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Femmo Bites: Fragile Masculinity

September 22, 2015
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Hi everyone! Today I am going to teach you about the meaning of the term “fragile masculinity”. It’s become quite a popular term lately, and I for one love it because it sums up so much sexist, unnecessarily gendered bullshit so succinctly.

But what does it mean? Well, basically the term is usually used when referencing products that have been labeled as “manly” or “for men” which really don’t need to be. Typically these products will have dark colours, bold text, larger sizing and imagery that supports that harmful notion that men must be hyper-masculine at all times. These products which can range from such ordinary items as tissues, body wash/loofahs, food and as above, lip balm are typically not gendered at all but there’s apparently money to be made from men who are so panicked by the thought of someone not thinking they’re a MANLY MAN at all time they need pretty much everything to look more masculine. I mean god forbid a man be caught applying classic Chapstick in public, I mean it’s mostly black but WOMEN use Chapstick and that’s embarrassing!

I find the idea of gendering food particularly hilarious. Like the time Donut King came up with the Bronut:


What genius thought this up? Eating one donut at a time (especially those awful, wussy pink ones) is too feminine so how about two lumps of lard covered in sugar together to really re-assert your masculinity!

The problem is two-fold though, because they’re unnecessarily gendering products towards women too, and have been for a long time. Things that absolutely do not need to be male or female because they’re just things all humans use. Some of the things I have seen in real life are ear plugs, pens, shavers, lollies, tools, soft drinks, disposable shavers etc. The extra shit thing is, often these hyper-feminised products come with a higher price tag. Often the product that’s geared towards men is the default while the one in pink packaging with flowy fonts, floral prints and “for her” scrawled across the packaging is the more expensive alternative. It stinks. It’s some sort of ridiculous marketing plot to make more money that society was sucked into far too easily. God knows I’ve bought products that have been labeled as “for her” when I could have gotten virtually the same product for less money. Sometimes the lure of pink is too strong, I guess.

So what the heck can we do about it? I guess the most simple thing to do is to stop buying unnecessarily gendered products. Not just for you, for everyone. Is there a child in your life, be it your own or a friends or family members? Try to buy something gender neutral for their next birthday and help break the cycle before that little boy thinks he needs matte-lip balm or the little girl thinks it’s OK for shaver companies to charge and extra dollar for a product whose only actual difference is that it’s pink instead of blue. Need new body wash? Go for brands that aren’t affiliated with shitty corporations like Unilever (they own brands such as Dove and Axe/Lynx which both target women/men in really crappy ways), I highly recommend Original Source as their packaging isn’t targeted at any gender and its natural, vegan and smells divine. If you need to buy moisturiser or shampoo for a male, get him whatever is on special, not this crap. Basically, just be aware of how products are marketed to you and opt for the gender-neutral options where possible. It’s sometimes hard for me because I fucking LOVE the colour pink, but when it comes to saving a bit of money and smashing the bullshit, patriarchal notion of what women and men are meant to like, I suck it up!

And if you see some ridiculous product being marketed to men that uses matte black packaging, bold text and obnoxious things like guns or naked women as set dressing, please make sure to mock it mercilessly and discourage everyone you know from ever, ever buying it. Because that shit is seriously whack. #fragilemasculinity


Supanova Gold Coast 2015

April 28, 2015
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Last weekend was Supanova on the Gold Coast! These days we don’t get much time to do markets for Ruby Kawaii but we still keep up with pop culture conventions. I’m a little bit sad to say it was our last Goldnova though. It was just not worth our time to be honest. This was the first con we’ve done where we didn’t get stressed out as we still had a lot of bows leftover from Brisnova last year (it was a little bit slow too) and we even had somewhere to stay on the Gold Coast so we didn’t have to drive the 90 mins to and fro each day. But despite all that we just didn’t make enough sales to justify doing it again next year. Other stallholders said they were disappointed too, so it wasn’t just us having a bad weekend. I guess that between a dozen other stalls also selling bows (grrr) and the fact it’s so expensive to go to Supanova now (after paying to get in, buying food and getting a celeb autograph or photo, who has money for trinkets?) I think people have to be more careful with where they spend their cash. Ahh well, we had a good run. We’ll keep doing the Brisbane ones (I will hopefully also start doing nails at them) and leave the Gold Coast ones to go as a regular patron.

