Kawaii Klaws: An Update

July 16, 2015
Kawaii Klaws, My Life, Nails

Hi guys, I have been very quiet on here about my foray into nails, which I wanted to remedy immediately! I’m still doing nails as much as possible and it’s still something I’m hella passionate about. I have not yet made an attempt to do it full time though that still is the ultimate goal. But I will continue in more depth after I share a few recent, fun designs I’ve done:

I’m still doing nails part time while maintaining a part time office job to help pay the bills. I think about starting my own nail salon constantly but I don’t feel like I’m ready to make the leap yet. I enjoy having a regular income that pays all of the bills and lets me buy fun things and go overseas each year, though I know I will have to take the plunge and start doing nails full time at some stage. I guess I’m still nervous because although I’ve been at it for a year, I know I have so much room for improvement and have a niggling fear of failure if I make the commitment too soon.

Apart from doing nails from home, I have been doing pop up events at cafes and bars and for Hen’s parties and I will soon be spending one Saturday a month at a local hair salon doing the nails of people while they have their hair done. It’s really fun! I absolutely love nail art and am so happy that I turned out to be pretty darn good at it and enjoy it so much. It’s mostly the acrylics side of things that’s the most daunting but I know that I will only get better the more I do.

If you’d like to see more of my nail art, check out my flickr album where I’ve uploaded the majority of my work! If you’re in Brisbane and would like me to do your nails, please check out my facebook page :D


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  • I neeeed to get my nails done by you one day, I just ADORE your work, there have been a few designs where i’ve just been like “they are THE BEST ever!”. It’s certainly a journey and you’ve come a long way, I know you will one day get to where you dream. xo

  • Nessbow

    Oh wow girl, those Wizard of Oz nails are incredible. You are so talented.
    I think it’s admirable that you are so passionate about pursuing your dream, and there’s nothing wrong with taking it slowly. In my experience, when there’s something you really want, if you keep working towards it gradually, then you will eventually be presented with an opportunity to throw yourself in headlong. There’s no rush and I’m sure there will come a day when you think to yourself “Yep, the time has come to make this a full-time gig”. Good on you!