Anti-Gay? GTFO!

March 22, 2012
Cara Rage

I got this in the post yesterday. A friend got a similar one for her electorate which she posted on Facebook, which gave me extreme rage. And then I discovered it had been sent to me too. I am beyond enraged. In case you weren’t aware, Queensland has a state election this Saturday. I have been appalled for weeks now at the horrible slandering the political parties have done to one another in their campaigns. I’ll be honest, what I don’t know about politics could fill a warehouse. I am just not very well informed on political happenings beyond who our premiere is, who the opposition is and the latest things happening in the news. But I do know what I hate, and that is having political smear campaigns slammed down my throat on TV, radio and everywhere else, about how dreadful one person is vs the terrible things this MP supports or did. It’s nasty and makes me want to draw a giant cock on my ballot paper on Saturday just to show them how I feel about the whole thing.

But this flyer takes the cake. It doesn’t even say which political party to vote for, just that Wayne Wendt is clearly an AWFUL man for daring to support such DREADFUL things as gay surrogacy and same-sex civil unions. GASP! The way it’s been written, you’d think he’d also supported lowering the age of consent to 5 or something that might actually be damaging to a child. Bu no, he just happens to support gay rights, which in the eyes of these people (obviously Christians with too much time on their hands who hate gay people for no apparent reason) is WRONG!

I’ll tell you what’s WRONG, motherfuckers! WRONG is denying any person the right to love whomever they want, regardless of their gender. WRONG is believing AND accusing gay people of being inferior parents to heterosexual couples. WRONG is suggesting that every child must have a mother and that two men do not equal one female when raising a child (I’m sure a lot of single-fathers out there would be thrilled by that). WRONG is using that fucking font for the word “threaten”!!!

I am so incensed by this, I can’t even articulate how angry and sad it makes me. It’s like we’ve slipped back to the 80s when everyone was terrified of gays spreading AIDS and killing the population. I’d expect to see this in the USA, but never here in Australia.

At 6pm there is a protest against some religious nut-jobs who have a big old truck covered in homopobic messages that’s been cruising around the City all day today. I will be there, shaking my first and demanding every person in Australia has the same rights, gay or otherwise.


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  • Beldin

    URGH!!! What kind of sick fucks live in this world??! That flyer is repulsive!

  • Oh wow! That is, just, wow! I don’t know anything about politics, but yes, that rubs me the wrong way. One thing I’m very passionate about is the fact that I think Gay, lesbian, transgenders etc should be able to marry and to adopt. It’s the one thing I get uppity about with my Dad, we’ve had some very ‘heated discussions’ about it. I hate that people think that same sex parents can’t raise a child, what makes same sex parents any different to other parents? In fact, they have probably fought for and want the child more then some families, and as long as the child is looked after and loved, what does it matter if it’s a single parent, Mum & Dad, or same sex. Every person, every family is different.
    And yes, that font for threaten is wrong!

  • Ugh, totally disgusting. I absolutely flipped my shit when I saw the Bob Katter anti-gay marriage ad on TV the other night!