Here are some photos from the weekend. I just want to say I did a pretty big thing on the Sunday by wearing a crop top to match my sister. My body image is a bit shite and I am forever envious of my sisters (mostly) effortless, slim figure but I decided I needed to stop being so negative about my body and start practicing some body love! I actually feel like I made a significant difference to my self esteem that day, I’m starting to be less critical of my perceived flaws and

On the Saturday I wore the A Whole New World scoop skater dress from Black Milk Clothing.
On the Sunday Erin and I wore the matching Little Lovers crop and skirt set, also from Black Milk.

Cara the Klutz

March 18, 2014
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Moon Boot

If you happen to follow me on instagram or twitter, you may already know I did something very silly the other week. I fell down a step and fractured my ankle on the way to work. I knew as soon as it happened it was bad because it hurt like the dickens, but two older ladies stopped to help me so I had to make polite chit chat and joke about my silliness rather than scream and swear as I would have really liked! It swelled up and started bruising within minutes and I absolutely couldn’t put any pressure on it, so I went straight to the doctor who sent me off for xrays and an ultrasound which confirmed I had an avulsion fracture of my calcaneus (heel) bone. Basically I fell on my left foot which inverted inwards and tore/damaged ligaments which then ripped shards of bone from the upper part of my heel bone. This picture I found is pretty much exactly what I did:


I’ve been to an orthopedic surgeon who’s hopeful I will not need surgery, but we won’t know for sure until I start healing properly and could be anywhere up to three months away before we know what those little pesky bones shards are going to do. Boooo! So I’m strapped up in a moon boot for the next three months or so (which means I’m booted up for Supanova in the next few weeks AND our trip to Thailand at Easter) and have to take it veeeeerrry easy for a good long while.

My foot a few days after the fall

I’m trying to remain positive, after all lots of people do this sort of thing all the time, but I just feel so silly and since I have to wear my damn moon boot 24/7 I’m not getting much sleep and a tired Cara = a cranky Cara. I also had to swap cars with mum as Lola is manual and using a clutch is totally out of the question right now. It probably seems silly but I miss my dear car so much! Then there’s the struggles getting to and from work! Argh, it’s all so annoying! But I’ll suck it up because I’m thankful that my injury could have been way worse, that it was my left leg that got injured and not my right (which would have meant no driving at all which would have made life hell) and that I’m covered by Workcover which means I’m not out of pocket for all of the expenses involved in fixing me or for the time I’ve had off work. Gotta remember the little things, y’all!

If anyone has any suggestions on how to deal with an injury like this, please send them my way!


CARA RAGE: Why I’m not an “attention whore”

October 11, 2012
Cara Rage, disappointment tuesday, Feminism, My Life, Rants

This week I was attacked on my Facebook by someone I know (not really a friend, more an acquaintance that I know through some mutual friends). I wrote this status update:

I wrote this while in a bad mood after having a crappy morning. I mean, it was Tuesday after all and we all know how I feel about Tuesday’s. I also think it’s fair to say I was just having a vent and didn’t expect to be taken very seriously. And most of my friends who commented on it were totally cool about it, agreeing with me or making jokes about whether or not I had toilet paper stuck to my shoe or food on my face to warrant the stares.

To cut a long story short, I was told that I can’t look the way I look and not expect stares and that I was being a hypocrite for getting annoyed at someone for looking at me when I work in a boring office environment. I was also called an “attention whore” and  an “incessant whinger” in between some backhanded compliments. But the message was clear “You’re not allowed to feel bad about this, you’ve brought this upon yourself by being unwilling to conform to the general definition of ‘normal’ and so you need to get over it”. It’s really pissed me off! To anyone who thinks that people deserve to be stared at for being “attention whores”, I have this to say to you”

I do not like being rudely gawked at by complete strangers. I don’t dress or look the way I look because I crave attention, I just do it because that’s who I am. If I wanted attention I would have a far crazier hairdo, way more tattoos and dress a hell of a lot differently. This assumption is just perpetuating the misconception that girls who don’t “fit in” with the rest of the general population are just desperate for attention when in actual fact, we just like different things to the bulk of other women. Life is too short to look like everyone else, but that doesn’t mean we should just suck it up when people forget their manners.

Like I’ve said again and again, if you think someone looks interesting enough to make you want to stare, go up to them and say something. Being stared at can totally ruin a person’s day, but receiving a compliment from a complete stranger can easily make someone’s week. It’s not hard, don’t be an arsehole. Whether it’s at a random person you see on the street, or on someone’s god damn facebook!

