What I Wore – Lady Gaga concert

June 20, 2012
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On Saturday night my sister and I went to the Lady Gaga concert! It was a lot of fun, though I will admit it was not quite as mind-blowing as the first concerts I went to back in 2010 (which I wrote about here). But hey, the lady puts on a GREAT show and I was not disappointed. I was also really impressed with how much fan-interaction she had this time. She really does love her fans and while “Little Monsters” sometimes shit me (they’re like a frikken, flamboyant gang sometimes, yo), I loved seeng her talk to fans during the show.

Anyway, on to our outfits!

Dress: Hackey leatherette dress by Miss Cherry  (from igedo)
Jacket: My precious Lipsy coat from Miss Shop (as also worn to Prince recently)
Leggings: From Avon
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Nightee (bought from ZOMP)
Handbag: Studded lips from Dangerfield

Dress: Black lace mini dress from Valley Girl
Leggings: Peacock leggings from Black Milk
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk from Solestruck

Now, my sister and I are both about 5’9” without shoes. With our JC’s on we were taller than her boyfriend who’s 6’3″ so it’s fair to say we stood out in a crowd in every way possible. We couldn’t go anywhere without hearing someone whisper “OMG their shoes!” which was pretty funny. We got a few compliments but mostly people just stared in awe. I guess it’s pretty darn daunting approaching two girls who are about 6’5″ tall to tell them you like their shoes.! We spent ages before the show people-watching and spotting Black Milk leggings (my sister is a recent convert) and Jeffrey Campbell shoes while sipping champagne.

After the show my feet were in hell. Erin’s shoes are MUCH comfier than mine (I wore hers one night for a few hours and it was like walking on clouds). Because they’re peeptoe’s they cut into one toe a bit and basically I just wasn’t used to them. But I managed to spent almost the whole night in them and even did a fair bit of dancing so they fared better than 60% of my high heels. They’re actually not that hard to walk in, as long as you don’t lean back too much, you’re all right!

It was a really fun night, and I’m glad I shared it with my little sis!

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  • You two look smokin’! I’m totally jealous that you went to Lady Gaga!

  • You both look amazing! Guh, I <3 Black Milk but from the sizing, they wouldn't fit around my waist, but I admire other girls wearing them!

  • I am pretty excited that my sister is into BM now. Not so thrilled that she looks 10x better in them than me but oh well :P

  • Aww thanks :) It was a great night!