What I Wore to Finders Keepers

July 8, 2012
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On Saturday I went to the Finders Keepers markets as I do every time they’re on. But this time I was doing research as I plan to have a stall at their next Brisbane markets later in the year. In all honesty I wasn’t very impressed with what was on offer as most of the stalls have been there every single time, and generally everything is just so damn indie which is way too boring for me. People were going MAD for these origami flowers on sticks and buying them by the dozen. They were pretty cute but for $6 a pop and with the dull colours they chose for the papers I coudn’t understand why people were just going so crazy! Another world, I suppose, one I don’t quite understand! Then I realised the Teneriffe Festival was on and they had their own markets that I was told were amazing, so I wish I’d gone there instead. Oh well :(

Anyway, enough of that. Here is what I wore:

This jumper belonged to my mum which she wore in the 80s. Bright blue, sequined lightning bolts and batwing sleeves? How 80s and fabulous can you get, I mean really? I’ve been meanting to wear this out for ages but just couldn’t work out what to wear it with, until I found these awesome leopard print stockings. Unfortunately I had to chuck them out as my long nails plus puppy dogs means they got laddered beyond recognition. But they were lovely while they lasted!

Close up of my jumper. I also matched my eyeshadow to the jumper but it’s a bit hard to see as I was a bit squinty in the glare from the cloudy sky.

Jumper: Retro 80s batwing jumper from my mum.
Skirt: Black denim distressed mini from Target.
Stockings: Columbine sheer leopard print, on sale at Myer.
Boots: My favourites – from Dotti.
Jewellery: From all over the place!

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