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Kawaii Klaws gets exposure aka Douchebags ruin the internet yet again

January 29, 2016
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Last week I was interviewed by ABC Brisbane for my nail business Kawaii Klaws. Apparently an ABC employee who is a regular at Ben’s bar saw me doing nail art at their Star Wars event which he thought was really cool so he suggested his colleague Jessica Hinchcliffe contact me to do a piece. She sent me a message and we arranged a time for her to have a chat with me and take some photos. I actually just assumed she was just scouting for possible stories but we did a proper interview and the next day I was on their website and even on the radio! I was obviously super stoked by it because it was a really nice piece and obviously I want to spread the nail art love in Brisbane!

A day later, Ben noticed that the article had been reposted by the national ABC Facebook page! It was one thing for the people of Brisbane to be aware of my work, but all of Australia? How cool is that? After some cheering, I then asked “so… what do they have to say in the comments?” which I know I should avoid at all costs but I was curious and have a pretty thick skin when it comes to people trying to be mean to me on the internet. I was expecting  couple of douchebags clogging up the comments section with useless drivel but I was almost impressed by how random some of it was!

Here are a few examples:

Like, what do you even say to some of these people? Oh I’m terribly sorry that every single article that the ABC posts on their Facebook page isn’t tailored to your interests? Just because you’re not interested in something, doesn’t mean it’s not newsworthy to others, dickhead! Also, how do you look at my ail art and say it’s crap? I’m not implying I’m the best out there (far from it) but I do some really good work! Don’t even get my on the Jamberry spam consultant either…

Brett Freeman made me laugh with his fury at fuel prices. I’m going to guess that he goes onto just about every news article he sees that isn’t about fuel prices and complain that they’re not focusing on the REAL issues, like how much it costs to fill a car with petrol! A few people replied to him, telling him that we’re all capable of thinking about more than one thing at a time (and that many of us DO car about how expensive petrol in Australia is) but he wouldn’t have a bar of it because clearly nails are just a DISTRACTION from the great fuel conspiracy! Haha ok mate!

But the real reason why I’m posting about these dingbats is because of this thread. While it wasn’t unexpected, seeing complete strangers discuss my looks was a real bummer. This article was about my nail art, and yet a bunch of men and even some women ignored all of that to talk about my boobs and whether or not my tattoos ruin my looks. Ol’ mate Christopher Marx even had something to say in another thread:

Whenever some dropkick says “we don’t need feminism” any more, I want to smear their face in comments like these. Why the fuck can’t women just exist without men feeling entitled to critique their looks and their fuckability? It was a piece about NAIL ART for crying out loud? What if I wasn’t conventionally attractive, would they have discussed how ugly I am, how undeserving of a new article I was? What if I was more conventionally beautiful, as in I had a natural hair colour and no tattoos, how gross could the comments have gotten then? Some friends jumped on with their feelings about these arseholes and eventually I decided to have a bit of a say:

There is no justification for anyone to discuss another persons looks, especially when their personal appearance is not relevant. My looks aren’t important when talking about nail art. I get that my “look” is interesting, so seeing people compliment my style was actually really nice because I do try to maintain a certain image that compliments my style of nail art. But there is no justification in pointing out how “buxom” I am or whether or not my tattoos look good because that’s not the point! In fact, even if this article was about tattoos, discussing whether or not you think mine are good is not the point! It’s personal preference, and I couldn’t give a shit if you think my zombie sleeve looks like a mass of blue or whatever, they’re on me and I love my tattoos so piss off with your nasty opinions!

When men (and women) do this sort of thing, they are perpetuating a culture of sexism where women are only valued for their looks, not what they do or their smarts or anything else. It turns women into objects which can be discussed as though they aren’t actual human beings with feelings or any other uses but to be looked at and maybe fucked, if they’re lucky. Sure, maybe they didn’t mean to offend, except you were offensive and rude so your intentions mean precisely nothing (though I’d argue that calling someone’s tattoos ugly actually did mean to be offensive, Ruby Moon). It may seem like a stretch to some, but this is why we live in a world where women are continually attacked and harmed by men because our worth is reduced down to our looks and not much else. The culture of toxic masculinity feels justified in treating women as mere objects, so that when we say no to them or try to leave them, we get beaten and/or killed because we’re just things to be possessed to these types of men.