I won’t even get into the fact I believe this is a sexism thing, where some guys get their backs up at women who voice their strong opinions, whereas they’ll let their guy friends get away with way worse and not feel the need to start a fight. I’ll leave that for another rant later on ;)

Weighing in on the Body Image Debate

July 31, 2012
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I have gone out of my way to avoid blogging about the Body Image Debate for ages now. I am constantly bombarded with blogs, news articles and facebook posts about how it’s bad to be fat, how it’s unhealthy to be skinny, how “real men like curves” and “skinny women are women too”. AND I AM SICK OF IT! It makes me sick and angry how much focus is placed on the body shape of women. Not men, women. Oh yes, people still criticise men for being obese but not as badly or constantly as women. Yes, men are faced with images of handsome men with buff, perfect physiques and it probably hurts their feelings too. But we women cop it way, way worse. It is virtually impossible for us to avoid being bombarded with the weight obsession, unless we sit at home with the TV and computer off and stare at the wall. It’s everywhere and it’s a horrible topic that I hate discussing because everyone has their own opinion and rarely do two match up.

I will say right now, that I have an appalling perception of my own body image. Not an hour goes by where I am not thinking about my weight, almost always in a negative, shameful way. Some days are better than others. Some days I feel comfortable about the size and shape I am. I mean, I exercise 3 – 4 times a week (on top of taking the dogs for a walk every day) and am on Lite & Easy so I really am doing the best I can. But the next day I suddenly find myself craving a snack, something a little bit naughty. I try my best to resist but usually my brain will switch off and I’ll have it and then feel awful for hours afterwards. It’s some sort of miracle that I cannot make myself throw up, otherwise I do not doubt I would be bulimic. It is a battle that has waged within me for most of my life and I do not think it will ever change. I usually combat my guilt with extra exercise, but then my brain tells me “Hey, you did extra exercise today, you can be a little bit naughty now” and so the cycle continues. I’m lucky I am not sucked into every fad diet but I have done my fair share and I have found myself starving myself more than once, the only times I’ve ever shown drastic results.

I am not fat, but I am definitely not skinny. In fact my body is actually both. I am a size 10 up top and a size 14 below (which I know isn’t “fat” but to me it is, at least compared to my top half). So when I hear all of the conflicting debates on what’s acceptable makes me want to cry. The general consensus seems to be that one half of me is desirable and healthy, the other half is unattractive and unhealthy. Can you imagine how that feels? I hate my body most of the time because I am not a consistent size. I often wish I could take some of the fat from my bottom half, put it up top and make myself a nice, even size 12. I resent girls who are slimmer than me (especially those that don’t diet/exercise) and I curse bigger girls who appear comfortable with their size. Because I am neither of those things. And I feel such anger and sadness when one person says “oh but you’re so pretty” or “you’re not fat, you’re gorgeous”. Whatever! Complete strangers in the media or those who design fashions are telling me I am unattractive for having an ample derriere, so no matter how “gorgeous” my friends might think I am, they’re drowned out by all the of the negativity I hear, see and encounter every single day.

The Body Image Debate is damaging, even when we all think we’re doing the right thing by having plus sized models on magazine covers. Ignoring the fact you’re considered a plus sized model if you’re a size 12 or over, it is not affirming to me to see a bigger girl on a magazine when it’s surrounded with text reminding us all how GOOD it is that they’re not following the fashion standard and featuring a bigger girl. This sort of crap just shows that there’s still a divide between what is “real” fashion (ie. made for and worn by slim girls) and “alternative” fashion. I look forward to a day when fashion magazines feature women of a range of sizes without any mention of the fact, or tabloid magazines that don’t call every actress too fat/skinny or provide us with the diet tips of the stars (yeah, because those are achievable when you work 40 hours a week, dickheads). A day when you don’t read articles like this one about how fat Olympic swimmer Leisel Jones looks, with comments that make you want to cry because apparently it doesn’t matter that she won the race, the fact is she’s an athlete and owes it to the rest of us to look bangin’ like Steph Rice (seriously, do NOT read the comments on that article, it was just the most awful rubbish I’ve ever subjected my poor eyes to). But I do not feel confident that day will come in my lifetime, in fact I actually doubt it ever will.

