Workin’ It at Future Music Festival

March 6, 2012
Festivals and Gigs, My Life

I love music festivals, I try to go to as many as possible every year. But sometimes it’s just not feasible to spend upwards of $150 for a ticket when you have debts and bills to pay. So for those festivals that I want to go to but would live if I didn’t get to go, I keep my ear out for a chance to work at them. I’ve worked a few festivals now like Good Vibrations and Stereosonic, so this was my first time working at Future Music Festival. FMF is a good one, it tends to cater for the more discerning fan of dance music and there are far fewer near-naked fuckheads attending than at many other Aussie music festivals. The acts are typicall a lot less mainstream and it’s always located in Brisbane as opposed to switching between here and the Gold Coast which is a right pain to get to.

I was a supervisor of a small group of promo people and our job was to promote the shit out of The Met nightclub and the fact Skrillex is playing there. It was a long, busy day with shitty weather and lots of wasted people getting in our faces. But it was also a lot of fun and I’m super glad I did it. We got fours hours off between shifts to go check out some acts, so I caught some of Skrillex (who I’m not much a fan of but can see the appeal, even if he had ruined dubstep, a genre I generally dislike), the Die Antwoord (who were AMAZING) and a little bit of Fat Boy Slim. Because I was working, I only had two ciders so was in no state to get into the spirit of Fat Boy Slim’s music so my sister and I checked out a few of the locals tents and scored some glowing tube thingies from the V tent and then taught ourselves how to shuffle dance at the Pure Blonde tent where we kept getting complimented even though we were totally taking the piss. Oh and we took a bunch of photos of us looking appalled at random shit we found lying on the ground. Good idea for a new tumblr, me thinks? Good times.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a few photos of my day:

I forgot to take a picture of my outfit before I got saturated in the many rainstorms, which is a shame because I was looking totally cute. Though white shirts + rain = not appropriate festival attire, just FYI.

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  • StopDrop&RocknRoll

    Not as many drunken bogans, but living in a hotel my building was full of drunken colourful, ridiculously haired, Skrillex loving douche bags nonetheless!

    Still, would have been cool to go, fucking love Die Antwoord.

  • I’ve never actually been to Future, but it sounds pretty cool. I would have loved to see Fatboy Slim! Also, love your top.