Ruby Movie Reviews – April 2012

April 28, 2012

Wow I have been slack-as with my movie reviews. I don’t even know if I should keep them up? I see movies ALL the time but somehow always forget to review them. Worst blogger ever? Probably. Anyway, here’s the last FOUR films I have watched:


I will admit I saw this film simply because of the cast. I adore older, English actors and have a little bit of a crush maybe on Bill Nighy. The storyline seemed simple enough, some elderly Poms decide to go to a hotel in India for a retreat where they discover the over-enthusiastic owner (played by Dev Patel, the guy from Slumdog Millionaire) has embellished the advert somewhat and are faced with less than savoury facilities in the hotel. However (most) of them make the most of it and get right into making themselves at home and discovering their surroundings. Two of the characters have trouble aclimatising, one of which is there against her will (to get surgery) while the other is really just a whiney cow who never seems to be happy anywhere, much to her husband’s dismay.

The story is very sweet and definitely not too complex but very enjoyable. The characters are all wonderful and it’s always a pleasure seeing Maggie Smith plating a grumpy old codger. There’s an interesting/sad twist on the development of one character that is also kind of bittersweet. It also delves into the lives of young, modern Indian people who are trying to adapt to the new world while fighting off the predjudices of the old way. The scene with Maggie Smith’s character when she becomes friendly with the “untouchable” servant girl is especially nice.


So apparently I am in the minority of people I know who actually liked this film. In fact, I will go as far as saying I loved it! I decided not to read the books before seeing the film as I am sick of being disappointed by a film because I went and read the book right before it. I am very eager to read the books after seeing this film because I thought it was fabulous. With the exception of the main premise of the film, I want to live in that future! The colours, the fashion, the futuristic-yet-old-fashioned styling ala Blade Runner (but much cleaner and sparklier). It was a total feast for my eyes!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the storyline revolves around Katniss, who volunteers herself to enter the Hunger Games in place of her little sister. Basically, there was some apocalyptic event that destroyed the USA after which there were rebellions from people in the poor areas surrounding the capital city, called “Districts”. To punish the districts for their rebellion there is an annual game called the Hunger Games where two children aged between 12 and 18 are picked to represent the district in a battle to the death. Grim, I know. It’s a big televised event and big bucks for the people who run the show. Katniss and a boy she went to school with are trained up and it’s soon learned that Katniss could possibly win the games due to her cunning at archery and her fiesty attitude.

I don’t understand why people didn’t enjoy this movie. Not just those who’ve read the books either, I got bad reviews from heaps of people. I thought it was shot beautifully and full of suspense and have thought about the film a lot since I walked out of the cinema. If you didn’t like the film and can elaborate beyond “I just hated it”, please explain why!


Ahhh this movie was pretty fun. I didn’t have much in the way of great expectations when I went to see this film, in fact after the abysmal wreck that was Transformers 2, I was kind of expecting it to be high-action rubbish (which isn’t such a bad thing). But it as actually pretty good. It actually could have done being in 3D which I’m guessing it was meant to be in, but maybe we just lucked out in Australia. And that’s a big thing because I think 3D is over-rated and pointless in most of the films I see it used on. Or maybe I am just so used to seeing EVERY ACTION FILM EVER in 3D these days.

The plot is pretty simple, the main character Alex is forced to join the Navy by his big brother Stone (played very handsomely by Alexander Skarsgård) after fucking up his life one too many times. Alex is about to be booted out of the Navy by the father of his fiance because he is a turd who never obeys he rules. But first, RIMCPAC! Which seems to me to just be war games between US naval forces which Japan also joins in on. Meanwhile we discover there are satellites in Hawaii that are beaming out radio signals to a planet in a distant galaxy that has very similar conditns to Earth and therefore probably hosts living creatures. Obviously it does and those damn satellites probably woke them up early on a Sunday morning so they come to Earth and bring their terrifying battleship to fuck shit up with us humans.

Cue epic battle scenes, encounters with very human-like aliens and lots of witty one-liners. Unfortunately Stone doesn’t last long so it’s all up to deadbeat Alex to save the day. Very fun indeed.


I just saw this last night and LOVED it! I am partial to all Marvel comic book adaptations so I knew I’d enjoy it, but had no idea it would be this much fun! Before seeing this, you need to have seen Thor because it’s almost a carry-on of it, and maybe also Captain America for good measure. If you haven’t seen Iron Man or Hulk before then it’s no biggie because they basically explain their parts in the early scenes of this film.

Loki, the angry, disillusioned brother of Thor has decided to come to Earth to bust shit up, partly because he wants power but mostly because he wants revenge on his perfect sibling. He has an army of vicious monsters to help him out but first he needs a fancy cube called the Tesseract which will create a portal for them to come to Earth. Once he has the cube, it’s up to S.H.I.E.L.D. to get Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America to form together to combine their powers and stop him. Thor turns up since it is his brother causing all the fuss and this the team The Avengers is born. They start off hating one another and fighting a lot, which works to Loki’s advantage, but they all manage to pull together and do what superheroes do best – bust the bad guy.

I loved the dynamic of all f the characters. Iron Man and Captain America are polar opposites so they fight a lot. Thor is just his handsome self while I really liked how Hulk was portrayed by Mark Ruffalo. Oh and I was surprisingly impressed with Hawkeye. Looks like archery is going to be the new in-thing thanks to him and Katniss! The action was awesome the final battle scene was nice and long and made the 3D worthwhile (thank god). Definitely one to see, ya’ll!

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