us SOMETHING!
  • Stop “Like”ing everything. FUCK ME DEAD! This is the bane of my life when it comes to Facebook. Certain friends and family members keep liking every shitty Facebook group there possibly is. Can’t you just think a thought without having to make a page about it? I can’t even comprehend how shit some of them are. I knew people were dumb on the internet but damn this shit is scary-dumb.  I shall share with you some examples of the most recent ones I have witnessed (to prove that these really do exist, I even added links):
  1. Slugs are snails that sold their house for drug money
  2. Wow your fake tan looks proper natural.. LOL jk u fukin mango
  3. Pre-drinking so hard you dont even make it out
  4. Luring sluts into your bedroom with a trail of Supré vouchers (ummmm what????)
  5. And by “k” I mean “fuck you”
  • Don’t tag ugly photos. Man oh man some people are inconsiderate jerks. Why would you ever post a photo of a friend where they look like total arse? The only reason I can think of, is to make yourself look/feel better. And that makes you a shitty friend. I am against the idea of posting any bad photos of friends, but I’m always getting tagged in trash bag photos of myself (like the one time, while dressed like a chav, I fell into a bag of rubbish outside a hostel in London, I mean c’mon). If the photo is ugly as hell, have some consideration and don’t post it. IF you just have to upload it though, show some decency and don’t tag the ugly offender in it, I’m begging you!
  • Don’t pick fights or be excessively obnoxious in comment threads. OK so this is tolerable to an extent. But when the original poster is clearly getting the shits and you keep egging them on and starting new arguments and being a prick, you need to stop. Do you do that shit in real life? If you do, then how the hell do you have any friends at all??? You’re just being an arsehole to someone you must like enough to have on your friends list so back the fuck up and let them have their rant without getting all up in their face about how much you disagree with them.
  • Stop posting baby photos! Argh man, I am so over this. Look, I like kids and do find baby photos kind of cute. But you are NOT YOUR BABY! Don’t use a photo of your child as you profile picture. I’m sorry, but I want to see what my friends are up to, not how their kid looks in EXTREME CLOSE UP or in the bath. I know it’s your pride and joy, but you’re kidding yourself if anyone else (aside from like-minded parents who do the same thing) think it’s cute. Try having a photo taken of yourself WITH your child for once and leave the baby snaps for family get togethers. This also applies to photos of your ultrasound or of your pregnant belly.
  • Speaking of profile photos, start posting good ones! OK so I know ya’ll can’t look as fabulous as me all the time *cough* but have some dignity and post half decent photos of yourself. This especially applies to guys. No, you don’t have to make a stupid face in every photo. No one will think you’re “gay” for smiling at the camera for once. Also, posing for photos with your attractive female friends doesn’t fool anyone either, guys. We don’t think you’re some amazing chick magnet, you obviously just have some hot friends. And for the ladies, you can stop posting group photos, so that we might accidentally mistake you for the hot one, because we can just refer to other photos to work out you’re really just the plain one hovering in the background.
  • Stop being so down all the time. I admit I can be kind of guilty of this. I love to complain about stuff, and I often do so on Facebook. But I try to liven things up a bit with something funny or by using my excellent wit to make a whiney comment kind of funny. Chances are you’re just a friend of a friend I met at a party once, or someone I went to school with 15 years ago. If you’re going to be so damn moody/boring, I will never ever want to see you in real life again because I can only assume you’re a miserable sack of crap. Lighten up, it’s only the internet!

I know I have only just scratched the surface on this, so please feel free to share with me your own personal Facebook-related gripes and let us all wallow in self-pity knowing that we are all guilty of much of what we hate most about Facebook :D

The Worst t-shirts on Earth

April 30, 2011
My Advice, Pet Hates, Rants

Of all of the terrible things to see printed on t-shirts in my lifetime, I would have to say the current trend of busty, pornstar-esque models holding guns, flipping the bird or in a bathtub full of milk and froot loops are by far the worst. Have you seen them? I saw one today at one of those trashy cheap shops of a girl who looked like a skinnier, bustier version of Snooki wearing a stupid flat-brimmed cap and making some sleazy face/hand gesture. It enraged me so much, I felt like going to the shop keeper and making a complaint.

I first noticed them at City Beach which really did sum up the quality of them perfectly (ie. kind of nasty and aimed at 18 year old idiots). Then I started noticing guys actually wearing them. Sometimes while with their girlfriends! I can understand there are guys out there who are stupid and sexist enough to think it’s cool to wear an over-sexualised, trashy t-shirt featuring the kind of girl who a) would never ever hook up with them and b) give wristies to security guards to get backstage at gigs. Basically, the kind of guy who reads magazines like Zoo Weekly, Nuts or Ralph and thinks the girls are hot as and can’t ever settle for a normal girl because her boobs aren’t the size of watermelons while she’s about a size 6 everywhere else and she doesn’t wear bejeweled matching bra’s and knickers at all times. They probably also wear Lynx deodorant and expect to pull chicks like the guys in the ad’s do.

