5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Theme Park Rides

April 21, 2015
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OK OK so before anyone says anything, I know it’s not Friday! In fact it’s Tuesday which means we’re halfway between two Fridays! But I was thinking of what to post about, since it’s been an obscene amount of time since I last posted and saw that last Friday’s theme was “Favorite Theme Park Rides” and I’ve been meaning to start doing this on Friday’s for aaages, I figured this would get me posting again after this recent rut and inspire me to do 5 Fandom Friday more often.

OK so this theme appeals to me greatly as I LOVE theme park rides. I love theme parks in general, but a big part of the appeal are the rides. I adore scary rides the most but I also love attraction-style rides that are well themed and relevant to my interests. So here are my top five favourites!

1. Haunted Mansion – Disney Parks

I have fond memories of riding this for the first time in 1997 when my family went to Disneyland. Mum was so excited as she loved it when she’d been in the 70s and I remember being dazzled by appearance of the ghosts, particularly the dancing ones! As it turns out this is Ben’s favourite too (he knows every word to “Grim Grinning Ghosts“) which kis why it’s the theme of our wedding this Halloween!

2. Big Thunder Mountain – Disneyland

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad2
Another Disney ride. This was the family favourite on our 1997 trip, my sister and I were obsessed with the goat chewing the dynamite and would cheer every time we passed him. It’s just a really fun ride that holds a very special place in my heart always.

3. Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey / Dragon Challenge – Universal Studios Orlando

I guess I’m kind of cheating but I honestly couldn’t pick between these two rides! As excited as I was to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I didn’t have particularly high hopes for the rides. I assumed they’d be aimed at kids so a bit wussy. Boy was I wrong! The first one is basically a simulator ride but also a bit of a roller coaster? It’s so hard to describe! You’re harnessed in properly because the booth you sit in flies around between the different screens where the story progresses. It’s unlike any style of ride I have ever been on before. The second ride is a proper roller coaster and it was AMAZING! You really do feel like you’re riding on a dragon, it’s brilliant.

4. Tower of Terror – Disney’s California Adventure / Hollywood Studios

Haha OK yes we’re back to a Disney ride… but this one is the best! It’s a dark drop ride which is terrifyingly fun but it’s actually the overall look and theme of the attraction that makes it totally awesome! It’s basically a new episode of the Twilight Zone (it even features Rod Serling in some impressive CGI) and is spooky as heck. I could ride it 100x and still never be bored of it.

5. Superman Escape – Movieworld

I figured I should bring it back to a local theme park for the last one. I’d have to say my favourite ride of all the theme parks on the Gold Coast would be the Superman Escape at Movieworld. It’s a proper roller coaster that’s exhilarating while also being really well done theme-wise. It starts off slow as part of the story but then Superman comes in and pushes the “subway” you’re on out of danger and you’re suddenly going very, very fast. It rocks!


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