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March 21, 2014
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I thought I’d share some of the progress I’ve made in my nail technology course since I’m over half way through! I’ve now done five full sets of nails and two refills and am super proud of how much improvement I’ve seen from my first set to the most recent refill! It’s been a huge learning curve, I thought I knew so much from watching people do my nails for the five or so years I’ve had acrylic nails, but I really didn’t know much at all. Plus I’ve been going to those cheap nail places in shopping centres which I quickly realised (and admittedly already knew deep down) are absolutely horrendous and should be avoided at all costs!

One thing I’ve learned very quickly is that as a nail tech it’s very easy to forget to do your own nails, and when you do, they get wrecked pretty damn quickly (or as the old saying goes “the cobbler’s children go unshod”). In the picture above I’d finally had my nails done by my instructor (colour by me) before class yesterday and my god does it feel nice to get a fresh refill and not worry about knocking your nails off because they’ve grown out so far! I need to remind myself to maintain my own nails more since that’s what made me want to become a nail tech in the first place!

Here are some of the nails I’ve done since my last post. I’ve started experimenting with more nail art which is a lot of fun and far more satisfying than plain nails. I’ve got some proper nail art brushes and lots of gems on their way and a friend thoughtfully gave me a whole bunch of 3D nail art moulds, so my nail art skills are going to be out of control soon!

nails03 nails05
nails04 nails02

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