PAX AUS 2013

July 26, 2013
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On the weekend Ben and I went down for a very brief trip to Melbourne, specifically for PAX AUS. Due to other commitments (ie. work) we were only able to spare the weekend so we flew down on Saturday morning to return on Sunday evening which made for a very busy couple of days!

For those who don’t know (and are too lazy to Google it for themselves) PAX is a convention run by the guys behind Penny Arcade, a long running and insanely popular web comic that’s predominantly about video games. The convention isn’t just about video games though, it’s about all games, from the good ol’ fashioned board games to smart phone/tablet games.

Now, I’m not much of a gamer, in fact I am horrible at video games and I get bored very quickly of games on my phone. But I do play board games on a semi regular basis and it seems like board games are becoming a big thing after being shrugged off as super nerdy and lame for many years. Plus Ben is a total board game maniac these days which was the main reason why we were going.

Unfortunately we overbooked ourselves somewhat which meant we got nowhere near enough sleep all weekend which resulted in a super tired Cara who managed to fall asleep on the ground of the gaming area at one point. Though funnily enough I managed to win the board game we played which I kept dozing off in (not even exaggerating, I was literally modding off to sleep as I was playing). I got dem skillz ;)

One of the guys from Penny Arcade, Jerry, was even hanging around on the floor saying hi to people, signing autographs and getting photos taken on the fly. Ben was all starstruck, which was totally adorable. On the right is our mate Tom who came along with us and seemed a bit starstruck by Jerry too. Aww, nerd luv <3 Note: The photo is blurry because I am not good with iphones and didn’t focus it properly :(

Unfortunately we were unable to attend any panels as they filled up hours before they even started, which was a shame. I guess it was lucky we were only there for the one day, as it would have been hugely disappointing if we had a three day pass and missed out on all of the panels we wanted to see. Still, the “fake geek” seminar would have been really good so it was still a bit of a shame.

It was a really fun day despite being the tiredest person ever. I got to hang out with some friends I rarely see (due to them being from Melbourne and all) and even bumped to the super kawaii Maddie. We’re already planning to go back for the full three days next year, where we’ll sleep more and hopefully get to go to some of the panels!


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  • It sounded like SO much fun! Gees, I’ve known Tom for around as long as I’ve known you, maybe even longer. One of my best friend was on the fake geek panel!

  • So sad we didn’t get tickets! Glad you had a rad time even if the weather was balls. :)