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What I Wore: Greazefest 2015

August 4, 2015
Fashion and makeup, Festivals and Gigs, My Life, What I Wore

Greazefest was on this weekend and it was the first one we’ve not had a stall at for two years. It was pretty great to just go for a browse and not have to worry about setting up and packing down the stall, being bored and/or tired for two full days, dealing with customers and so on. The only bad thing was that I spent way too much oney and made nothing in return! Ha!

I went with my best friend Sarah where we met with our long time friend Dallas and my mum to catch up and chat and have a look at the many classic cars and market stalls. Unfortunately we didn’t think of taking photos til the end when Dallas had already left and the sun was blinding so a most of my photos were washed out. But I snapped a few of my outfit which I decided to call “Kawaiibilly” (as a play on rockabilly). I wore a vintage dress my mum gave me something like 12 years ago, in fact I wore it to my 21st dinner! Combined with a bunch of super cute accessories and face bling (my new favourite thing) I felt pretty darn cute that day ^_^


Dress: Vintage swing dress from the 50s, gifted to me by my mum many years ago
Shoes: Converse flatform low tops
Socks: Clear socks with pink hearts and purple seams from WEGO in Japan
Headband: Pompom headband made by my sister from Ruby Kawaii
Necklace and earrings: Bought on the day from UrsaLady


Greazefest 2014

August 13, 2014
Fashion and makeup, My Life, Ruby Kawaii, What I Wore, Wonderful Weekend

Greazefest 2014

Greazefest was on this weekend and it was our second go at having a Ruby Kawaii stall there, despite the fact we didn’t do very well last year. I’ve been going to Greazefest for years even though I haven’t been into rockabilly for a good four or so years now, but it’s a bit of a tradition and always a bit of fun. Because of how disappointing last years was, we were a bit hesitant about even doing a stall again this year, but we figured we’d give it a crack in case last year was just a dud. Well… let’s just say we probably won’t be doing a stall at Greazefest again. We actually started off OK on the Saturday, we made more than the entirety of the previous year. But Sunday was a total bummer, it was really quiet which everyone seemed to notice. It’s such a shame! But that’s OK, we gave it a solid go and now will only attend future Greazefest’s as punters, not stall holders.

Here a few photos from the weekend, mostly of myself and my sister, usually eating delicious treats:

Greazefest 2014 Greazefest 2014
Greazefest 2014
Greazefest 2014 Greazefest 2014


What I Wore: Greazefest 2013

August 20, 2013
Fashion and makeup, Ruby Kawaii, What I Wore


OOTD Greazefest kawaii blue

Greazefest was on the other weekend, and this time I had a stall! I’m sad to say it wasn’t a very successful weekend, we didn’t sell much at all which seemed to be the case for most stalls. Chalk it up to their change of schedule (two days instead of the traditional one) or the fact people had to pay $27 entry and probably couldn’t justify spending much more, especially if they intended on eating while there. Ah well, we had a good enough time talking to people and sunning ourselves on the two lovely, sunny days it was on.

OOTD Greazefest rockabilly
So here’s what I wore:

DAY ONE – Kawaii Blue

Dress: Oh Boy dress by The Hiding Tree from Princess Polly
Shirt: $5 number from Paper Scissors
Leggings: Tokyo Massacre by Black Milk Clothing
Apron: The Little Mermaid half-apron by Buttons & Bows (my mum’s new venture, coming soon)
Shoes: El-cheapo’s from Big W that turned brown with mud within about 10 mins of arriving
Accessories: Misc Ruby Kawaii

DAY TWO – Kawaii Rockabilly

Dress: Sheila dress by Sourpuss from Skye-Bow Clothing & Accessories
Leggings: 3/4 shapewear leggings from Target
Shoes: The Layer Cake Platforms by Converse from Hype DC (ugh they’re on sale now, damn them all!)
Accessories: Misc Ruby Kawaii


Greazefest 2012

August 10, 2012
Fashion and makeup, Festivals and Gigs, My Life

On Sunday I went to Greazefest! If you’ve followed my blog for a while you’ll know I go every year. I used to be really into the rockabilly sub culture until a few years ago when I kind of got over it (plus I got really into the club scene which is about as far removed from rockabilly as you can possibly get). I used to go to the gig nights of Greazefest too, but now I’m out of the scene I don’t bother as it’s pretty pricey and I’m super lazy (plus I’d have to drive there and I’m no fun without at least a couple of drinks in me). So I just go for the Sunday markets which is the best bit anyway.

