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What I Wore: Kawaii Alien Fantasy

May 31, 2016
Fashion and makeup, Parties and Fun, What I Wore

Last weekend we had a stall for Ruby Kawaii and Kawaii Klaws for the Medieval Market & Fantasy Faire in Ipswich. On the first day I went full Unicorn (I forgot to take proper outfit photos but you can see it here). For the Sunday I probably took the fantasy theme too liberally and went for a super bright, kawaii space theme! I was super hungover from a hen’s party the night before, so it’s amazing I managed to put together anything half decent at all TBH.

Outfit details:

Top: Alien Abduction tee by Pastel Pixie
Skirt: Lavender PVC skater skirt by Black Milk Clothing
Stockings: Microfiber Footless Tights in Pastel Mint by We Love Colors
Necklaces: Pastel Pixie and Kmart
Hair Bow: Ruby Kawaii


Wedding Post No. 6 – The Outfits & Accessories

January 22, 2016
Fashion and makeup, Halloween, My Life, Parties and Fun, Wedding

Welcome to my final wedding post! To read the other five posts, please go here.

Now you know about how the biggest day of my life went, I thought I’d wrap things up by sharing the details of what we all wore. I’ll provide links wherever possible in case you need recommendations for your wedding!

First of all: MY DRESS! Mum and I briefly entertained the idea of making my dress because we didn’t believe there was any chance of finding the right dress on a rack anywhere (without paying dearly for it, anyway). But then we looked into buying fabric and almost fainted at the projected cost and decided to see what was out there that we could customise. I’d initially wanted a grey or light purple dress to go with the theme, and I was obsessed with this dress by Japanese designer Stella de Libero which I was hoping to replicate in some way, but we had no idea how to do it exactly. But then we stopped in at a dress shop near my home and found the most perfect dress ever!

I had no intention whatsoever to wear white, it just seemed so unlike me, so it was pretty surprising when I saw this dress and immediately though “yes, this is it”. It’s actually a Disney dress, specifically Belle from Beauty and the Beast so it also came in a pale gold colour (like from the movie) but white was where it was at. I put it on and it fit like a dream and mum could immediately see how she could adjust it to make it look like the Stella de Libero (SdL) dress and that was that, we had the toughest part of my dress sorted!

To customise it and capture the look of the SdL dress, we took the original white satin flowers off and replaced them with colourful fake roses and flowers we collected. One of the things that endeared mum and I to this dress was the fact it already had pick-up’s (that is, parts of the skirt were tacked up to create puffy sections) which we filled with more flowers which were wrapped in sparkly tulle to mute the colours and add some sparkle! We’d had plans to add some Halloweeny stuff into the skirt but we really just didn’t have time to track the right items down, though in retrospect I think the flowers were perfect on their own. The top of the dress was absolutely perfect as it was so we didn’t have to adjust it (the bodice had a flattering dropped waist that was encrusted with gems, sequins and silver thread). Mum added a white satin bow to the back of the bodice which was meant to allow the train to be tucked up for dancing, though we didn’t actually remember to do that on the night!

Details: Original dress is Belle’s Disney Princess Bridal Gown in white/metallic by Alfred Angelo, bought at Hills in Hollywood in Brisbane.

When it came to my accessories, I wanted to continue with the look in the photo of the SdL dress, so we made a flower crown using more of the flowers and roses we used in my dress which we attached to a long fascinator base. I designed the tassels using beads and fringing mum already had which were sewn onto the base before glueing the flowers on. I was determined for the headpiece to have spooky elements, so I commissioned Ella Mobbs from Creep Heart to design and make clear ghosts and black bats to have “floating” above the flowers. Just to clarify, I absolutely was not going for a “Day of the Dead” or Dia de los Muertos theme as a few people have assumed. I just loved the styling of the the dresses by Stella de Libero and with it being a Halloween wedding, I can see why people came to that conclusion, even though it was definitely not the case.