Now I’m thinking about it, the comments dismissing the post as being pointless and not newsworthy are actually pretty darn sexist too. It’s funny how the things that women like to do are deemed trivial, boring, useless etc. Yet I can think of a lot of hobbies that are traditionally enjoyed by men which I bet wouldn’t get as many (or any) dismissive comments if the ABC did a piece on them. I mean, a lot of the article was about how keen I was to get men on board with nail art because it’s not an inherently feminine thing to do and should be a way for anyone of any gender to express themselves! But nah mate, this is boring female shit, where’s the REAL news about 4x4ing, fishing, blowing stuff up and footy???

All in all I was delighted to have Kawaii Klaws featured on the ABC. I think I fared OK with the comments as the ABC facebook can be a seething cesspool of awful opinions and shouted nonsense. But then again I have a very thick skin because I love engaging with douchebags on the internet, so little of what they can say really hurts my feelings (oh I’m fat and ugly, yeah ok m8, whatever you reckon). Imagine if I never fought trolls online so I wasn’t used to mean comments from jerks with nothing better to do with their time except to harass women? That would be sad, scary and possibly make me want to avoid any future media coverage, which is totally unfair.

Next time you contemplate writing a comment on a facebook status or news article or blog post that discusses how a woman looks, STOP. Have a think about why you’re doing it and whether it has any relevance to the post at all. Are you missing the point of the post to compliment/insult her looks, her body type or her sense of style? How would you feel if someone ignored what you had to say to make commentary on your looks? As a general rule, it’s always safer to just keep those opinions to yourself. No one cares what you find attractive, if you like tattoos, if you think women look better with “meat on them” or not. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman also, because you’re still perpetuating the same harm, which other men see and think “well a woman said it about her, so it must be true/ok!”.


Femmo Bites – There’s no such thing as misandry

June 19, 2015
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I wrote this post this morning on Facebook after being totally bummed out by the horrendous comments left on a post by a prominent Australian feminist writer who criticised the culture of shaming women for sending nude photos and not the men who violate the woman’s trust by sharing them with others:


Feeding the trolls

January 29, 2015
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As anyone who reads my blog has probably realised, I don’t post here so much any more. I usually chalk it up to not having enough spare time but I know deep down that isn’t necessarily true, though the real reason has always managed to escape me. I’ve also found myself utilising social media (SM) less and less in recent years. I mean I go on it a lot still but I’m actually posting there a lot less these days. Instagram tends to be my SM of choice, I still post stuff on my Facebook occasionally but I severely neglect others like Twitter and Tumblr even though I value both mediums (and many others) greatly.

It wasn’t until I read this article today that I finally started to understand why I may not be posting online as much any more. It’s not because of time constraints or because I’m getting older ans less interested in the internet at large, I’m starting to think it’s because I have been scared off by online bullies and trolls who always manage to find a post of mine to attack, and feel to exhausted and over it to bother with their bullshit any more. And that makes me sad. I love the internet! I adore SM! I’m only 32 and I don’t have kids, I’m nowhere near too old for the WWW yet! So why have I been scared off?

Because I am told that I should not feed the trolls, that by reacting and replying to them they are getting what they want. By not responding to them I am starving them of the attention they so crave and so they will eventually starve and die. But that’s not true is it? Because we’ve been doing that for years and the trolls haven’t gone anywhere and in fact, are only getting worse. While it is obvious that trolls derive pleasure from our reactions, they also appear to feel vindicated when we stay silent. When a troll attacks a woman for daring to have an opinion online, we either give him more ammunition by responding to him or we do exactly what he wants which is to stop having that particular opinion (or at least keep it off his precious internet).

I have also been told over the years that it’s not particularly desirable to post too much “negative” stuff on SM and that it’s always a downer when I do. Whether it’s because it makes their feed a little less pleasant as they’re scrolling down or because it encourages vigorous debates in the comments which they perceive as “causing fights”, I don’t know but I’ve been told this enough to put me off of posting on my SM unless it’s funny, interesting or cute. Now that I think about this, I’m really annoyed that I felt pressured to post less because some people didn’t like my non-pleasant posts. I mean, they could always just scroll past my posts, couldn’t they? Why do I have to censor myself just so their feed is more to their tastes?

