Blog (and Life) Overhaul

May 2, 2012
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OK so it goes like this. I need to overhaul a few things in my life, including my blog. I have severely neglected it in recent months and I can only assume it’s to do with the huge life changes I went through earlier in the year ie. breaking up with a long-term boyfriend, moving from the exciting Valley in the quiet suburbs (with my mum, no less), plus a few others. While these changes have ultimately been for the better, I have spent these last few months being super strong and tough and basically putting up a big front of strength which kind of came crashing down on me last week. Don’t worry, I am all right and am feeling much better this week. Last week really highlighted to me the things I need to fix about myself and the fact I am not infallible and am allowed to have moments of weakness now and then, as long as I learn from them and use them to make myself better and stronger.

I absolutely love writing, which is why I started this blog in the first place a number of years ago. But I have been really bad at it. I am a hopeless procrastinator, so any wonderful ideas I have for a new blog entry are either forgotten or I piss fart around so much that by the time I sit down to write them out, they’re no longer relevant. I need to stop doing that and write ALL the time. I need to make  note of any new blog idea I have in my diary (yes I still carry around an old-fashioned, paper diary) or even better, in my damn smart phone! I need to stop worrying about whether anyone will like what I write or if I’m writing too much or if it’s too pointless. Who cares? It’s my blog and so I need to pour myself into it, not write what I think people might like.

So please stay tuned for more entries. I aim to blog at least three times per week, more if I can manage it! I will blog more about fashion and music since that’s what my life tends to revolve around, as well as movies, advice and my patented rants. I’d also appreciate feedback and suggestions, if anyone has any. Feel free to comment here or email me at rockfotze (at) gmail (dot) com.

Love and fist shakes!

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  • I always love reading your blog! It seems a lot of people have been feeling this way lately, myself included. That’s why I started my new blog – I was feeling like I’d been caught up too much in what I “should” be doing for my blog instead of what I wanted to be doing.  My only “suggestion” is keep writing about the things that you love! It always shows & you will enjoy it so much more!

  • Ahhh you’re my favourite reader because you always comment have awesome things to say!
    I think it was your change that spurred mine. I also see girls like you and Natatree posting stuff ALL the time which means I’ve always got something new to read every time I go visit, which is definitely what my poor blog has been lacking.