Rape is Rape is Rape

August 23, 2012
Cara Rage, Feminism

Well it’s been a little while since I had a bit of a feminist rant. I mean, I have one almost every day but I try not to clog up my blog with a rant on every outrage I read or hear about against women, since I don’t want this to be a feminist blog as such and I also like talking about other things!

But the recent thing with Senator Todd Akin is so unbelievably retarded, that I have to say something. In actual fact his ridiculous statements about how it’s rare for women who are “legitimately” raped falling pregnant because of our apparent ability to eject rape-sperm from our bodies in those situations, is so absurd that it’s opened up a lot of discussion about the way the typical white, male politician perceives women and their rights. I mean, it’s not like he can be the only dumb arse in US politics who has this sort of mentality that abortion. Turns out he’s not, as a quick search of the internet on the matter will reveal. So while it sucks that so many people who are able to have laws passed think this way, at least people are becoming aware and are able to stand up say “OH HELL NO” and if we’re lucky, help influence others to change their minds.

I could spend the next five paragraphs ranting about why these guys are arseholes and how wrong their opinions are about what defines rape and whether or not women have the right to choose if they’d like an abortion or not. I think it goes without saying that I believe rape is rape (ie. horrendous in every way rape can possibly be committed) and that there are no grey areas when it comes to someone having sex with someone else without their consent, likewise I believe abortions should be legal, especially for those who have been impregnated by rape. So instead of ranting about my opinions which are pretty clear cut, I thought I’d share some links on the situation, as well as the discussions that have been raised as a result of this political scandal. Enjoy!

Pregnancy from rape really rare: US pollie
Rep. Todd Akin: The Statement and the Reaction
On Todd Akin, the Republican Party and the women who enable them
 ‘Being falsely accused of rape is as bad as being raped’
Bryan Fischer Says Todd Akin’s Comments About ‘Legitimate Rape’ Were ‘Absolutely Right’
Todd Akin: One More Male Politician Clueless About Female Biology
Semen Triggers Ovulation, New Study Suggests (just to further disprove the statement that women can prevent conception when raped)

There are SO many articles on the issue but if you’re interested in reading more, just google “Todd Akin rape comments” and you will able to read for hours. It’s sad that a man had to reveal just how ignorant he is of the female body or the depth of how trully awful rape is for this to become an important issue in the media, but it has and I’m glad because it means more people out there (men and women) will have their opinions on what is/isn’t rape redefined and hopefully for the better!

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  • Stacey Cash

    I can’t even express in words how mad that kind of ignorance makes me. Ugh. 

  • Yep, it pretty much renders me speechless too. I just do not understand how some people’s brains work :(