So I am done with treading carefully, ignoring the trolls or refraining from posting anything that’s not light and fluffy! I like posting about social issues like feminism and racism on my social media and I don’t give a damn if people find it too much of a downer. If a troll leaves some bullshit comments on my social media and I feel like responding with my own brand of trollin’ then I damn well will! if they get too much and I’m sick of them, I will delete their shitty comments and laugh about how pathetic they are (and probably share it on SM too). I am sick to death of being made to feel like I don’t really belong on the internet just because of my gender. Why should I feel intimidated by arsehole misogynists who have nothing better to do than to say nasty stuff on a complete strangers SM? Fuck that noise!

I think one of the first things I’m going to do is post a new vlog. After being attacked by some particularly nasty creeps a while back on one video, I’ve not felt confident in posting again. But I liked vlogging and I’ve been desperate to put my excellent video editing skills to use after many years of neglect! BAM! Take that, you fucking trolls!

And finally:



Cara the Klutz

March 18, 2014
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Moon Boot

If you happen to follow me on instagram or twitter, you may already know I did something very silly the other week. I fell down a step and fractured my ankle on the way to work. I knew as soon as it happened it was bad because it hurt like the dickens, but two older ladies stopped to help me so I had to make polite chit chat and joke about my silliness rather than scream and swear as I would have really liked! It swelled up and started bruising within minutes and I absolutely couldn’t put any pressure on it, so I went straight to the doctor who sent me off for xrays and an ultrasound which confirmed I had an avulsion fracture of my calcaneus (heel) bone. Basically I fell on my left foot which inverted inwards and tore/damaged ligaments which then ripped shards of bone from the upper part of my heel bone. This picture I found is pretty much exactly what I did:


I’ve been to an orthopedic surgeon who’s hopeful I will not need surgery, but we won’t know for sure until I start healing properly and could be anywhere up to three months away before we know what those little pesky bones shards are going to do. Boooo! So I’m strapped up in a moon boot for the next three months or so (which means I’m booted up for Supanova in the next few weeks AND our trip to Thailand at Easter) and have to take it veeeeerrry easy for a good long while.

My foot a few days after the fall

I’m trying to remain positive, after all lots of people do this sort of thing all the time, but I just feel so silly and since I have to wear my damn moon boot 24/7 I’m not getting much sleep and a tired Cara = a cranky Cara. I also had to swap cars with mum as Lola is manual and using a clutch is totally out of the question right now. It probably seems silly but I miss my dear car so much! Then there’s the struggles getting to and from work! Argh, it’s all so annoying! But I’ll suck it up because I’m thankful that my injury could have been way worse, that it was my left leg that got injured and not my right (which would have meant no driving at all which would have made life hell) and that I’m covered by Workcover which means I’m not out of pocket for all of the expenses involved in fixing me or for the time I’ve had off work. Gotta remember the little things, y’all!

If anyone has any suggestions on how to deal with an injury like this, please send them my way!


LISTEN UP: Your weight does not define you

July 4, 2013
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Yesterday I read this article which made me cry. Why? Because I could have so easily written it myself. I have spent much of my life worrying about my weight and I know this began early on by my mum who has a terrible perception of her own body image which she unintentionally projected onto me. Growing up mum was quite overweight and it was a major struggle for her to overcome the emotional issues that made her that way and then eventually lose weight. She lost over 40kg through Weight Watchers and was a lecturer for them for a number of years. Then some bad stuff happened, like my parents splitting up and her having a near-fatal accident while we were holidaying in Paris, that made things hard (and almost impossible for her to exercise) so she eventually put the weight back on. So now she’s back to being overweight and is desperately unhappy about it, and it breaks my heart.


My family and I in about 2001, my mum was at the peak of her weight loss here

She would always look at thin women and say “I’d kill to have a figure like that” which I also do myself now. She also used to comment on my figure when I gained weight after going through puberty, say that I had such a pretty face before reminding me that I needed to lose a few kilos, or encourage me to go on diets with her or comment that I shouldn’t wear certain clothes as they weren’t flattering. I remember my family went on a trip to Cairns when I was in my late teens and I spent so many nights crying by myself because everyone would comment on how gorgeous my younger sister was who has always been slim, while effectively ignoring me or worrying about my weight even though I wasn’t anywhere close to being overweight.