Figuring out what jewellery to wear was really tough! I searched the internet relentlessly for classy, silver Halloween jewellery but nothing really existed that was going to go well with my dress (that wasn’t cheap and nasty or very expensive, anyway). Mum eventually came up with the idea of using a piece of lace encrusted with pretty items as a statement piece. She had the lace and the bits and bobs which I pieced together like a pretty game of tetris. If you look closely there’s a pewter jack-o-lantern, a fairy riding a unicorn and a pink cameo which I’ve had for years, which made the necklace totally “me”. My good friend Danella made the pearl chain for it as we didn’t have the right pearls on hand and she’s a pro at beading!

My shoes were by Easy Steps which is just about the daggiest brand of shoes I can think of BUT they’re made to be super comfy which was the only reason why I was able to wear heels for more than an hour (remember how I broke my foot in March 2014?).

My bridesmaids dresses were one of the first things mum started making for my wedding and were also the last thing to be finished! In fact they were still being finished on the day of the wedding! I really wanted to go with a deep purple for the dresses and I wanted to make sure the girls could wear them again later down the track, which is why we made the skirt and the bodice separate to be worn apart. Mum and I found this beautiful silk dupion which was shot with black at Fabric Collection which specialises in fine fabrics and just happens to be 5 minutes from my house. It was pretty exxy at $50 per metre but it was exactly what I envisioned. Mum made these dresses from scratch, using at last two patterns which were of almost no help to her. The skirts were pretty straightforward, the trickiest bit being the tulle overlay, but those frikken bodices! Erin and I initially tried to help mum by cutting all of the pieces out while mum gave us some sewing lessons but by the end of it mum took charge and did it all because it got too complicated.

There were two potential hurdles that could have ruined these dresses but we managed to work through. The first one was when I attempted to iron the tulle on one skirt, I was holding the iron, which had a protective cover on it,  a good 15cm above the tulle and yet somehow burned two holes in it! Unless mum just gave up on sleep, there was no time to replace the tulle but luckily the holes didn’t really show as the gathering kind of hid them. Phew! Then there was the fact Sarah lives a good hour out of Brisbane which means we only managed a couple of fittings and after the last one mum took her bodice in a little too far and it almost didn’t fit on the day! Fortunately we got through that by getting the girls to ditch their bras and removing the panels behind the laces. Yay!

Sarah and Erin’s accessories were similar to mine but in darker hues. Erin made both of their necklaces, including all of the beading! I made their headpieces as well, which were smaller and simpler versions of mine with only three big flowers each (mine had five) and one tassel versus my three. They also only had either the bat or the ghost on theirs, each a bit smaller than mine (what can I say, I’m an attention hog).

The girls wore black shoes of their choices because they weren’t really going to be seen anyway, and I wanted them to be comfortable. Especially Sarah who badly hurt her foot a month or so earlier and technically should have been wearing a moon boot! God we’re all so clumsy!

Ahh the bouquets! How bloody great do these look? Mum made these all by herself using a combination of brooches we already owned and others we bought especially. She created the base using fake hydrangea bunches with the brooches being attached to long pieces of wire which she thread through to form the handle which she then covered in fabric (white satin for me, leftover silk dupion from the bridesmaid dresses for the girls). As a result they were pretty darn heavy, mine in particular as it was the biggest and had way more brooches attached, but they were so unique and exquisite that it didn’t matter. Each bouquet had brooches that suited us personally, for example some of the ones on mine were of Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, a poodle, the Eiffel Tower, a skull, a spider, a cameo (I love cameos) and right in the middle was a glorious, glittering bat! Oh and a C and B for mine and Ben’s names, of course!

As mentioned in the first wedding post, our hair and makeup were done by Sue McLaurin. I was determined to have long hair for my wedding, but I had no interest in growing it out. I briefly considered getting proper extensions put in but was put off by the expense and the fact I knew I’d never be bothered with the maintenance. I ended up getting 16″ clip in extensions in platinum blonde from Zala, after a friends recommendation which I dyed with Brite Organix hair dye in purple and pink.

