The Day I Bought a New Car

December 21, 2012
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On Monday 17th December, I finally became an adult. I did something that I’d never attempted to do before and actually never thought I’d be able to do because of some silly decisions I made as a younger woman. I BOUGHT MYSELF A BRAND NEW CAR! Oh yes, I own my own little Toyota Yaris, brand new, fresh off the truck. And the best pit? IT’S MOTHER EFFING PINK! It’s not a custom colour either, “Cosmopolitan” aka hot pink, is a standard colour for this particular model of car.

I’d been considering buying a new car for a while. My dear, precious Betsy (a 1986 Ford Laser wagon) was on her last legs and it wasn’t worth the cost to pay her rego because she needed so much work. Plus I was sick of owning a car that’s almost the same age as me, with no air con, a non-working fuel gauge and no power steering that would break down constantly because I am no good with older cars and didn’t show Betsy the proper respect she deserved.

So there we have it. I bit the bullet and ordered one and picked it up on my day off from work. It was the single most terrifying and exhilarating purchase I’ve ever made in my life! Sure I could have bought another used car, but the timing was perfect (woohoo super low interest) and I knew deep down this is something I wanted to do, and I doubt I’ll ever regret it for a second, because SHE’S HOT PINK, BABY!

Now to think of a name for her. Maybe Lola? Oh, there’s so much potential! :D



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  • It’s so pretty. You are so lucky.

  • She is gorgeous, I LOVE the colour! Congrats on your new baby! :P