I wish I could do something, anything, to change my poor body image. But in all honesty if I won the lottery tomorrow, the first thing I’d do would be to book myself in for liposuction. I hate being this way and I knows it tacky and unattractive how women just talk about their weight ALL the time, so I tend to keep it to myself and only share my struggles with my best friend of my mum, both of whom have the same issues as me. I would love to be able to look at a slim girl and NOT think “Lucky bitch, I’d kill to look like her” or at an overweight girl and think “She should NOT be wearing that with her figure. Wait, do I look like that?”. The thing is, every single woman has these sorts of insecurities and it disgusts me that despite this fact, women are all eager beavers to cut down the woman who’s too fat (“OMG if you stopped eating so much and moved more you wouldn’t be fat, you know” ) or too skinny (“You know, it’s just as, if not more unhealthy to be skinny if you don’t watch what you eat and exercise”). Because unless you’ve been overweight/underweight and had to seal with the criticisms, the negative press, the raging guilt trips you feel when confronted with images of the “ideal woman”, then you have NO FUCKING IDEA what it’s like and have no right to judge anyone for being too fat or too thin.

Now please excuse me while I beat myself up for having chocolate today and plan to squeeze in an extra gym session this week to make up for it.

The Shire aka Bogans Go Wild

July 17, 2012
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If you’re Australian, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the new show on Channel 10 called “The Shire”. If not, let me paint you a picture. There’s an area of southern Sydney called the Sutherland Shire which is nicknamed the Shire (clever, I know). For a historical reference, Cronulla Beach is located in the Shire, where the infamous race riots happened back in 2005. Basically, it is known for having lots of bogan’s, including the ever fancy variety, the CUB (cashed up bogan) . It’s probably a nice area as far as landscape goes because it’s got some nice beaches and stuff but everything I know about the Shire revolves around the bogan’s and their race riots.

So, Channel 10 decided to make a show called The Shire which follows the lives of a few residents in the ever-special “dramality” format. In other words, it’s meant to be reality TV but they try to class it up by making it look a bit like a soap opera with nicer lighting and better shot framing etc. Also, you bet your arse it’s at least partially scripted. Think of classic American TV dramality shows like “Laguna Beach” or its spin off “The Hills”.

If you’ve seen either “Laguna Beach” or “The Hills” then you know what a load of clap trap it is. But it’s pretty addictive even though you know the typical episode is just 10 minutes of Lauren Conrad moaning about something, Heidi and Spencer being the worlds worst couple and then a whole bunch of shots of Hollywood Hills as filler. But it kind of works for whatever inexplicable reason. Australians cannot recreate it, and so before it even debuted, everyone knew The Shire would fail. I mean really, who wants to see a bunch of 20-something CUBs having made up fights with each other, acting like they have ALL THE FUN and do ALL THE SHOPPING with dickhead bogan accents and filler shots of the beach? BORING.

Naturally I was stubborn and refused to watch it and instead opted to take my dogs for a walk. I saw enough in the constant stream of ad’s they showed to have the whole first episode, if not the whole series, summed up nicely. But I’ve done a fair bit of reading up on it today and am pretty confident I was 100% spot on. Apparently people are taking back their claims that Lara Bingle’s atrocious reality show is the worst Australian show ever made, and giving that title to The Shire instead. Yep, it seems like it’s just that bad.

I will say this though, it’s NOT our equivalent of “Jersey Shore”. I mean come on, at least they have Snooki! Seriously, at least Jersey Shore is in-you-face trashy and is like a car-crash – you can’t help but watch in shocked wonderment. The Shire is just embarrassing.

Anyway, for the LOLs here are a few of the articles I’ve had a laugh at about just how badly received the show was:

The Shire ‘makes Lara Bingle’s show look like Q&A’
The Enthusiast review
Timeout Twitter Reviews

Did you watch it? What did you think? Are we all being totally unfair on this new show or is it exactly as shit as everyone is saying? 


Disappointment Tuesday’s – Rude People Who Stare

May 1, 2012
Body and Soul, disappointment tuesday

One of my biggest pet peeve’s are people who stare. I’m sure most people share this pet peeve, but as a woman of multicolour (as in, I have pink hair and lots of tattoos and often wear brightly coloured clothing) I get it more than most people. I am going to assume other people who have lots of tattoos or piercings, unnaturally coloured hair or those just don’t dress like the vast majority of the general public, experience this too. Because we look a little bit different, we capture peoples attention and make them want to look as us. Sometimes it’s because they don’t like it, but I’d say most of the time people are looking at us in awe or with admiration. And both are fine, it’s perfectly natural to want to observe something different or unusual, everybody does it and it’s generally no big deal.