During the trip to Cairns where I was  made to feel fat and daggy for not being as slim or fashionable as my younger sister

I tended to go through phases where I was comfortable with myself as I was to being horrified at how fat I’d let myself become. I’d go on diets or just live life without a care in the world. I got pretty chubby while I was living in England and I really didn’t care that much at all, making the occasional token effort to eat better but generally not giving a damn. I can’t explain why I was so OK with myself as I was, perhaps it was because I was surrounded by awesome people who didn’t go on about their figures constantly or bring others down by making nasty comments, or perhaps it was because I had absolutely no trouble picking up guys. Whatever it was, I was happy, confident and didn’t feel pressured to be a skinny minnie.

But then I came back to Australia and everything changed. I met a guy who told me constantly for the next six years that I was fat, that I’d be “so hot” or “unstoppable” if I was skinny, that he was ashamed to be seen with me because of my weight, accused me of lying about going to the gym/eating healthy because it didn’t show and so on. I endured that for six years until I had no self esteem left. I only had a smidge of confidence that I had a pretty face because that’s aabout the only compliment I ever got and even then I rarely heard that because of all of the hurtful and destructive criticism he would yell at me. Imagine being told that your boyfriend didn’t want to have sex with you because you’d put on a few kilograms? That he’d start showing you off in public if only you’d lose more weight. Getting told to stop getting tattoos because they didn’t suit a girl my size. Yep, pretty nasty stuff.

I had lost about 8kg here and was told by my ex that I was finally hot enough for him to be proud to be my boyfriend. I gained the weight back as soon as I stopped the diet I was on, as I was pretty much starving myself

While it was clear my ex was an abusive jerk who didn’t deserve a second of my time (let alone six years), his words had a huge impact on me and it’s been a long, hard road to try and get over them. I have a new, wonderful and loving partner who showers me with compliments constantly, who thinks I have the body of a bombshell goddess and even if I did gain a bunch of weight, would still love me until the end of time. And yet I worry almost everyday about my weight, especially since I’ve gained a bit since I hurt my back last year and had to stop exercising for a few months. It stresses me out all the time, and even though I know I’m being silly, I can’t help it! I’m pretty healthy in my eating habits and exercise regularly, and yet I feel like a bit fat blob who everyone whispers about behind my back.

I also get really sad when I see friends get obsessed with dieting, exercising and losing weight. Now days it’s not on to say you want to lose weight, but are trying to be “healthy” when they really just mean they want to lose weight and be skinny. Why can’t we be happy with how we are and maintain a healthy lifestyle without blasting it all over social media like we’re fucking heroes for going to the gym and eating a salad? Why can’t I look at an instagram post of someone eating junk food and not immediately feel compelled to judge them?The mentality of what is healthy is is so messed up. It’s assumed that being slim = healthy and being fat = unhealthy. Meanwhile I work with a bunch of women, half of whom are super slim and yet eat anything they like, never exercise, drink and smoke constantly and yet at face-value they’d appear healthier than me with my chubby little belly, thighs and big bum. The other half just obsess about what they eat and are constantly taking weight loss pills or trying new diets.

I came to the decision a while ago that I was going to change the way I express myself about my body image issue, because I refuse to let me children grow up thinking they’re fat or ugly because of the things they heard me say about myself or others. And not just for my future children, but for other women around me. Some of the things my friends and work colleagues say about themselves to one another (as I was writing this one workmate called herself a “fat fuck” because she’s been craving/eating scones lately). I’m going to try and stop spreading negativity by bitching about how fat I am, because I’m not. And even if I was, who cares? It’s unhealthy and BORING to talk about weight all day and I’m sick of this toxic culture of bringing ourselves down when we’re perfectly wonderful the way we are.


Ruby’s Thoughts on Racism in Australia

June 5, 2013
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I love living in Australia, it’s a bloody good country in a lot of ways. But as a general rule, we’re a bunch of racists. Not necessarily outright racists who abuse non-whites for merely existing, but a lot of Australians are “casually racist” in that they don’t really like other races very much but claim they actually do while bitching about “bloody abo’s” or getting angry over the “problem” with boat people flooding our country.

