Ruby’s Movie Reviews: May – June 2012

June 17, 2012


I am not going to lie, this is not the best film ever. Which I think a lot of people expected it to be, and why so many of them are now bitching about how shit it was. It’s not shit, in fact it’s actually really good. Just not as amazing as Alien (it’s “sort of” sequel) or Avatar (as it was touted, with the whole shot-in-3D thing) but it’s pretty darn enjoyable. Just don’t go it expecting to have all of your Alien-related questions answered and maybe expect to have many new questions when you leave the cinema. Especially ones about the origin of life on Earth and also “so was the robot good of bad?” because there are a lot of open ends left in this film. Sequel, anyone?

Just quickly, the story is set in the not-too-distant future where two scientists have found a star-map to a mystery planet, and believe it might be where human life came from. A rich old dude (Guy Pearce, strangely enough) funds a big ol’ trip to this mystery planet along with a cool-but-creepy Michael Fassbender as robot, David. As one might expect from director  Ridley Scott, all goes to shit and it turns out maybe we were being a bit too curious for our own good. Also, aliens barge their way into mouths, burst through stomachs and generally gross everyone out, ever.

The 3D is nothing like Avatar, which is probably the biggest disappointment for me, but it was better than the average 3D film (which isn’t saying much, unfortunately). I am really looking forward to the director’s cut as I think that’s where it’ll really shine.


I was actually really surprised by how much I enjoyed this film. Let’s face it, MIB2 wasn’t exactly brilliant and so I was kind of surprised that Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones would agree to be in the 3rd installment. Thank god they did, because it shat all over the first sequel and was heaps of fun. Apparently they started filming with only half a script in order to secure Will Smith, and then madly wrote the second half while filming, which is funny because it’s actually the second half where it gets really good. Funny how things work out, hey? Can I just say, Josh Brolin stole the show. He played a better Agent K than even Tommy Lee Jones! In fact there were a couple of moments where I could have sworn they used some CGI trickery to make TLJ looks 40 years younger, he was that bloody convincing. I was also delighted when I realised it was Jemaine Clement playing the bad guy, Boris the Animal. I was actually so sure that it was Tim Curry at first. Good one, Jermaine!

The plot is pretty simple, Boris the animal busts out of space-jail and decides to go back in time to 1969 when Agent K shot his arm off and captured him, to kill him and thus be able to take over Earth with his nasty alien mates. Agent J (Will Smith) has to go back in time to stop this from happening and also work out why his partner K has been such an arsehole lately. The ending is actually really sweet and kind of explains why a lot of the things in the first film happened (but basically you just have to pretend the second film never existed for that to work, which is easy enough to do).


I actually saw this film a while ago, but enjoyed it a lot and thought I should recommend it. I got free tickets because I’m a member of the Palace VIP club (what can I say, I’m still a film geek) for a sneak preview. It stars Stellan Skarsgård, who you might know from Thor, The AvengersThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or just as Alexander Skarsgård’s dad (ya know, Eric from True Blood). It’s Norwegian so if you’re one those people who don’t like reading subtitles then this is not for you (or maybe you should harden up and start liking foreign films because you’re missing out on a LOT of good films by being so stubborn).

Bastøy prison for is for young men where the conditions are harsh and the men who run is harsher. “C19” is one of two new arrivals who is rumoured to have committed murder (most of the crimes committed by the boys are pretty minor, often stealing) and immediately plans to get off the island ASAP. He almost succeeds at one point but it caight nd severely punished. In the meantime he become close with another boy, C1. Well, as close as two boys can given the circumstances. C1 is getting very close to being released and is therefore a model inmate while C19 is disobedient and hell bent on causing trouble. Then he discovers the kid who he came to the island with, C5 is being molested by one of the male staff and basically all of the staff are a pack of jerks, leading to a rebellion.

It’s not a very happy film, but it’s not as grim as the synopsis might have you think. It was superbly acted by the young men who portray the inmates and while the ending is far from happy, it’s almost uplifting. It’s actually based on a true story where a rebellion took place oin 1915 and the army were sent in to finish it. Definitely worth seeing for something a bit different!

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