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May 31, 2012
I love Links, In the News

Goodness! I haven’t done a I <3 Links post in AGES! Well, let me remedy this immediately!

Awesome People Hanging out Together
Pretty self explanatory. Mostly celebrities and other well-known, cool people. There are some really random combinations of people which fills me with lots of joy :)

Dear Coquette
Do you need some no-nonsense advice from someone who doesn’t beat around the bush? Or do you just like to read advice such as this, dished out to strangers? Then this tumblr is for you. I love how direct she is, and have already taken some of the advice for myself.

Letter Heady
Do you enjoy letterheads? I know I do, and as someone who has an actual, proper pen pal that I write to every month, I am really into letterheads and other fancy, REAL stationary right now. There are some super cool ones here that I’d love to replicate!

Grandpa Simpson Quotes
I don’t think there’s a soul alive who doesn’t love Grandpa Simpson. His quotes are always awesome (well, maybe not as great in the last 10 years but that’s because the new writers are generally pretty awful these days).

“Mr. Peterson, you can take this job and…fill it! And one more thing…I never once washed my hands. That’s your policy, not mine.”

Lick My Cupcakes
I’ve loved this blog by Em for years but for some reason I stopped reading it for ages (my fault for not adding it to my “Blogs to check daily” folder, I s’pose). Check it out as she’s super cute and blogs very lovely things.

The Zombie Apocalypse is Upon Us
Did you hear? Zombies have turned up in the USA and well, started eating people’s faces (warning, link is GRAPHIC and NSFW). I don’t want to be called a fear mongerer but my plans to learn archery seem highly appropriate right about now, as does storing canned good, medical supplies and buying a fortress in the middle of a vast field with plenty of fresh water and good views for zombie shootin’.


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