I was really impressed with how much better it was this year. I used to feel so let down afterwards (see my post-Greazefest blog from 2009) so it was really refreshing to see it looking bigger and better than ever. I didn’t bother going to the gigs as I had other commitments (ie. Harry Potter birthday parties) plus I didn’t really know any of the bands, but the Sunday was well worth it. I aimed to get there before lunch (like 11am) as cars start leaving kind of early but as usual we ran super late and didn’t get in until after midday. Fortunately though the cars stay put a lot longer than usual so we didn’t miss out on any. There were some amazing pink ones including two BRIGHT pink ute’s which kind of blew my mind! Plus heaps of markets where I wanted SO much stuff but was good and only got a few knick knacks as opposed to the eight or so dresses I really, really wanted.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the day:

Erin (my sister) and I in front of the sexiest pale pink Chevy I have ever seen :O

An equally sexy but BRIGHT pink ute. Adorbs!

Erin and I got the most amazing new sunglasses ever! Hers has a little ice cream charm and mine a black bat. Also, BLING!

Then I had a German sausage for lunch and pretty much turned on everyone in the world without sexy (and classy) I am!

OK so this  was taken after Greazefest when I went out for dinner and drinks but I felt I should make up for that last picture wit something a bit classier ;)

Greazefest 2009

August 9, 2009
Festivals and Gigs, My Life

So Greazefest has been and gone for another year. I wish I could write a huge rave review about how amazing the weekend was and all the new and amazing stuff they had this year, which was the 10th anniversary. But alas this was not the case because it was the exact same as it was for the last three or four years that I’ve been going. Friday and Saturday nights are for gigs, one night for rockabilly, the other night for harder rockabilly/psychobilly. Sunday is the day for everyone of all ages to see hot rods and other amazing cars, live bands and markets. But it’s always the same and is getting kind of boring. It’s such a shame because it should be fantastic because it’s all about the cool aspects of the 1950s like greasers, custom culture and rebellious youth, and most of the 1950s festivals are kind of daggy. But unfortunately Greazefest never quite gets there. It falls just below the sort of standard it should be aiming for. The venue is old, run-down and hideously uncool. There’s no them, no decorations and no charisma. I don’t understand why there can’t be 50s-themed drinks behind the bar (I’ve seen so many bars in Brisbane who stock old fashioned sodas like Cherry Cola and Root Beer, so it’s obviously not a difficult thing to source)  or why there can’t be some cool decorations beyond some strips of cheap leopard-print material around the stage.

I don’t want to make a huge thing about this (and I know there are a lot of pro-Greazefest people out there who will be majorly pissed off with me now), but I am seriously hoping for something a bit better next year. Apart from Checkered Fist who is my favourite psychobilly band, mostly because they’re only just teenagers and cute as buttons, there wasn’t a great deal going on that made me want to go at all this year. Except maybe the markets where I always manage to find some treasures. I just have high hopes that next year will be a LOT better because I think Greazefest should be a huge event in Brisbane, not just a place where rockabilly folks go to buy random crap and see bands you can almost any weekend while getting pissed on not-so-cheap booze. I may even write a letter to the organiser, come to think of it.I have high hopes people! High hopes!


Harry Potter’s 34th Birthday Party!

August 26, 2014
Harry Potter, My Life, Nerds and Geeks, Parties and Fun

Harry Potter's 34th birthday party

On Sunday 10th August I got together with a bunch of friends and celebrated Harry Potter’s 34th birthday! OK so Harry’s birthday is actually on the 31st of July, but as that was midweek and I had Greazefest on the weekend immediately after, we decided to put it off another week.

Back in the 2002 I started a Harry Potter fan club which was primarily aimed at adults which ran til around 2007. Sadly interest petered out when the final book was released and we found it hard to get people to come to our meet ups. But I made some awesome friends from the club and we make sure that we celebrate Harry’s birthday every year as a way to catch up and reminisce about the good ol’ days.

We held this years party at The Scratch where we took over the whole back half of the bar with decorations and a ridiculous amount of food that we all made and brought along. I made cauldron cakes (tiny choc cupcakes with liquorice handles) and cockroach clusters (choc crackles with extra shredded coconut). We drank Butterbeer (as well as lots of delicious beer and cider) and had a lovly time catching up. It was really lovely having some new friends come along as well!

I only took a few photos as I was too busy socialising and eating delicious treats but I managed to snap a few on my phone:

Harry Potter's 34th birthday party Harry Potter's 34th birthday party
Harry Potter's 34th birthday party Harry Potter's 34th birthday party
Harry Potter's 34th birthday party Harry Potter's 34th birthday party



Farewell 2013, Bring On 2014!