UGH! Who would want that on a t-shirt, ever? If I was the model and they chose that picture
to put on clothing, I’d be suing their arses (but then again I ain’t that kind of girl).

So, while I “get” why a guy would wear a t-shirt that tacky, I just don’t get how any girl would let their boyfriend wear a shirt like that out in public. She either has very low self-esteem, has no say in anything to do with their relationship, is really fucking dumb, or aspires to do that sort of modelling. All reasons are really bloody sad. When I see those couples, I wonder if there was any sort of discussion about it before they left the house. Did she comment on how shit it was? Did he tell her to stop being such a bitch and wear it to spite her? I can’t even imagine.

So I beg you, if you know any guys who proudly wear shirts like these, don’t turn a blind eye. Tell him exactly how you feel about that shirt so that next time he goes to put it on, he stops and considers how many people he’s offending when they see him wearing it. Maybe he’s too big a douche to care, but there’s always the chance he’ll take your advice and he’ll throw away that eyesore. And then you will have done your good deed for the year and for that many women would applaud you!

It’s my unit and I’ll smoke if I want to

April 18, 2011
In the News, Pissed Off, Rants

It’s been a while in the making, but I am finally going to talk about smoking. I was inspired by this article which enraged me, and reminded me that I’ve been meaning to blog about this topic for some time.

First things first, I am not a smoker. At most I have been a social smoker which lasted a short while in my mid-20s. One night while out clubbing I tried to have a cigarette and felt horribly ill. From that moment on I could no longer stand the thought of having a smoke. I was never much of a smoker anyway, I could only stomach light, menthol ones and preferably slim. If ever I bought a packet I’d share them with everyone so would only have a couple over the course of a big night out. I don’t know why I did it, I just know I randomly picked it up in London and stuck with it for a bit and was glad my body got over it. I never became addicted and in retrospect I’m kind of appalled at myself for ever smoking and hope to god that if  my mum reads this she understand it was just a phase (though she probably knew all about it all along and knew I’d get over it quickly enough).

Now I’ve passed the phase of thinking smoking was cool, I’ve kind of become one of those “smoking is evil, how could you do it to your body” kinds of people. I get completely grossed out when someone’s nasty second-hand smoke wafts into my face and laugh quietly at people who have to huddle in smoking areas to get their daily dose of lung cancer. But I never say this to anyone because if there’s anything I hate more than smoking these days, it’s the people who are overly vocal about how they hate smoking. Bloody self-righteous pricks.

So if I don’t like smoking, but also haste those who hate smoking, where exactly do I stand on the matter? I guess I am more for smoking than against. Yes it is a filthy habit that causes people to die painful deaths. But it’s legal and the people who do it are (in most cases) mature adults who understand the risks and choose to smoke anyway. You know what, who cares? They want to smoke and increase their risk of cancer, then who am I to stop that? Likewise with people who binge drink severely and ruin their livers or the people who refuse to eat healthy food or exercise. They’re all causing massive amount of damage to their bodies but it’s THEIR BODIES. I am glad smoking is banned in public spaces like bars, restaurants and shopping malls but under no circumstance should it ever be banned in your own home. Likewise it shouldn’t be banned in open areas so long as the smoker is not standing near a doorway and no blasting children in the face with their second hand smoke.

We live in a world where terrible things happen every day, so in my opinion smokers need to be cut some slack once in a while. The effects of smoking have been proven, but unlike getting wasted drunk and choking on your own vomit or bashing people in a drunken fury, the effects of smoking aren’t instant and take time to develop. If you quit early enough you can virtually reverse the effects of smoking and continue to live a long and healthy life. Smoking might be addictive but you don’t see people whoring themselves for their next hit of nicotine like they do with illicit drugs. At worst you see hobo’s scabbing cigarette butts of the street or asking you for a smoke if they think you look the type.

I come from a long line of cancer sufferers, which is why I have a negative stance on smoking (though admittedly, of the family members who smoked, none of their cancer was actually caused by smoking, oddly enough). I don’t like it and would be appalled if my kids took it up. I worry about my friends who smoke and consider it a huge time waster in the workplace. But if it’s still legal and can be sold in supermarkets and your local corner store, then why can’t people do it in a way that doesn’t harm non-smokers without fear of being reprimanded for doing something that’s perfectly legal. It seems crazy to me.

What are your thoughts on smoking?

Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster

March 14, 2011
In the News, Life, Rants


As everyone is well aware, a terrible tragedy has struck Japan. We were only just getting over the shock of the Christchurch quake that killed at least 166 people three weeks go and Mother Natures unleashed her wrath all over again. I remember thinking/saying back when the quake hit Christchurch that it could have been an even worse disaster had it struck a more densely populated area, a small consolation in such a devastating tragedy.

