Harry Potter’s 32nd Birthday Party

August 4, 2012
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The 31st of July is Harry Potter’s birthday. As in the actual birth date of the character. Seeing as I once founded the first Australian Harry Potter fanclub (it’s true!), I like to do fun HP-themed things with those friends I made back in the fanclub days. Kimberly and I organised last years one rather quickly but it was a lot of fun so we did it again this year. This time we booked a space at the Platform Bar at Grand Central Hotel as their Functions Manager is the best! It was a small affair as a few people were sick or couldn’t make it but it was lots of fun and good to see the gang again.

Anyway, here are some photos from today (we didn’t have the party on the 31st as it was a Tuesday and we wanted to get our drank on!):

Golden Snitch cake pops, Chocolate Frogs and my poorly made Hogwarts cupcakes.

Various games, all HP-themed, of course.

OMG Kim’s cauldron cakes were the BEST!

As the venue runs alongside the train station we kept it “Hogwarts Express” themed :)

More snacks, some fancy potions bottles and books!

Kim and I. The HP-party duo and perpetual Gryffindor/Ravenclaw’s gals.

Diz joined the fanclub when she was TWELVE  and still comes to all our do’s 10+ years later!

Did I tell you guys how good these cake pops were? Coz they were AMAZING!!!

Second-floor bathroom selfies ;)

Kim and I enjoying some well-deserved beer!

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  • escaping pictures FTW!!! I had a caulron cake just before and OMFG they were awesome!!! 

  • ooohhh!! this is totally cool!! Happy Birthday!! :-D

  • this looks like the perfect party!