It’s something that’s mostly glossed over, people make a remark that’s kind of racist and people just ignore it. I admit I have, because sometimes it’s too hard to confront someone about it or you just don’t have the time/energy to start a debate on what’s considered racist. A lot of the time these comments are made by people who don’t even realise they’ve said something racist, they’re just saying what they’ve heard a lot of other Aussie’s say and don’t see it as a problem. And because people never really point it out to them, they go through life not understand just how offensive their casual racism can be.

There’s been a lot of media attention on a 13 year old girl who called an AFL player an ape recently. While it seems like an obvious racial slur, the girl insists she didn’t mean it as such and has apologised profusely for yelling it out. But she’s now become the “face of racism in Australia” and has potentially had her young life ruined because the player in question, the AFL as a whole and the Australian media are portraying her as a racist, conveniently forgetting she’s only a kid and has already apologised. She’s more than made up for her silly comment with the aftermath of this event, and I think it’s horrendous how she was treated.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m defending this girl after claiming most Australians are mildly racist. Well, in my opinion this little girl is being used as a tool to prove we don’t tolerate racism, and unfairly so. Aussies are so keen to prove they’re not racist by vilifying others when they really ought to be looking at themselves. I’m sure most white Australians can think of something they’ve said or thought that’s far worse than calling a man an ape, so to harass this little girl is absolutely hypocritical of us to do. Even if you haven’t said/thought something like that yourself, think of all the time you’ve heard someone make a racist comment and not spoken up. It’s not exactly the same, but just because you’ve not vocalised such comments yourself doesn’t mean you’re any better than that little girl.

I think casual racism is a big problem in Australian society and every time we ignore it, insist it doesn’t exist, or blame it all on the one person who was caught saying the wrong thing, we are only making it worse. Silence implies consent. If you don’t tell someone they’ve been racist, how will they ever know? I’m as guilty as the next person of turning a deaf ear to racist remark, and it’s something I’m working on (so not only will I be a shouty feminist who berates anyone who makes a sexist remark, I’ll also tell you off for being racist, mwahaha). Next time you hear someone mention complain about some race for doing something they don’t like, let them know it’s not on. You don’t have to be an ass about it, a polite reminder will hopefully stop them. And if it doesn’t? Well, at least you tried. You can’t change the world in a day, right?

To conclude, I am going to leave you with something that’s very painful to watch but relevant to what I have been saying. The woman in this video is NOT representative of all Aussies but she’s definitely not alone in her horrible, racist beliefs. But her vitriol isn’t the only bad thing in this video. That bus has a lot of other people on it and the only reactions she gets involve some other bogan laughing along with her, someone filming it and the bus driver asking her to stop. That poor kid had to endure that abuse alone, and I was ashamed. Silence implies consent, so as far as she knows, she didn’t actually do anything wrong. Anyway, see for yourself. WARNING: FOUL LANGUAGE.

That’s Mrs Westworth, thank you!

May 18, 2013
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I have been described as a militant feminist a couple of times, including by my boyfriend (though in the nicest possible way, of course). If shouting at people for making g0-back-to-the-kitchen jokes or getting rage when I hear about a new case of victim-blaming in the case of male-on-female rape makes me a militant feminist, then I am fine with this! I don’t think women get angry enough about these sorts of topics and in many cases, are worse than men at perpetuating a lot of these myths about where a woman’s place is.

One issue that I feel strongly about is women taking her husbands surname after marriage. It just feels so wrong to me, I can’t think of how it benefits the woman at all and it’s just another outdated remnant of a time where women lost their identity as soon as they were married. It bothers me so much when I hear of friends who take on their husbands name, though none of my close friends have married yet so I’ve never discussed it with them or asked them why they decided to change their name. I find it old fashioned, unnecessary and totally sexist. But when I tell people this, they think I’m being ridiculous. It’s the done thing, it’d be so confusing not to have a shared family name, it’s no big deal etc. I’m also reminded that it’s a woman’s choice and isn’t that what feminism is about anyway? Letting women make their own choices?

I call BS on all of that. It’s a massive deal to go through the process of changing your surname. It’s not like you just wave your marriage certificate at a few utilities companies and be done with it, there’s expense involved and you have to go through a lot of legal rigmarole before contacting each company necessary to make the change. Then there’s the fact you now have a whole new name! You have to change your signature and make sure you remember to give your new name instead of your old one. And if it’s “not a big deal” then why don’t more men take on their wives names? I appreciate that a part of feminism is respecting a woman’s choice, but I’m of the opinion that most women don’t take their husbands names because they really want to , they just do it because it’s expected. Fuck that! If you have a terrible surname, I can absolutely understand you wanting to take your new husbands name to get rid of it (though if it’s so bad, I would have suggested changing it to something you actually want, not just taking on whatever boring surname your boyfriend-cum-husband happens to have). But when you marry a Smith or Cockburn, please don’t tell me you actually wanted his surname because gurl, I ain’t buyin’!

