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Extra Long Ester Long Weekend

April 26, 2011
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This is a little something I used to do back in the good old days of Livejournal (which I neglect very badly these days). After a big weekend I would do a “Weekend Roundup” which went through everything that happened on my weekend since I used my LJ as a personal diary more than anything and I did live a fairly hectic and fun-filled life in London which I wanted to remember forever. Since we just had a five-day weekend thanks to Easter and Anzac Day and I have been a tad slack with my blog lately, I thought I would run thorugh the events of my action packeed weekend for you all.

On Thursday night I went to my mum’s place as I am still getting used to being paid monthly and wanted to chill out with mum and spend as little money as possible. I knew there’d be people at my place all weekend since the boyfriend is a social butterfly, and I was looking forward to peace and quiet. Good Friday was fairly uneventful, we just lounged around reading, watching TV and hanging out with mum’s pup Lily who has just come on heat which means she had a few male callers which I had to chase off with a broom more than once. My sister and her boyfriend came over for dinner for a roast (can you tell we’re all atheists?) and I got a bit tipsy on fancy cider and black Sambucca.

On Saturday mum and I went shopping. As Borders stores are closing most of their stores, they’re selling all of their stuff for cheap. Including their ebook reader the Kobo which I desperately wanted. So we made the trek to the store which still had some and got one each for just $112 (mum already has an Amazon Kindle which she doesn’t like much because it’s tied to Amazon). Needless to say I love it and have already downloaded the Harry Potter series which I am re-reading right now. I might post a review once I get some more use out of it.

Later on Saturday night we went to the movies and saw Paul, which was hilarious. I highly recommend you go and see it, if you haven’t already. On our way home though, we came pretty damn close to death. A Commodore sped through a Give Way sign right in front of us, and had I not had a bad feeling as we approached the intersection and been looking for something, we probably wouldn’t have seen that car until too late and it probably would have been the end of all in both cars. It was a terrifying moment, and I’m so glad I have a little bit of ESP now and then for moments like these. We tried chasing the jerk but they’d long gone by the time we turned mum’s car around.

On Sunday morning we were woken up by one of Lily’s lover friends who the night before had found a way to dug under the house and get into mum’s backyard. He’d gotten much further than this though, and had managed to break in through the locked doggie door and got into the house! Mum almost had a heart attack when she got up to take Lily outside to pee! He was so stealthy, we hadn’t heard him and he’d managed ton squeeze through a doggie door that’s about 3 sizes too small for him AND WAS LOCKED FROM BOTH SIDES. It took us almost two hours but we managed to get a collar and leash on him, get him into mum’s car and take him to the pound. Luckily there were two guys there who helped us get him into the cage. He was a nice dog but we’re pretty sure he’s a stray and t was kind of scary wondering if he’d bite us at some point. Thankfully the most he did was snap at one of the men as he was locked into the cage at the pound.

After that we had a pretty lazy morning before I finally went home. That afternooa few of us went to a BBQ for a friend who had only breezed into town for a day, Janette Slack. Here she is having some post-nap milk (how very rock n roll, we all joked):

Afterwards I attempted to go out with a few girlfriends but due to the fact the next day was Anzac Day, everything shut at midnight. In retrospect I’m glad this was the case as I really couldn’t afford to go out drinking, thanks to my dear little e-reader purchase the day before.

And the last two days? Well, let’s just say not much has been done at all. Sleeping in late, watching movies, cooking enormous meals and lazing about has been all that’s really taken place, and it’s been wonderful. I managed to venture out of the house today to get my nails done in some cutesy colours, but that was about it:

How was your Easter long weekend?

Ruby Movie Reviews – Part 1

February 22, 2011
Movies, Teaches of Ruby

I love movies. I go to to see them all the time and prefer going to a cinema than downloading them and watching them at home as I love the whole experience. As such I’m not sure why I’ve never really bothered to review any of the films I go and see. I thought I might change that though and give you all a little run down of the films I’ve seen lately. I’m definitely not a film critic, in fact I am very easily pleased and find most film reviews kind of boring by getting too deep and intellectual about everything. I’ll keep mine shot and sweet and avoid spoilers as much as possible.

I wasn’t sure what to expect because of all the hype about this film. First and foremost I was more than a little bit curious about the alleged lesbian sex scene between the two main characters, after all both actresses are very attractive and it’s not something you hear much about in Hollywood (except for the occasional girl-on-girl kiss). I was quite surprised by how the film turned out. It was implied that Mila Kunis was the antagonist and was playing mind games with Natalie Portman when all along it was Natalie Portman just being crazy as hell. I loved that little twist, and I loved the end sequence when she goes nuts during the Black Swan routine and then the demise of the White Swan. Ahhh, I love crazy lead female characters.

I hate to admit it, but I was kind of disappointed with this film. I loved the look of it (I was delighted by how the 3D only kicked in when he was in the game) and though the costumes were amazing but aside from that, it was kind of dull. I really need to watch the original again, I can’t even be sure if I’ve ever seen it in full, because I’m sure there was a lot I missed as a result of my ignorance. It was a little bit too complex at times and there absolutely could have been more action. I loved the character Quorra, as she has the best haircut ever (I am seriously contemplating getting it myself) and was all round very cute and sweet, but they could have probably developed her character a bit more. I’m still considering dressing s her for Supanova though ;)

I only just saw this and really liked it. Admittedly I have a soft for for James Franco, but I really think he did an awesome job. For a film where the character is trapped by a rock for most of the film, a surprising amount of stuff happens. I’ve done a little bit of reading up the film and am happy to hear the real Aron Ralston not only loved the film, but said “the film is “so factually accurate it is as close to a documentary as you can get and still be a drama.” I’d be pretty chuffed about that if I was Danny Boyle (the director who also did Slumdog Millionaire). The scene where he cuts off his arm is realistic but not as graphic or sickening as I expected. Definitely cringe worthy though! Go see it if you haven’t already.