New Tattoo: Blue Wrens

March 7, 2014
My Life, Tattoo Talk

On the weekend I got a new tattoo. Despite having a fair few tattoos, I don’t get them that regularly these days (the boring side of growing up means money is usually better invested in essential items than frivolous fun like tattoos) but Ben got me a voucher for my birthday and I finally got around to booking in a session with Ash. I’d already told her the design I wanted a while ago, but I didn’t know how I wanted it framed, until a brain storming session with my mum and a friend came up with the idea of a heart-shaped frame of branches. Perfect!

The most exciting part is that it fills the big, boring spot on my back so perfectly. It may seem a bit odd but I really feel a lot better seeing that spot full, almost like it completes me a bit. I just could never decided what I wanted there until this idea finally came to me.

The birds are blue wrens (aka superb fairywren‘s, which is the coolest bird name ever) which are one of my favourite of all the birds (and I freaking love birds). I have such find memories of watching them as a kid as well as now when they flit around my mum’s backyard, feeding their little babies or teaching them how to bathe in the bird bath. One of my fondest memories as a kid was the time a male blue wren flew into the window of our house and nearly knocked himself out so my parents put him in an old bird cage to recuperate and I was absolutely fascinated for the hour or so we had him. I’ve always felt bad that the females are such a boring brown so I asked Ash to make my girl one extra pretty with little eyelashes for my tattoo, and she did an awesome job.

I can’t wait to get it coloured, though that may be a while off yet, but for now I am just super excited to have the tattoo I’ve been wanting for ages!


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  • Nessbow

    Ooooh, it’s gorgeous! I have a soft spot for blue wrens because they were my Nana’s favourite bird. When she passed away last year, I actually considered getting a blue wren tattoo in her memory, but I changed my mind.
    I can’t wait to see how this looks when it’s all finished. You’ve chosen a gorgeous design.

  • Ash is an amazing artist. It looks fantastic cara.