I just wish women were more open to the possibility of keeping their name, because I feel it’s a massive part of who you are, and to give it away just because it’s the “norm” seems silly to me. Why not explore other options? Why can’t your hubby take on your surname? Why not, if you can, merge both your surnames and both take it on? Sure you still have to go through all of the stress of changing your name, but at least you’re doing it together! I’m also not opposed to the idea of hyphenating names (I mostly enjoy how long and obnoxious they can be). There are other options and you, as a new wife, have every right to explore them and do what makes you happy. If taking on his surname is something you genuinely want, then good for you. But please do it because it’s what you want, not because you feel you have to, OK?

I understand I may be too much of a hardarse on this matter, but I feel really damn passionate about it. I have no intention of changing my surname after I get married (I mean, Westworth is a pretty neat and unusual name, I’d never want to lose it) and my kids will either take on my name or both parents names. I’ll be damned if I’m popping children out, only for their dad to get all the freaking credit! If my husband loves me, then he’ll understand. If he refuses, then I’ll kick his arse til he does or else not marry him!

What are your thoughts? If you’re married, did you take your partners name? What were your reasons for (not) doing so? 



My Pet Hates – Get Out of my FACE!

May 28, 2012
Cara Rage, Pet Hates, Pissed Off

Well it’s a Monday, so unsurprisingly I am having a shite day and everything is making me incredibly cranky. In order to offload my rage before I lash out and kill somebody for breathing too loudly, here’s a list of what is shitting me off today (please note, there’s a lot of dull work-related rage here so I apologise in advance):

  • Getting asked about what I’m eating. I hate being asked what I’m having for lunch, I hate it when people try and suss out what I have and then comment on how “good” it looks. GO AWAY! I hate discussing food with people. For one thing, it’s totally boring and makes want to die from apathy. Secondly, it gives me massive food guilt. If I’m eating something healthy, it’s “boring” and if I’m eating something naughty I feel like a fat, greedy pig. PLEASE let me consume my lunch in peace!
  • Over use of my name. I think it might be because I can be really oblivious sometimes so people overcompensate by using my name more than usual. Whatever the reason, it pisses me off, and more people sem to be doing it to me lately (three incidents of it this morning alone). When I email you telling you I did that thing you needed me to do, I do not need you to reply “Thanks Cara!”. When I tell you something interesting/important as you walk past, you don’t need to say “That’s good news, CARA” while staring at me pointedly. I fucking well know my own name, so STOP SAYING IT. And definitely do NOT write it in text messages, that is beyond irritating, twat-face!
  • Endless conversations about the State of Origin. Christ almighty, could you BE any more boring? Apparently something dramatic happened during last Wednesday’s game where NSW did/didn’t score a try and it was apparently a BLOODY OUTRAGE. I sucked it up when everyone discussed it at great length the next day, and even bit my tongue on Friday when it was still being fervently discussed. But discussing it today? SUCH A PADDLING! This is exactly why I hate the goddamn Origin and all of the turds who wear their stupid, over priced jerseys to work on Origin days. GAG!
  • The fact my stockings have such a big hole in them that my whole arse cheek is at risk of popping out. This is especially worrisome since today is windy and I have an a-line skirt on…
  • Flipping for a free coffee and losing. Fuck that shits me. PAYING FOR STUFF?! GTFO!
  • Pretty much everything on today. For example, this bullshit about how “awful” the girl who posed for Blink 182’s “Enema of the State ” album cover (that was 15 years ago, fuckheads, cut her some slack). Or what about the classy judge who sent an honour student to jail for missing ten days of school.  WHAT A WORLD!
  • And finally, the fact this is a “thing”:

Ugggghhhhh D:

OK feeling a bit better now!