Ben and Kieran were styled by Billie, our celebrant, as she is a vintage style queen! Their suits and ties were vintage 60s suits from Retro Metro in Paddington (just two shops down from where I now work!) with spider brooches for some subtle creepiness. They wore bright socks from The Happy Cabin and their shoes were from Zu.

And finally, our wedding rings. It took me ages to find the right ring, I fell in love with a beautiful ring I found in a shop in the City but it was almost $3000 and I felt guilty about spending so much on one piece of jewellery. But then I discovered Julie deVille and her gorgeous jewellery, particularly her range of skull rings. I always used to say that if I ever got married I’d want a diamond-encrusted skull ring, and as it turns out there was an Australian designer doing just that! I ended up going with this one, which was pretty subtle for me but it was within our price range and the thought of a tiny skull with diamond eyes really appealed to me. We got it through e.g.etal.

Ben’s ring was a family heirloom, it was originally his great grandfathers wedding ring which is engraved with his initials CN. Ben is not a jewellery wearer so we had no idea what to do about his ring so when his parents offered him this ring, we were stoked! Luckily it also happened to fit him perfectly, so it was clearly meant to be!

I’d like to thank the following people for their help with out outfits:

  • First and foremost, my mum for all of her amazing, hard work to help bring my vision to life. Our wedding wouldn’t have been half as great without her tireless efforts!
  • My sister Erin for her help with cutting patterns for the bridesmaid dresses and making the necklaces
  • Billie Bossanova for styling Ben and Kieran so perfectly
  • Erin at Retro Metro for providing the wonderful suits
  • Ella Mobbs from Creep Heart for designing and making the ghosts and bats for our headpieces, including making some extras last minute after breaking one and needing some smaller ones just days before the wedding
  • Sue McLaurin for her makeup and hair skills (and Verity for recommending her)


Time for a Wedding post: Getting Ready.

January 4, 2016
Fashion and makeup, Halloween, My Life, Parties and Fun, Wedding

I have been trying to write a post about our wedding for ages, but it’s been hard to dedicate the time because I started a small business a week after and then it was the silly season and I am exhausted! I was also trying to do one big post because I am notoriously hopeless at doing multiple posts about the one subject, but it just wasn’t working out. So I am going to attempt four blog posts about our big day: getting ready, the ceremony, the location photos and the reception. I’m also going to cut way back on the word count because that’s where I tend to struggle. So without further ado, here’s the Getting Ready post!

While our wedding wasn’t going to be anything close to “traditional”, I still wanted to get ready with my mum and bridesmaids (my sister Erin and best friend Sarah) while Ben got ready elsewhere with his best man/friend Kieran. Mum and I had gone to great lengths to make my dress a well as every other details (bridesmaid dresses, bouquet’s, headwear etc) as unique and amazing as possible and I wanted Ben to get the full blast of it with the of the guests at the ceremony. We both stayed together at home the night before, thoroughly exhausted from setting up the hall all day and continuing preparations until late, and went our separate ways mid-morning.

I went to a friends house in Taringa to take advantage of their lovely big, bright home that was relatively close to where the wedding was going to be. We still had a bunch of stuff to do including finishing touches on dresses, making caramel for the caramel apple station, having our nails done etc so we got to work right away. I got my good friend Mel from Excuse My French to do our nails as I figured we’d have wrecked them in the days leading up to the day with preparations or while setting up the day before. Plus I’d barely had the time to do our acrylic refills so I was very glad Mel could help us out!

Our hair and makeup were done by Sue McLaurin who a friend recommended to me. She was absolutely awesome and made us look fantastic. I especially admired her patience with curling my many hair extension pieces which stained her hands dark purple! I went for some dark, almost gothic makeup with lots of purples while my bridesmaids went a bit more natural and just had their natural hair styled.

The bridesmaid dresses were made painstakingly by mum using shot silk dupion and a variety of patterns and a whole lotta winging it because American patterns are very different to Australian ones and my bridesmaids have very different body shapes. We had a slight hiccup where Sarah’s top wasn’t fitting properly as we hadn’t had time to do a final fitting and mum had taken it in a bit too much. But we worked out a way to fix it before the panic completely set in! I’ll go into more detail in a later post about the other details of our outfits, such as the magnificent headpieces we wore!


