31 Days of Halloween Challenge – Week Two

November 23, 2015
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Welcome to the 2nd week of my 31 Days of Halloween challenge! Revisit week one here!



I think this has been my favourite outfit so far, the combination of black and white with light purple is simply wonderful! The theme was ghostly with a bit of Jack Skellington for good measure. My dress is from Black Milk, necklace and brooch from Creep Heart, stockings from We Love Colors and bow by Ruby Kawaii.



From ghosts to bats! Despite my enduring love of bats, it turns out I don’ have as much bat covered clothing as I thought I did! Luckily I was able to create a bat bow by using a brooch on an old hair bow and there were some little bats on my leggings (hidden under my skirt though, unfortunately) to tie my outfit together. My top was from the kids section of Big W, my skirt and leggings from Black Milk,  necklace and brooch from Creep Heart and a Ruby Kawaii gravestone clip.

DAY 10


It might have been my friend Jasmine’s wedding but that didn’t mean I’d forget about my challenge! Luckily I bought a sensible and cute dress for a previous wedding that just so happened to feature lots of little skulls in the pattern! A few skull accessories, including the studs on my shoes which were tiny little silver skulls, and I was both wedding-appropriate AND Halloween themed! My dress was from Dangerfield, stockings from Black Milk and my hair clip was an old one I put a Creep Heart brooch on.

DAY 11

Another Sunday at mum’s prepping for the wedding meant being comfy so I wore my Halloween Villains shirts from Tokyo Disneyland which I got way back in 2009! I actually forgot I had it and possibly hadn’t worn it since I bought it! I also wore my cute bat headband which I bought last Halloween.

DAY 12


This theme was thrown together last minute before a nail client but I really dig it. I call it “Zombie Barbie” and will probably wear it again. The drippy Barbie top was from Miss Shop in Myer, Braaains skater skirt from Black Milk, the Barbie/Zombie necklace was from a market years ago and I popped a Creep Heart brooch on a pink hair bow!

DAY 13

How great is this dress? I mean honestly! Lots of kawaii-faced pumpkins on a flattering, comfortable dress is the best! Pumpkin Patch dress and holey leggings were from Black Milk, the bolero is one I’ve had for years, a Creep Heart necklace and Ruby Kawaii hairbow!

DAY 14


I went to the launch of Ben and Emma’s Goosebumps exhibition at the Scratch which should have called for a bright, obnoxious outfit to match the colours of their art/photos but instead I randomly opted for a black and skulls theme. D’oh! I wore a Dangerfield dress which I got for Christmas years ago (still a fave!), some misc jewelry and a Ruby Kawaii Monster High hair bow!


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