I keep looking at photos of the carnage of the tsunami’s and it’s hard not to cry. I’ve always had a soft spot for Japan, especially since I went there in September 2009. I can’t even imagine how they will clean it all up, how the country will recover. Seeing the devastated faces of those people is just heartbreaking. I’m still not quite over the Queensland floods from january and now we have these killer earthquakes so close to home. It’s just terrifying and I can’t even imagine having to live through something like that.

If you can spare it, please make a donation. There are a lot of ways to do so to suit everyone. I’m sure every cent will help.

Meanwhile, I just wanted to vent some rage at the overwhelming ignorance people have been displaying about this disaster. I was first made aware of it when I read this VICE article. I almost couldn’t believe it, people are comparing this event to Pearl Harbor? Really???!! I’m torn between bewildered disbelief and angry acceptance because I guess it’s not all that surprising that people are so damn ignorant and proud of it. I’m actually surprised no one has said anything about it being karma for the whales, but no, the average US citizen only remembers what happens in their country, particularly when glorified in a big budget Hollywood film (seriously, would most of those people know anything about what happened at Pearl Harbor if it wasn’t for that movie? I doubt it). HEY ARSEHOLES! No country, no matter what happened during war, deserves something like this. What, are we all hoping something will happen to Germany to get back at all them damn Nazi’s? It’s an absolutely appalling mentality and it scares me to think there are so many of these ignorant fools out there.

So if you’ve already donated or are unable to, another awesome public service would be to troll the Facebooks of these absolute douchebags and give ’em what for! But really, if you see anything like this on your Facebook feed, please don’t ignore it. Things like this ought to be addressed because ignorance doesn’t fix itself, it’s up to the more informed and less racist people in society to make a difference!

And the Douche of the year is…

February 2, 2011
In the News, Pissed Off, Rants

I am sick to death of hearing about Charlie Sheen. If it’s not in the news, it’s all over my damn Facebook feed. Charlie Sheen the party animal, at it again. He does drugs, parties hard, has sex with lots of women and he’s a famous actor. I have disliked the man for a few years now and I totally blame Two and a Half Men for it. My god, that show is such utter balls, I don’t understand how so many people actually like it so much. It’s about an alcoholic douchebag, his neurotic retard of a brother and a fat turd of a kid with the worst hair cut of all times. Then I realised the character Charlie Sheen is playing isn’t so much a “character” as Charlie Sheen just being himself on the small screen. Ugh!

If I see one more status or tweet about how great it would be to go out partying with Charlie Sheen, I will scream and probably not hold back with my anti-Charlie Sheen rants. I can only imagine that if friends of mine who are smart sorts of people think he’s a top bloke, then there are lot of brain-dead dickheads out there who think he’s the best thing to have happened in the entire history of mankind.

If you think Charlie Sheen is great and think it would be great to go out partying with him, allow me to remind you of some painful truths about the man. He is addicted to drugs. He pays for escorts to party with him. He is a misogynist who is extremely violent towards the women in his life. He is in his mid-40s and acts like he’s 20. The dude gets paid obscene amounts of money to play himself on TV and then gets his stupid arse busted by going on a bender and locking a women in a closet while he smashes up the room. Now he’s in rehab and is costing the show hundreds of thousands of dollars because they’ve had to halt production. And yet those stupid TV exec wankers just keep putting up with it. Why? because morons everywhere think he’s “livin’ the dream”. Check out this little fact I found on a celebrity facts site:

“A little known fact about Charlie Sheen is, he was subpoenaed to testify in the “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss trial in 1993. Sheen testified he called on Fleiss’ call girls on a regular basis spending more than $50,000 on their services. Reportedly, Sheen was a Cocaine addict at this time.”

Wow, what a classy gent. How about the fact he “accidentally” shot his then-fiancee Kelly Preston in the arm in 1990 and has been accused of/charged with assult on all of his former girlfriends/wives. I’m not quite sure why these women willingly get into a relationship with this man, but I guess “Charlie Sheen mania” pulled the wool over their eyes til he beat it right off  ’em again. He’s been arrested for drug use and possession and sent to rehab a bunch of times, he OD’s after injecting himself with cocaine and almost died and yet never seems to have learned a thing. But why would he, he’s “the man” and keeps getting work and never has to serve any real time.

He is not “living the dream” and he’s not “the man”. He’s seriously troubled and is only getting away with it out of sheer luck and because he’s rich and famous. If he wasn’t who he is and was poor and living on the streets like the typical drug addict, would everyone be so keen to party with him then? Do you think those addicts you see dancing to music no one else can hear are awesome party animals? Do you want to spend a wild night out with them? Of course not. Money apparently makes miserable sacks of crap more appealing. Yuck.

I’m sure I’m going to get a tonne of angry comments from boon’s who think he’s the greatest. I don’t care because I am sick of how he’s worshiped like a god when he ought to be behind bars. If a normal civilian like you or me did half of the shit he’s done, we would be in jail and looked down on by the rest of society. Do yourselves a favour and stop acting like he’s cool. You’re just condoning the actions of a violent and pathetic man who has to pay women to hang out with him and will probably die from an overdose in a hotel room at the age of 50.