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March 18, 2014
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Moon Boot

If you happen to follow me on instagram or twitter, you may already know I did something very silly the other week. I fell down a step and fractured my ankle on the way to work. I knew as soon as it happened it was bad because it hurt like the dickens, but two older ladies stopped to help me so I had to make polite chit chat and joke about my silliness rather than scream and swear as I would have really liked! It swelled up and started bruising within minutes and I absolutely couldn’t put any pressure on it, so I went straight to the doctor who sent me off for xrays and an ultrasound which confirmed I had an avulsion fracture of my calcaneus (heel) bone. Basically I fell on my left foot which inverted inwards and tore/damaged ligaments which then ripped shards of bone from the upper part of my heel bone. This picture I found is pretty much exactly what I did:


I’ve been to an orthopedic surgeon who’s hopeful I will not need surgery, but we won’t know for sure until I start healing properly and could be anywhere up to three months away before we know what those little pesky bones shards are going to do. Boooo! So I’m strapped up in a moon boot for the next three months or so (which means I’m booted up for Supanova in the next few weeks AND our trip to Thailand at Easter) and have to take it veeeeerrry easy for a good long while.

My foot a few days after the fall

I’m trying to remain positive, after all lots of people do this sort of thing all the time, but I just feel so silly and since I have to wear my damn moon boot 24/7 I’m not getting much sleep and a tired Cara = a cranky Cara. I also had to swap cars with mum as Lola is manual and using a clutch is totally out of the question right now. It probably seems silly but I miss my dear car so much! Then there’s the struggles getting to and from work! Argh, it’s all so annoying! But I’ll suck it up because I’m thankful that my injury could have been way worse, that it was my left leg that got injured and not my right (which would have meant no driving at all which would have made life hell) and that I’m covered by Workcover which means I’m not out of pocket for all of the expenses involved in fixing me or for the time I’ve had off work. Gotta remember the little things, y’all!

If anyone has any suggestions on how to deal with an injury like this, please send them my way!


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  • Cara I am soo sorry. It looks so painful!!!

  • Nessbow

    Oh honey, that’s no good at all. Take it easy and get well soon!