Why I’ve Been Away – The Wedding Edition

November 8, 2015
My Life, Parties and Fun, Wedding


Hi guys, I just wanted to post a little update as I have just not had the time to post on my blog lately even though I have much to say! So this is what has been keeping me away:

  • I quit my day job for good as of the 21st October
  • I married the love of my life Benjamin on Halloween
  • I officially started doing nails full time in a shop called Pastel Palace in Paddington (Brisbane) as of yesterday the 7th of November.

Today has been my first proper day off in weeks, and I am exhausted. I should be doing a big, proper post about the wedding and finishing off my 31 Day of Halloween posts and maybe even a post about my awesome Hen’s Night from a few weeks ago but I need to veg out and watch Netflix and stop doing stuff for today!

Our wedding photos were taken by Kristina Childs who was AMAZING! I have a bunch added on my facebook which you can check out here: #benandcaragetspooky

I promise to do a bunch of posts ASAP. My life has become a whole lot less stressful now so I think I’ll be able to commit to blogging a bit more. I mean, I do need to drum up lots of new business for Kawaii Klaws but now I’m not working a day job, doing nails every evening and on weekends and the wedding is over, I reckon I might have time to do shit again! Yay!


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  • So many changes Cara. I am so happy for you and Ben. Your wedding looked amazing and we wish you all the happiness in the world. I can’t wait to come visit you in your new shop and finally have my nails done by you. Congratulations.