Getting me into my dress was scary as we’d already attached the headpiece and I could only put the dress on over my head! Luckily a quick thinking Kristina (our magnificent photographer) suggested we drape my dressing gown over my head so that the dress could easily slip down! I can’t get over how a store-bought dress, particularly one that was both Disney-inspired and reasonably priced, fitted me so perfectly. I’ll go into more detail about the dress in another post.

Once we were all dressed, we only had a few minutes to spare for photos as we were running behind so Kristina snapped a few lovely photos of us in the library and the hallway before dashing off to the ceremony. We’d hoped to get some photos out in the beautiful gardens but we are Westworth’s after all which means we are forever running late. Fortunately we were able to leave the house right on the planned time, as I was dreading being super late (as is my usual style) and running out of time after the ceremony for photos! Go team!


We had Shiro and Midwich with us as they were going to be present for the ceremony. I reckon they helped keep me calm as the day went on, I’m not a particularly stressy person but tight deadlines can make me kind of angry and panicky so it was nice having my fur children around to distract me a bit. I wish I’d had time to get Shiro a little outfit to wear, though he probably would have hated it. At least Midwich looked cute in her little jack-o-lantern dress!


BONUS PICS! Ben and Kieran got to muck around a bit with some beers while getting ready which I’m sure was a welcome reprieve from the stress of trying to get everything done at the hall before guests started to arrive. Such a handsome husband-to-be!

I would like to thank the following people for helping us out while we were getting ready. Without you we would have been up shit creek for sure:

  • Kristina Childs for not only being a fantastic photographer, but a big help in keeping us stick to a schedule
  • Sue McLaurin for dealing with what Ben likes to call a “gaggle of Westworth’s” with some Sarah thrown into the mix
  • Mel, who came interstate for the wedding, and found the time to still do a fab job of my nails
  • Lara, for racing over before she had to get ready herself to do an emergency shop run for us and collect some rogue pumpkins
  • Sarah P for collecting and puppysitting Shiro and Midwich for us, something we couldn’t have managed without her
  • Ben’s mum Fiona for collecting all of the caramel and other bits and pieces we were still working on as we were getting ready
  • Mark for letting us utilise his beautiful home while overseas and Luke for letting us in and not judging the aftermath too harshly


What I Wore: Super Bright for Wedding Shopping

October 1, 2015
Fashion and makeup, My Life, Wedding, What I Wore

Last Saturday my mum and I spent the day shopping for wedding supplies! We ended up visiting Costco which is the worst on a Saturday for decorations/lollies, DFO for wedding shoes and Paddington to look for jewelry and other bits and pieces. As I love on the south-west of Brisbane and Costco and DFO are waaaay up north there was a lor of driving and hurrying around but it was really fun!

I was determined to wear my dolls head necklace that I got in Harajuku and still hadn’t worn properly! SoI came up with a very bright, loud and fun outfit to compliment it! The people of the northside pf Brisbane obviously don’t see to much kawaii fashion as some people were quite taken aback! But hearing little kids get excited and compliment my outfit made it all worthwhile :)


Skirt: Little Lovers Cheerleader skirt from Black Milk Clothing
Top/s: From Valley Girl/Supre
Stockings: Plus Sized Solid Color Tights in Sky Blue from We Love Colors
Headband: Made by my sister for Ruby Kawaii
Necklaces: Dolls head necklace and heart choker from Romantic Standard

While leaving Costco it started pouring with rain. Mum and I were far too impatient to I grabbed a box to protect my hair and ran to my car. Of course it stopped as soon as I was about to get in the car, so mum snapped this pic :D


A weekend at Oz Comic Con 2015

September 25, 2015
Fashion and makeup, Halloween, My Life, Nerds and Geeks, Parties and Fun, What I Wore, Wonderful Weekend

Last weekend we had a stall at Oz Comic Con for Ruby Kawaii. It was such poor timing, we had to give up three weekends of wedding prep to sew new bows after I went on a selling frenzy on facebook after a bit of a dud Supanova earlier in the year. But I’d technically booked the stall earlier in the year, before Ben and I had decided we should have a Halloween wedding, and as Oz Comic Con are really picky about who they let have Artist Alley stalls, I didn’t want to pull out. LE SIGH.  But as it turns out, it was a lot of fun! We weren’t particularly stressed this time round and got whatever we planned to make done without much fuss. We had a great spot and our sales were decent so I’m definitely glad we did it!