What I hate, are the people who can’t just take a second glance and move on with their lives, but just STARE and even when you catch their eye, they either look away briefly before staring again, or just don’t give a fuck and keep on staring despite the fact they’ve been caught out. I get it a lot more now that I live out in the suburbs and catch a train to and from work every day. The fact I don’t always catch the same trains each day doesn’t help, because I am exposed to a new range of people all the time.

Now, I am not such a whiney bitch to think that no one should stare at me EVER. I accept the fact I look different and it is going to attract some attention and I have developed a remarkable skill where most looks, glances, whisperings or stares go unnoticed by me. I mean, if I noticed every time someone looked at me, I’d be in a state of perpetual stress. I let most of it wash over me and it’s usually my friends or family who notice the stares or whispered comments and get agitated by them. But I do notice them sometimes, especially when they’ve transcended the realm of normal into just plain rude.

I’ve had arguments with people about this, some people think I deserve to be stared at because I chose to have pink hair and get lots of tattoos. In fact some go as far to suggest I want the attention since I look the way I do, and I should be more “normal” if I don’t want people looking at me. Now HOLD ON A MINUTE! I did not get one single tattoo because I wanted to have people look at me. My hair is not pink to freak people out or because I’m an attention whore, but because I love the colour pink and dislike plain coloured hair. While I acknowledged and accept I am not a “normal” looking individual, I am sick to death of being accused to wanting to be stared at all the time just because I am who I am.

Today I had an older lady who happened to be walking behind me on my way through the City running errands, tell me that I had “the most wonderful haircut”. I was extremely flattered and thanked her for her kind words. It’s people like her who help remind me that not everyone who I catch staring at me is judging me or being a jerk. Most of them probably think I have cool hair, or like my tattoos. I just wish people would articulate it instead of just staring, because it’s hard to interpret a stare as anything but negative. If you think I’m worth pointing out to your friend and whispering about, why not come up to me and say “Hi, I love your hair” or “I just wanted to say you have cool tattoos”. I won’t freak out on you, and I’m more than likely to engage you in conversation or at the very least thank you for your nice comment and walk away with a big smile.

So that’s my challenge for everyone who reads my blog. If you see someone who looks super cool or interesting, instead of just staring at them or nudging your friend to take a look, go up to them and tell them! Let them know you think they look awesome, have a cool style or you love their hair. It’s not creepy or weird when you’re genuine and are clearly not trying to pick them up (so probably best not to try this out at a pub while intoxicated). You’ll make their day and in return you will feel great for having spread some positivity!

And MY challenge is to catch the eye of the next person who stares at me and make a funny face at them. It’ll either stop them from staring or make them laugh and both reactions suit me fine :)

Disappointment Tuesday – The Deal with Sneakers

February 21, 2012
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I do not have great luck with buying shoes for exercise. My last two pairs have been duds. The Reebok Easytones were useless for anything but walking (something I only do maybe once or twice a week) and the New Balance ones were just…not very good. $200 for shoes that give me sore feet? What a jip! Damn their lovely, bright colours and fancy shoelaces for luring me in!

The best pair of sneakers I ever owened were Puma doscs which I can’t get anywhere, except for online and they cost heaps and are super rare to boot. These were my pair which I still step out in now and then, even 4 years after buying them:

So today I decided I was sick of the balls of my feet hurting after most gym classes in my NB’s so I went looking for some potential new ones. I have a ery strict set of guidelines for shoes, that aren’t necessarily to help my feet or training ability so much as look good. I hate white sneakers, and I especially hate them with shiny silver bits, mesh and small splashes of colour, like these:


I like them to be very colourful or else, black with splashes of really bright colour. I especially like black runners with hot pink, which was really, really in for a while there. But now? Not so much. It’s like there has been a revolt against the sexy black runner with bright coloured accents, and they’ve gone back to white mesh with sensible colours. YUK!

Then there’s the pitiful range of womens shoes to men’s. There would have to be three to four times as many men’s runners to women’s in most sports stores. Oh I’m sorry, did I go back in time to where it was frowned on women to leave the kitchen to do some exercise? And to insult to injury, there are more exciting colour combinations and choices in men’s running shoes than women. Like the rainbow New Balance shoes, I was apparently lucky they released a pair in women’s sizes because they’ve all been men’s ever since which is ludicrous because what man would want to wear these running???


The only brand that seems to be making an effort with colourful, interesting ladies runners is Asics but they cost over $200 and after spending $200 on my last pair of New Balance runners which weren’t very good, I’m just not willing to drop that much cash again.

