Femmo Bites – There’s no such thing as misandry

June 19, 2015
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I wrote this post this morning on Facebook after being totally bummed out by the horrendous comments left on a post by a prominent Australian feminist writer who¬†criticised the culture of shaming women for sending nude photos and not the men who violate the woman’s trust by sharing them with others:


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  • It’s a noble past-time, but you gotta pick your battles, otherwise you’re going to burn out on pure milage. I read Clem’s post, and a lot of the comments. The only way I can make some kind of peace with it, is knowing that these boys (and sadly 99% of the negative comments were boys – let’s not call them men) are deliberately being fucktards because they know they have their installed audience ready to go that will. They know they’re going to get the reaction instantly that they crave. Sure, there were some comments there that was misguided and are worthy of interacting with, but ones that were just deliberately writing shitty comments, by replying to them, they’ve already won.