I didn’t have time to come up  special outfit or cosplay so I went black & white Mickey Mouse themed on the Saturday and then super mega kawaii Halloween themed on the Sunday with Erin. This was actually the first con that’s been within a reasonable time frame before Halloween so I was very keen to sell lots of spooky stuff, but alas Brisbane people still don’t get it and I still have a bunch of Halloween bows leftover. Not that I’m complaining, really!

One of the guests who was appearing was Richard Dean Anderson. As in MacGyver! Mum was so excited and kept spying on him when he was signing autographs until we convinced her to go and get one for herself, which she did and he gave her a hug and flirted with her! She was so, so stoked! Also, Jim Beaver from Supernatural approached mum and Erin as they were lining up to see Richard to have a chat! Neither of them realised who he was until afterwards so they just had a big ol’ chat about the weekend and whatnot. Hilarious!

There were lots of cool cosplays as per usual, I ran out and took a few photos of the ones that caught my eye:

Unfortunately this was probably our last con for Ruby Kawaii for the year as we just don’t think we’ll have the time or stamina to get ready in time for Supanova in late November because of my wedding and… other reasons which I will probably share here in the next couple of weeks! ;)


What I Wore: It’s Adventure Time!

September 3, 2015
Fashion and makeup, Nerds and Geeks, What I Wore

After a good year and a half of scanning ebay and crossing my fingers, I finally got the pair of Black Milk leggings I’d foolishly put off buying until they’d all sold out and had coveted ever since. They are the Adventure Time Bro Ball leggings and I was so happy that I not only found them in my size but also managed to win them! I missed out on a pair a couple of months ago and was so mad at myself for not paying attention to my ebay watch list. But it’s all good because they are finally mine!

For a day of hanging out with friends and family I thought a bright, fun Adventure Time outfit was in order. I have about 20 Adventure Time shirts but I wanted to utilise my denim pinafore that I often forget I own, so I wore a yellow crop underneath and added all of my favourite AT accessories to complete the theme.


Leggings: Adventure Time Bro Ball leggings from Black Milk Clothing
Dress: Black denim pinafore by Gail Sorronda for Target from Target
Top: Basic crop from Supre
Shoes: Black vans with pink cut out hearts, thrifted in New York
Accessories: Hair bow and Jake & Finn pins handmade by me and mum for Ruby Kawaii, necklace from a showbag!


A Beery Visit to Wellington

August 25, 2015
Fashion and makeup, My Life, Parties and Fun, Travel

Last week Ben and I went to Wellington, New Zealand with a bunch of beer-industry mates for a short trip away and to visit a huge craft beer festival called Beervana. Ben has been to it twice before but this was my first time, in fact it was my first proper visit to Wellington as we didn’t stay there when my family traveled around New Zealand back in 1999.

When we left Brisbane is was pretty much t-shirt weather but Wellington was super chilly. After taking the above photo I popped on a 2nd pair of stockings, changed into a bigger coat and grabbed my scarf because whooooaaa!  I was dramatically unprepared for just how cold it was going to be, though I was assured it was a brief cold snap. We stayed in an excellent unit thanks to AirBnB which was lovely and central. Our first evening was pretty easy, we went to ParrotDog, a local brewery for a few drinks before eating ourselves silly at Sweet Mother’s Kitchen. Mmm beignets!


