Harry Potter Trivia Winners!


As you are all probably aware, I really like Harry Potter. I’ve even blogged about it a few times. Well I found out a little while ago that a Brisbane group called Man vs Bear were hosting a Harry Potter trivia night at a local bar, so obviously I immediately signed up a team (hilariously named “Quidditch while we’re ahead”) and started recruiting friends to join me in my quest to prove how big a HP nerd I really am. In the weeks leading up to the night, I tried to cram as much study in as possible but between working my day job and starting my nail business I only manged to read the Philosophers Stone and a few chapters of Chamber of Secrets. Oh no! I did a whole bunch of online quizzes whenever I could, but I was so nervous! People kept joking about how there would be a group there who had no life and so knew every intricate detail of the books and would defeat us easily. NO! I had a reputation to uphold, I was known for my HP-love thanks to the (now defunct) Harry Potter fanclub and all of my appearances on the radio, TV and in local newspapers  whenever the new film/book was coming out.


On the afternoon of the quiz, I met with my team to discuss tactics and have a few quick drinks to ease our nerves. We were all HP fans with excellent knowledge who were keen to win! I actually managed to rope in my friend Jen who did the quiz the night before (it’d been so popular, they had to add an extra night, which happened to be the night before we were going) who found out that the questions would be different but it was great to have some insider knowledge on how it all worked.

I won’t go through every blow by blow details of the evening as that’s ridiculous/boring but here are some of the highlights:


Look I’m not going to lie, I was one of those awful, obnoxious winners who screams, dances and carries on like a jerk. But I was so damn excited. I was also stoked when I realised the top prize was a Black Milk voucher, it was as though it was meant to be! Needless to say we celebrated for a while and I maybe made myself very, very sick (oops) but let’s face it, it was soooo worth it!


  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    Woo! Congrats! I still remember one of those pictures of you in the paper, in front of the train, dressed up. It was when your hair was longer. Gees, we have known each other awhile, haven’t we!

  • http://www.rubyvelour.com/ Ruby Velour

    We have! It’s crazy, really :D

    I’ve been trying to find that news clipping for ages now! I never put it on my old angelfire blog so I don’t know where to find it! :(

  • Karina

    Congrats! Yay! Love reading about your HP updates. I’ll be moving back to Brisbane in October and I am desperately trying to find some other potterheads. I had my own tiny meet up group in Munich (baking/ crafting HP), Germany. It was so much fun to test drive butter beer recipes and celebrate Halloween in Hogwarts style. I would love to be part of your group :)!

  • http://www.rubyvelour.com/ Ruby Velour

    Ahh that would be lovely! I look forward to catching up when you’re back in Brisbane!