Why Lingerie Football League sucks balls

May 27, 2012
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Have you heard? Lingerie Football Legue (LFL for short) is coming to Australia. And as a result it’s been all over the media here, including the front cover of mX on Thursday which I took a snapshot of and caused big ol’ fights about on my Instagram. As you’ve probably already guessed, I am rigidly opposed to LFL and find it sexist, demeaning and tacky. I am not opposed to the idea of women playing gridiron (American football) and actually don’t mind the sport in general. I am also aware of just how hard it is to sell female competitive/team sports and so obviously, there’s a need to capture peoples attention somehow. But by making the players wear tacky “lingerie” and minimal protective gear is not the way to do it. But it’s not just that aspect that disgusts me, there are so many more awful reasons why LBL is totally disgusting.

Here are some little known facts about LFL in the USA that might help you understand exactly why I am so opposed to it:

  • The players are NOT PAID to play LBL. They are also penalised if they seek out sponsorships on their own. They also have to pay for their own insurance (as the insurance provided by the league is ridiculously insignificant and barely covered the cost of minor injuries), so in actual fact they’re the ones PAYING to play the sport while the creator of LBL (Mitch Mortaza, who is a complete and utter TURD) makes money off of them.
  • To add insult to injury, when some players complained about how their insurance wasn’t going to be paid for, they were sued for making it public. Nice.
  • They are drastically under protected compared to male gridiron players. They wear minimal padding, basically just their shoulders, elbows and knees are protected. They don’t even get to wear proper helmets, because it won’t show off their “pretty faces” so they wear ice hockey-style helmets with clear plastic visors that do not provide nearly enough protection to their heads/faces.
  • They are prohibited from commenting on personnel matters and there’s a clause in their contracts here they acknowledge that “accidental nudity” on the field is part of what they’re signing up for.
  • They’re expected to play the sport for the love of it and if they do anything “out of line” they’re either kicked out or sued.
  • Funny how they’re all attractive, slim women? There are certain criteria to be allowed to play in LFL which basically revolves around being attractive enough. You could be the best damn female gridiron player in the world, but unless you’re gorgeous and have a sexy figure, then you won’t be selected to play. That is such outright discrimination and further proves the point that the LFL isn’t a real sport because actual ability doesn’t matter, unless you’re extremely good-looking.

Let me make myself clear, I love the fact there is a football league specifically for women. But it disgusts me that the only way to get people to watch it is to make it into what is essentially soft-core pornography. But hang on, do we know that this is the only way to get people to watch it? Have they tried marketing it as a proper sport, allowing the women to retain some dignity by having less revealing uniforms and then seeing how the public reacts? No, of course not. It sucks how female sports is so unpopular, and it doubly sucks that there needs to be a sexy element to get people to watch it. But it does not have to be like this. It is so degrading that the only way for a female to play this sport “professionally”  is by having her do it almost naked for no pay and risk of severe injury because proper protective gear isn’t sexy enough. It is insulting to men to suggest this is the only way they’ll ever enjoy female team sports. Just because female competitive sports haven’t proved very popular in the past does not mean this is still the case. Things change, people these days are more open minded than ever and there is a good chance a less-scantily dressed female football league might actually fare well.

If you’re argument for this sport is “well those women choose to play it so it’s clearly not sexism or degrading” need to rethink that statement. Just because those women choose to play LFL, it doesn’t make it any less sexist. Some of the most misogynistic people I’ve ever known are female. We women have spent thousands of years being told we’re less than our make counterparts and that we deserve the shabby treatment we’re received. We’re still taught to this day that being sexy and provocative and stunningly good looking is the only way we’ll get anywhere in life. So no wonder these women accept the appalling terms of LFL when all the way to do is play their favourite sport at a “professional” level (I keep using inverted comma’s on the word professional, because the league is classed as amateur in order to not have to pay the players, even though these women are clearly professionals). The fact they’re not forced to play it doesn’t make it OK. It’s still sexist and degrading and should not exist, let alone be popular enough to come to Australia where gridiron isn’t even popular.

My only consolation is that I don’t believe the LFL will last all that long. It’s a tacky, nasty gimmick and there will be something new in a few years that will end up killing the LFL. My only hope is that it is a female team sport where the players aren’t treated as porn stars and are actual good role-models for young girls who enjoy sports.

Some links I found interesting about why LFL is bad:

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Beautiful? No, you’re just a cow.

