Meet Midwich, our new family member

April 30, 2014
Animals, My Life

Look at who joined our little family on Sunday. Yep we got a new dog! Her name is Midwich (it was Dancer but we decided that wasn’t good enough for her at all) and she’s a Papillon who’s apparently about two years old. We actually found out about her through the parents of a work mate of mine who had rescued her and were trying to find her a new forever home. As soon as I heard about her, I wondered if this was potentially the new little dog for us so I arranged to meet her with Ben.

Needless to say she was a delight but as we were about to go to Thailand for a week (I’ll be posting about that shortly) we decided we’d have a think about it. To cut a long story short, after a lot of thought we decided she was the right pup for us and finally took her home on Sunday. She’s really adapting well so far, though poor old Shiro is a bit sulky now that there’s a smaller dog out-cuteing him constantly, but I know he’ll be fine soon enough.

Her back story is a bit sad, it turns out she was living with up to 45 other dogs, mostly border collies where she didn’t always get fed regularly regularly and when she was rescued she was black with filth and covered in fleas. From my understanding the man who had her ran some sort of dodgy backyard puppy farm and had been busted by RSPCA for having too many dogs and needed to get rid of most of them. He mostly bred border collies so only had two papillons, Midi and her mum (who also found a forever home up in Townsville) left over so  I imagine fighting off dozens of bigger dogs for food would have been a daily struggle for them. The lady who rescued her was actually there to get a pony off this man (who she happens to work with) but ended up taking the papillons as well because he said he was probably just going to shoot them! WHAT THE HELL??? I am so thankful she got there in time to rescue this little sweetheart, who despite her crappy upbringing, is the sweetest and most trusting little dog I’ve ever met. Oh and she likes to dance for attention (hence her previous name).


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  • so cute! x

  • She is SO cute! SO SO SO cute! When I originally saw her picture on Bens instagram, I made this kind of embarrassing “nawww” sound. I’ve been so clucky about dogs lately!

  • I’m so glad you were able to give her a home. What a cutie pie. It is so sad what people do to animals. I have seen way too many things that I can’t forget at work. :( I wish everyone was as awesome as you and Ben. :)