What I Wore – Mad Hatter’s Croquet Party

February 22, 2012
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The other week my good friend Nickers celebrated her birthday with a Mad Hatter’s themed party where we played croquet! It wasn’t necessarily fancy dress but as expected, I dressed up anyway. I left it a bit last minute so I just ended up throwin together some things to crate my own take on the (Pink) Queen of Hearts!

Skirt: Handmade by my own mum :)
Top: Black singlet from Cotton On (from about 5 years ago) and cami top from Ice
Socks: El Cheapo’s from a stall in a shopping centre. They’re meant to be thigh-high but apparently not so for those with ample calves :S
Shoes: Demonia Love Heart creepers bought from Wintersun a few years back – how excited am I that creepers are now in fashion? VERY!
Tiny Top Hat: Dollars & Sense with an added pink heart to fit the theme
Brooches: I got them from Finders Keepers markets a year or two ago, no idea who from though. They’re of Alice, the White Rabbit and one of the Playing Card Guards

Here’s a reasonable close-up of my makeup (that’s my bestie Sarah on the left). I used light pink lipstick to crate the heart cheeks and a slightly darker pink to make my lips into a heart shape. Had I not been running so late, I would have done my lips a lot better, but it was a subtle and cute effect so I’m not too worried.

Would it surprise you if I told you I was hungover as fuck here? Because I was. Some bright spark had the idea of letting ME run the social club at work and so we had an epic piss up the night before where I ended up drinking two bottles of pink champagne from the bottles. Classy work, gurl.

Oh and I discovered I have a knack for croquet. I did really well for my first go ever, and I really enjoyed it. Maybe it’s the new barefoot bowls? If so, I STARTED IT! But seriously, I had do much fun, I am considering joining a club!

Sarah, the birthday girl and I after a hard day of croquet in the sun

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  • What an awesome party theme! I love your take on the Queen of Hearts, that makeup is really, really cute (and so is your outfit, obviously).

  • Thanks! I actually wish I could wear that makeup more often, it’s just too cute! 

  • Oh! Love this outfit, and you’re not the only one excited about creepers being in fashion!