Hi. My name is Cara, but I also go by the name of Ruby Velour or RockFotze in the wonderful land of the internet.

I am 33 and live in the sunny city of Brisbane with my husband Ben and my crazy dogs Shiro and Midwich. Ben and I got married on Halloween in 2015, you can see the posts about it here.

I am obsessed with the colour pink, I’ve had pink in my hair almost non-stop since I was 15 and I even have a hot pink car! I love watching lots of movies, listening to a vast range of music (my taste ranges from Deutschrock to New Jack Swing), reading, watching cartoons like the Simpsons and Adventure Time, kawaii culture, Halloween (the best time of year), fashion and makeup. I’m also a passionate feminist and it’s something I blog about often. You’ve been warned!

I’m a qualified nail tech and have been doing nails for two years but only started doing them full time at Pastel Palace in November 2015 (the week after my wedding, because rest is for the weak apparently, haha)! If you’re from Brisbane and want some ridonkulous nail art please check out my page.

I also make and sell super cute hair bows and accessories with my mum and sister for a bit of fun, you can see our wares at Ruby Kawaii on etsy. We do a bunch of markets around Brisbane but most of our stuff can be found at the Pastel Palace, where I do nails.

This blog is not intended to be exhilarating reading because I am not famous and don’t do shocking, awe-inspiring things with myself (not all the time, anyway). But I love to live life as fabulously as possible and share my tales on my blog.

The main topics I like to post about usually involve movies, nail art, fashion, feminism and the infamous Ruby Rants. Amongst many other things that capture my interest. I don’t blog as regularly as I’d like, but I try to post weekly. To get updates when I blog, please follow me on Bloglovin :)