January 14, 2014
Life, My Life, Parties and Fun, Ruby Kawaii


Well we’re already half way through January and I’m only just writing my “So long last year, hello new year” post! It’s been a busy ol’ year so far, and I’m looking forward to some downtime in the next few weeks, finally.

2013 was a BIG year for me. It was my first full year with the love of my life, Ben! It feels like we’ve been together so much longer (in a good way), so to think we only met half way through 2012 boggles my mind. 2013 saw us buy a house together which was scary but exciting and we LOVE it. We have a beautiful house to decorate as we wish that’s surrounded by bush, with our adorable fur ball Shiro.

I made a go of Ruby Kawaii, doing lots of markets and selling bows online. We discovered very quickly that Supanova is our best demographic, so we intend to do as many conventions as possible. I also discovered selling stuff online is kind of hard, and it’s something I intend to improve on this year. It’s been an interesting experience and I’ve made a bunch of friends out of it too, and I hope to make it even bigger and better this year.

We went to the USA! I feel like most of 2013 was all just a lead up to this trip, and it did not disappoint! We really did have the best time there and I promise I will finish my blog posts about each city we went to SOON! We also did a bit of domestic travel too, mostly to Canberra where Ben comes from. I met his ENORMOUS family at the start of the year and we ventured back down via Sydney for his sisters engagement party and a friends wedding. I also popped down to Melbourne twice, once for PAX AUS and again with my mum to take her to the Hollywood Costume exhibition as a super early birthday present.

One thing I didn’t do so well was watch out for my health. I regret to say I’ve been turning into a bit of a lumpy space princess over the course of the last year or so, which isn’t such a bad thing except I’m starting to not fit in some clothes! NOOOOO! If there’s one thing about being in a loving, wonderful relationship that kind of suck, it’s how comfortable you get. I used to go to the gym 4 times a week on top of eating a strict diet, but when you have other options like hanging out with your beloved partner and drinking copious amounts of beer and cider and eating delicious foods, well… you figure it out. I’ve always struggled with my weight but now I’ve put on a few extra kilo’s I realise how silly I was being back then because I looked HOT and I need to take a much healthier and less harmful approach to weight loss instead of hating myself for not being slim enough. So it’s going to be less drinking, more balanced diet and exercising for the health benefits, not just to stay a certain size.

I have big plans for what I want to do with myself career-wise, some of which might take a few years to fully work out. I’m sick of working in an office in an industry I am not passionate about, I want to be creative and do something I love instead of suffering through the daily grind like all of the sheep I catch the train with each morning. I will keep y’all updated on this as I figure things out!

2014 will also be a year of reconnecting with old friends who I’ve been a bit to slack to spend much time with, because I love them and miss their company and have no excuse except sheer laziness! I’ve always been a bit of a loner, only having a few good friends who I’m nopeless at catching up with, but I’ve been especially bad lately and hope to have it all fixed ASAP.

So that was my year that was, and my plans for the coming year. I look forward to having lots of adventures in every aspect of my life, and hopefully I will improve on my blogging which were less than average last year.


What I Wore: Ipswich Show

May 20, 2012
Fashion and makeup, What I Wore

Ahhh the Ipswich Show. Like the Ekka (Royal Queensland Show) only it’s about 10% of the size and… well, nothing like it actually! Now that I live in Ipswich (if you think this is bad, then you can GTFO, you bloody snob) I thought it’d be fun to go to their show. It was so quaint, I felt like I was in a country town (which we almost technically are). So much so I will follow up this outfit post with a longer post about my day at the show!

Leggings: Black Milk Toxic Electro Pink
Top: Sheer dress-top I got for $10 with a black boob tube underneath, both from Supre
Shoes: Iron Fist Zombie Gold Digger flats

Yep, I finally got some Black Milk leggings and they are as divine as everyone insists they are. Despite my recent weight loss I fit perfectly into size L (curses!) but they are so super comfy and actually do feel like they hold you in a bit so you CAN wear them as pants. These guys sold out in less than two days so I had to buy them off ebay, from a sharkie (Black Milk fan) who bought them but didn’t like how they looked on her. Lucky for me, eh?!

Necklace: Zombie Barbie necklace, from the Greazefest markets last year
Rings: My usual silver ones with the blinged out pink skull I got from Supanova Gold Coast
Bracelet:  Bling Skull and Bones bracelet from Colette

I am starting to experiment more with eye make-up after being constantly inspired by the likes of Shrinkle on Instagram. Not that you can really see it but I went all out with pinks and purples and while it’s pretty tame in comparison to Amy’s stuff, I’m going to keep experimenting. Baby steps, yo!

Stay tuned for my “A Day in Photos” post of the Ipswich show!