The next morning Ben and I headed to Dr Morse INC for tattoos! Ben had booked us spots about six months before but I didn’t really think of what design I wanted until two weeks before. I finally decided it was time to make my love of Lumpy Space Princess a permanent thing and opted for a cute ice cream, design because ice cream is delicious! I was tattooed by Nursey who was absolutely lovely and came up with such an excellent design that looks better than I possibly imagined! I highly recommend her and the studio, though I’m sad to say they probably won’t be in the submarine that you access via a tardis by then! I know that sounds bizarre but their studio was literally designed to look like a sub and the lifts were made to look like the tardis. AMAZING! But alas they’re changing locations soon :(


Friday was the first  day of Beervana and I was determined to wear my recently put together Simpsons-themed outfit! I bought the top from Peter Alexander which I matched with my Black Milk Beer leggings, a bow we made for Ruby Kawaii and a Duff beer charm Ben usually has on his keychain! I was definitely the brightest person there, everyone else wore dark colours so I stuck out like a sore thumb. It was incredible! Georgie took this brilliant photo as we were leaving which summed up the contrast pretty darn well!

Afterwards we went on a pub crawl back into the centre of town with what appeared to be most of the other people who’d been at Beervana, which turned a little bit messy within no time. I’d personally enjoyed a lot of delicious beers (and cider!) so I was in very high spirits too. We wound up back at ParrotDog where we terrorised the staff by having a very spirited dance off thanks to the DJ who was playing a decent selection of old RnB and hip hop tracks.

On Saturday we went back to Beervana for our second session, some of us were feeling a lot worse than others thanks to our actions the night before. Thankfully Ben and I went home pretty early on so we weren’t too dusty. We sampled some of the beers and ciders we missed the day before and revisited our favourites. It was so much busier than the day before and therefore a bit hectic but still fun. We ran late so I missed out on a talk about women in the beer industry which was a damn shame, especially because I later found out a few men kept mansplaining stuff which I would have loved to have argued against! We partied a lot less hard that evening, spending quite a lot of time in our unit watching Netflix which suited me just fine!


On Sunday we went to WETA Workshop! It was AWESOME! We couldn’t take any photos on the tour but I’m sure you get good idea of the cool stuff we saw from the trolls they had out the front! They showed us the process of making props and other special effects from concept to the end product, we saw lots of cool stuff from some of our favourite movies (ie. Lord of the Rings, District 9, Braindead etc) and learned heaps about the industry and even got some hints about some of their future projects. Afterwards we wandered to the Roxy Cinema to look at the Gandalf statue out front and because it’s the most beautiful old cinema that gets used for a lot of the stuff WETA works on too.


On our last day on Monday we managed to find the house from the cult classic Braindead to have a look at before having lunch and heading to the airport (where I finally saw the giant Gollum). Unfortunately our flight was super delayed because of bird strike so we had to wait around the airport for over five hours!!! It was pretty shit, especially since one lady took great personal offense to this and acted like a complete arsehole, even after police were called in to keep an eye on her! But we made it home safe and sound and without tearing our hair out so it was all good in the end!


What I Wore: Greazefest 2015

August 4, 2015
Fashion and makeup, Festivals and Gigs, My Life, What I Wore

Greazefest was on this weekend and it was the first one we’ve not had a stall at for two years. It was pretty great to just go for a browse and not have to worry about setting up and packing down the stall, being bored and/or tired for two full days, dealing with customers and so on. The only bad thing was that I spent way too much oney and made nothing in return! Ha!

I went with my best friend Sarah where we met with our long time friend Dallas and my mum to catch up and chat and have a look at the many classic cars and market stalls. Unfortunately we didn’t think of taking photos til the end when Dallas had already left and the sun was blinding so a most of my photos were washed out. But I snapped a few of my outfit which I decided to call “Kawaiibilly” (as a play on rockabilly). I wore a vintage dress my mum gave me something like 12 years ago, in fact I wore it to my 21st dinner! Combined with a bunch of super cute accessories and face bling (my new favourite thing) I felt pretty darn cute that day ^_^


Dress: Vintage swing dress from the 50s, gifted to me by my mum many years ago
Shoes: Converse flatform low tops
Socks: Clear socks with pink hearts and purple seams from WEGO in Japan
Headband: Pompom headband made by my sister from Ruby Kawaii
Necklace and earrings: Bought on the day from UrsaLady


