My Day in Photos: Ipswich Show

May 21, 2012
My Life

As per my previous post, I wanted to share a few of the photos of my day at the Ipswich Show. I actually grew up in country Victoria so this show kind of took me back to my childhood where the show was teeny tiny compared to the big ol’ Ekka and it had that real country feel.

A trip to any show isn’t complete without visiting the petting zoo. Seeing a bunch of piglets and kids snuggled together was just about the cutest thing I have ever witnessed. I especially liked the brown, spotty piglet!

Here I am channelling Katniss Everdeen. I’ve actually always wanted to do archery after finding I was good at it at my grade 6 camp. I envisioned myself as shooting for Australia at the Olympics. In all seriousness, it’s something I’m keen to take up since it’s a very handy skill in case of an unexpected apocalypse, zombie ones especially. Meanwhile, I have a massive bruise on my left arm from the bow whacking me a few times and I nearly lost a couple of nails on my right hand. Still, I’m determined to learn it properly!

I’ve never found clowns all that creepy, like 99% of people my age who were traumatised by It. But this one… yeah it was pretty creepy. I should have filed him for the creepy music and his awful voice on top of that mildly threatening request to “Come in and have fun” *shudders* I do like that dashing Aussie flag tie though.

OK this was pretty special. The computers were those groovy ones from the early 90s with the black screen with the white text that were hideously old and daggy even when I did computer studies in grade 8 (*cough*1996*cough*). I can only imagine the wonders these machines of the future might have had in store for me. Shame the booth was unattended :(

I bought a HUGE box of Nerds which is still one of the greatest candies ever created. My tongue still hurts from them two days later (though admittedly I did only just polish off the box this evening).

Nothing quite brings a dampener on your day like a parking ticket after a day at the show. Thanks, Ipswich City Council!

But we still returned later that evening for the fireworks, which followed the display of an old army truck that drove around the around the oval with a big jet engine on its back that burst out huge flames now and then. It was simultaneously the most retarded, boring and hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. Then we bought a big bucket of fairy floss and some show bag’s and called it a night! I mean I would have stayed at the Greyhound club’s public bar and partied on with the locals, but I’m on a budget and had $10 worth of fairy floss to devour!

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  • I love the archery photo! As a child I think I always imagined I would be good at archery because I was such a fantasy novel freak, but the one time I’ve gotten to do it (a school camp), I really wasn’t very good at all.  Still loving those Electro Pinks so much!