April 5, 2012
Cara Rage, Feminism, In the News, Pissed Off

On Tuesday night I read an article by Samantha Brick called “Why women hate me for being beautiful”. I actually found it after seeing VICE magazine has written a parody of it and I had to see what the fuss was about. I was curious based on the title, and thought it might prove insightful because I do think women can be rude and awful to other women out of jealousy. But then I started reading the article and couldn’t work out whether to laugh or fly into a furious rage. It took me about three attempts to finish the article because I’d get so bad tempered with it and had to look away.

I’m not even going to go into the fact she’s not nearly as beautiful as she proclaims to be. Beauty can be perceived in many differemt ways and I’m sure a lot of men, and probably women, find her extremely attractive (though I will admit I did wonder if it was all a joke after reading the first paragraph and seeing the first photo because neither really matched each other). Even if she had have been the most gorgeous women on Earth, if she looked like a beautiful combination of Megan Fox, Charlize Theron and Catherine Zeta Jones (all of whom i consider good examples of classic beauty), her article was the most self-deluded and condescending piece of rubbish I’ve ever wasted my time on.

Men apparently buy her things and fawn all over her for her “lovely smile”. Ok well you can’t hate her for that. I assume she’s just not very photogenic and actually does have a radiant smile, so her getting free things from admiring men isn’t so big a deal. But then she goes on to explain that women everywhere hate her for her stunning good looks, that she’s lost jobs over it, lost friends and made enemies, all because other women are so overwhelmed by jealousy and can’t bare the thought of their husbands meeting her because clearly she’ll knock them off their feet and they will leave them for her. Right.

She also wrote a follow up article detailing how terrible the 24 hours were since that article went live and how we’ve all basically proved her point that we’re all a bunch of jealous skanks who hate her for being too attractive. WTF? She does make a few good points, I’ll reluctantly admit. Women do act like jealous cows and hate on attractive women for no apparent reason. It’s a superficial thing though and almost always short-lived. I don’t know any woman who hates another female solely because she’s extremely attractive. Sure we might mutter “bloody bitch” when we see how amazing their figure is, how lovely their hair looks or how flawless their complexion is, but it’s a joke and it’s our weird way of paying a compliment to a woman who we perceive as very attractive.

Let’s face facts, love. Women do not hate you because you’re beautiful. They hate you for your abysmal personality. Women ARE daunted by beauty, but they’re able to get over it very quickly. I’ve met a lot of beautiful women and have noticed how men react to them within the first few minutes of meeting them and instantly felt threatened. But in most cases they prove themselves to be nice, down-to-earth and generally lovely women and that first pang of jealousy that deep down made me feel like there was some sort of good-looks contest going on, disappeared. If any of them were stuck-up or aloof with me, I’d get me back up and instantly dislike them, and it would take a little bit of coercion before I could change my opinion. Basically, if you’re up yourself or act better than me, I will not like you on first contact. You don’t even have to be beautiful, women tend to base their opinions of personalities and we’re actually more likely to feel threatened by an extremely self-confident woman than a beautiful one.

Which is Samantha’s problem, I guess. She has way too much self-confidence and absolutely no comprehension of what modesty is. i’m not saying women can’t acknowledge their good looks, but everyone prefers someone who’s humble in the good fortune than one who makes a big ol’ fuss about it. I would suggest it’s not her “good looks” that women dislike about her, it’s the fact she has a huge ego and projects her feelings that all women hate her for being attractive onto other women, and that’s what they sense and instantly dislike. Or maybe she has really terrible self-confidence and over compensates for it by being an obnoxious tart. After all, her previous articles about how her (revolting) husband will divorce her if she gets fat, how she blew all her money on an addiction to using psychics or how she’s flirted her way to the top of her profession, seem to convey someone who is insecure as hell. but maybe that’s just me, and I’m misinterpreting her shoddy journalism.

Like the old saying says, beauty is skin deep. There is absolutely no point primping and preening on the outside if you’re a horrible beast of a person on the inside. People, women especially, can see through your makeup and nice hairdo and see what kind of person you are and use that to decide if you’re truly beautiful. While we women can be a bitchy lot, for the most part we do not hate a person simply because of how they look, and use a lot of other factor to come to that conclusion. Sorry sam, but you’re an ugly moll on the inside and out and women don’t like you because you’re not worth liking. Soz!

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