The First Harajuku Fashion Walk International Day

July 29, 2015
Fashion and makeup, Japan, Nerds and Geeks, Parties and Fun, Wonderful Weekend

Photo by ALT TeeVee
On the weekend of July 25th and 26th it was the first Harajuku Fashion Walk International Day. Usually the Harajuku Fashion Walk just happens in the famous, wonderful suburb of Tokyo but the people who organise it decided it was something the world should get in on and so they announced that it would be an international day from now on! My friend Melinda asked if I’d like to help her organise something about two weeks before the actual date and naturally I sad YES!

Because we’re both busy women and time wasn’t exactly on our side, we didn’t do a whole lot to organise the event beyond deciding the time, creating the Facebook page and setting up an event. But even so, we were stoked at how decent a turn out we had! It was absolutely wonderful seeing so many people dressed in their finest Japanese-street-style fashion, including fairy kei, decora, lolita, visual kei and much more (if you’re curious about the types of Japanese fashion styles, this post has an awesome rundown of many of them). I often lament that almost no one in Brisbane gets kawaii fashion, so it was bloody awesome to see that there actually are a bunch who do, and there’s probably heaps more out there who didn’t make it to the walk. We can’t wait to plan next years event already!

It was also great to see people’s reactions to us and the walk. Many people approached us for photos and asked what we were up to. I tended to just say we weren’t dressed up for anything, that’s just how we like to dress, as I didn’t want them thinking it was just a bunch of people cosplaying (for some of us, kawaii is a way of life, not a costume!). Speaking of cosplay, there was very little of it which was an enormous relief to me as I feared it might be over run by cosplayers who further reinforced the idea that dressing differently = costume.

The starting point was King George Square where everyone met up and took lots of photos (there were so many photographers there specifically for the event which was super cool) before we walked through the Queen Street Mall and over Victoria Bridge and into Southbank where we took lots more photos and had lunch at Harajuku Gyoza. Someone from the ABC offices saw us and grabbed some photos of us as we passed by which was awesome!

My outfit was kind of a mic between fairy kei and decora. It was very exciting to be able to come up with a wonderfully OTT outfit with stuff I already owned! I loved being able to represent some of my crafty friends with my various accessories, such as Miss-a-Ree Guts Creations, Creep Heart and Winnifreds Daughter. Oh and my own brand Ruby Kawaii, of course! Unfortunately my phone was being a bit of a jerk and blurred for most of my close-up outfit photos :(

It was an awesome day all round and I’m glad we were able to quickly organise something. It was lovely seeing all of the excellent photos people took, not to mention this fantastic video shot by one of the participants:

There are lots of other photos floating around if you’re interested! The rest of my photos can be found here, otherwise check our Facebook page and the event for plenty more!




What I Wore: Bright and cartoony for Finders Keepers

July 8, 2015
Fashion and makeup, My Life, What I Wore

On Saturday I went with my friend Melissa to check out the Finders Keepers markets at the Old Museum. I’ve been going to these markets for years, mostly to support friends who have stalls there as a lot of the stuff there isn’t to my liking (it’s a bit too beige, quaint and “whimsy” for me). But it’s a good excuse to go out and support locals who hand make their wares. I wanted to wear my Simpsons x Hello Kitty dress as I haven’t worn it much and it’s just so damn cute! I also wanted to combat the muted colours I knew I’d encounter at the markets and so I chose lots of brights accessories.


Dress: The Simpsons x Hello Kitty Village Dress from Japan LA
Stockings: Plus Sized Solid Color Tights in Sky Blue from We Love Colors
Hair bow: Made by my for Ruby Kawaii
Accessories: Earrings and Hell-no Kitty necklace from Miss-a-ree Guts, peace heart necklace from Fancy Pocket Harajuku, brooch by Winnfreds Daughter, bracelets from Japan
Shoes: Jelly sandals from Windsor Smith

(With Mel outside the Old Museum and with Ella Mobbs, one of my favourite Brisbane artists)