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March 3, 2014
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I have some exciting news! As of two weeks ago I started a course to get a certificate in nail technology! That means I will soon be a qualified nail tech and my years of doing my own nail art will finally become a skill I can use on others and hopefully the start of an awesome new career! I finally decided to give it a go after feeling really miserable a few weeks ago. I felt like I had no real skills and my life was kind of going nowhere. Melodramatic, I know, but I’m sure everyone gets a bit like that now and then. Ben urged me to start looking at learning nail technology since it’s been something I’ve talked about for a while, and I managed to find a small school in Brisbane that was not only offering evening/weekend classes but was also a short drive from home. I immediately knew this was what I needed to do and I’m about to start my 3rd week of classes!

I’ve already done full sets on my sister and mum and this week I will be doing two more friends. It’s challenging, but also fun and definitely something I want to do for a living.  My course goes for eight weeks, but it will take me many months of practice and hard work before I’ll be able to ditch my regular job, but I know I will be awesome at it and can’t wait to get to a standard where I can work for myself and become sought after for my crazy Japanese-style nail art! It’s amazing how much better I feel about things now I have a goal, knowing it’s something I really want to do and have the confidence to know that with a bit of hard work I know I will succeed. It makes me wonder why I’ve been putting it off so long? The expense? The fear of uncertainty or the risk of failure? Whatever it was, I’m glad I pushed through and am well on my way to fulfilling a dream. I will keep you updated on how my course goes as well as my adventures starting my own business throughout the year!

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  • Cara when I saw you were starting this course I was over the moon. I am so proud of you. Your work so far is amazing. I hope to have mega kawaii nails done by you one day. :)

  • Nessbow

    Congratulations! I’m so proud of you for making the leap and following your dreams.

  • So excited for you!!

  • Ileana

    Im new too at this career and I love it! Its fun, I finish in summer! Very excited!! :D