So it’s back to the drawing board for me. Either I spend a tonne of cash for the colours I like, or I compromise for boring-arse runners and pay a reasonable price. It’s just so ridiculous and unfair and SEXIST that I just want to boycott the whole thing altogether. Or maybe fly to the USA where I’m sure I’d be in sneaker heaven!

Do you have trouble finding good/pretty/affordable runners?

Disappointment Tuesday – Valentines Day

February 14, 2012
disappointment tuesday, My Life, Random Thoughts

Naturally, after a week of not having the internet at home, I am back with a rant. It’s just how I roll.

I have always been very indifferent to Valentines Day. Like most people, I think it’s a bit vulgar to only show your significant other how much you love them by giving them flowers and chocolates on a specified day of the year. I’m all about showing them how much you love them on random days throughout the year, and not just when we’re told to.

But then I wonder if maybe Valentines Day is a good reminder for us to give something to the one we love, remind them that we care when we’re sometimes too busy to show it as often as we should. After all, what’s the harm in giving your love a card or a bunch of roses on Valentines day when you’re doing it out of love?

OK so obviously I am very conflicted about Valentines Day. Maybe it’s just a girl thing where deep down we all want to be spoiled by getting roses sent to us at work, to feel smug in front of our female co-workers who didn’t get anything and to proudly carry the gifts from our beloved on the train home, knowing most of the guys are now riddled with guilt for not getting their lady-friends anything. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to fight it, there are certain, deep-seated feminine things that all women can’t quite resist and Valentines Day is the main culprit.

I was sent an amazing bunch of roses today, which makes it the first time I have ever received a Valentines Day gift. I was mortified at first and tried to hide them, but as workmates spotted the enormous, pink and white roses under my desk, I have to admit I was a little bit thrilled at feeling loved and having attention lavished upon me (I won’t go into who sent them to me as it’s a long and sad story and unfortunately, roses do not fix your problems, no matter how much we wish they did). I felt pretty smug as I carried the roses and accompanying bottle of champagne to the train, but as my arms started to ache and some careless idiots nearly crushed them on the train, I realised it really isn’t for me.

So, why is this a disappointment Tuesday? I guess it’s because it’s been the first V Day that I’ve been single in 5+ years and while I don’t care for the day itself, it’s still a lil bit depressing. I also hate the fact I, as a fist-shaking and loud mouthed feminist, I am still suckered into such a silly day that is really just for flower shops, restaurants and card makers to jack up prices and make some extra profits. I also wish people would show their love for their partner on days other than the obvious (V Day, birthdays, Christmas etc) and shower them with love and buy them small gifts just because. It’s not about spending crazy amounts of money on them, but about seeing something you know they’d love or get a laugh out of and just giving it to them. Or ya know, doing something for them that you wouldn’t normally do, just because you love them.

Hmmm maybe I am just a hopeless romantic who is expecting her knight in shining armour to swoop down and present me with the entire series of Futurama or a 90s dance compilation album that they found for $1 somewhere before calling me the “moon of their life“. What can I say, I can always dream…

Disappointment Tuesday 005

January 25, 2012
disappointment tuesday, Fashion and makeup


Let’s talk about fashion trends that don’t need to come back into fashion. Grunge would be the #1 for me. Because shitty old denim and flannelette shirts was a good look… not. It’s not a big surprise that it’s now “in” because I’ve been appalled at the atrocious 90s fashions that have been re-emerging in the last year or so. Prime example:

Clearly I am not  a fan of  maroon velvet, particularly of the crushed variety. If there was ever something that needs to stay firmly in our suppressed memories of bad 90s fashion, crushed velvet clothing is among them. Don’t even get me started on the thought of red velvet nerd shoes with lacey white ocks because that’s a rant that you don’t want to hear and I don’t have time to articulate properly.

Grunge was a fashion with a purpose, and bringing it back now for tweens and ditzy 20 year old’s who shop at General Pants Co, Supre and Cotton On pretty much goes against everything the grunge era stood for. But aside from that, it was hideously daggy and it offends my eyes to bear witness to it. Sure, it was cool at the time and compliments a very special era of music that still shapes the sound of alternative rock today. But flannelette shirts? No. Just no.

What I propose is that, since grunge fashion is being inflicted on us all, we also bring back some other classic looks of the 1990s. A few of my favourite examples:

Now they’re some fad’s I could (and do) get into!