Supanova Gold Coast 2012

April 25, 2012
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Guys, I had the best weekend ever! Supanova was at the Gold Coast for the first time and it was awesome! I had so much fun and am totally suffering post-Supanova depression right now ;_;

My good friend Kim and I headed down to the Gold Coast on Friday night where we stayed in a family members holiday unit so we wouldn’t have to drive the hour + drive down each day. I went as  Hufflepuff student as I was sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore (much to my dismay, as I’m Gryffindor through and through) but figured everyone would be in Gryffindor so I’d at least stand out. Turns out I was wrong as Hufflepuff seems to be the new in-thing, but oh well! We battled the Gold Coast public transport system with limited success, arriving at the Gold Coast Convention Centre about an hour later than planned. After skulling some Smirnoff energy drinks for an energy boost/buzz we lined up in the glaring sun with lots of sweaty cosplayers, wondering when it got so hot all of a sudden. Within about half an hour we were inside and absolutely shocked by how many people were there! I don’t know if it was just my imagination but it seemed WAY bigger and busier than the Brisbane Supanova. You could barely move for all the people and god forbid you got caught doing the wrong way up and aisle as it was like swimming upstream of a very geeky river.

After looking at all of the stalls, I started the lengthy process of lining up for photos and autographs with the Phelps twins. If you don’t know who they are, they are the actors who played the Weasley twins in the Harry Potter films. And in case you didn’t already know, the Weasley twins are my absolute favourite characters, followed closely by Ron. So naturally, I was VERY excited to be meeting them! I spent most of the Saturday in lines for a photo with them and then their autograph, which was hideously boring but I made the most of it by people-watching and chatting to the Harry Potter fans around me.

You weren’t allowed to hug the twins or pretty much interact with them at all so I just walked in and said hi to them and put my arms around them and got the photo taken and tried not to squeal like a teenybopper. You can tell in the photo just how excited I am because I normally never grin that much! I then moved on to the autograph line to wait for another million years to meet them and get their autographs, where I was actually able to talk to them for a bit. Oliver was pretty quiet, we just talked about how our days were going and about seeing the Gold Coast. James was much chattier, he asked me about how warm it was in my costume (I admitted it seemed like a great idea until I stepped out of the house) and we laughed at how it was a good thing I didn’t wear my cloak. He also saw my Dark Mark and asked when I got it done, I told him about seven years ago as I’m an old-school, hardcore fan from way back.

And then our first day was over!

Sunday my sister came down for the day despite being sick as a dog (that’s the spirit). I decided not to dress up and just went for over-the-top kawaii with lots of pink, black sequins and some Minnie Mouse ears to top it off. She chose to dress as Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood, in her Merlotte’s diner uniform. Super cute! Thanks again to the Gold Coast’s public transport system we arrived an hour later than planned and only had enough time to look at half of the stalls before we went to line up for the Phelps twins seminar. Unfortunately they don’t filter the fan questions so there was some excruciatingly awkward moments when some fans asked some terrible questions that the boys literally couldn’t answer. CRINGE!

Afterwards we went and lined up for our photo with the twins which was the best thing ever. We were warned yet again not to hug them and that we just had to go in, have the picture taken, and move on. So Erin and made the most of our limited time with them and walked in, said hello (hello again, in my case) and grabbed a twin each and posed. I admit I grabbed James pretty close, in fact we probably had about 80% body contact and if I’m not mistaken, our boobs were touching :D What can I say? I’m sleazy for the Weasley’s!

We then lined up for their autographs which took AGES and by the time we finally got to them, they’d been instructed to speed things up by not chatting to fans for so long so by the time Erin and I got to them we didn’t get to talk to them much. But they were still super sweet and polite and a delight to talk to, even it it was fairly brief. We wandered around for another half an hour, bought a few items and then went and watched the twins finish signing autographs with a group of teenaged fans (I know it’s lame but I love these guys, give me a break) and gave them a cheery wave when they finally left for the day.

Anyway, here are a few photos I took on the day. Hover over them for the description!

  A sneaky vodka before entering
Drop Dead Fred!  Amazing pink bling skull ring. Only $10!

Kawaii!  My sister as Sookie!

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