Shit Bogan Girls Say

February 7, 2012
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Hi guys, many apologies for not blogging lately. Basically life has been a tad hectic, as my work moved buildings which I helped co-ordinate, and my internet has crapped itself at home so I’ve just not had much time beyond using my phone on the commute to and from work to get online!

Never fear though, because on Sunday my sister and I filmed, edited and uploaded our “Shit Bogan Girls Say” video. If you haven seen the original “Shit Girls Say” video then please check it out here. There are tonnes of other variations, such as Shit Black Girls Say and my favourite Shit Asian Dads Say. Naturally I found these to be completely hilarious and decided to make my own version. But of what? Since it was nearing Australia Day and I have a bit of a soft spot for bogans, I knew that was what I had to do!

This video is the result of the 2nd attempt to make this video as my three years at film school was not enough to help me remember to change settings on a camera before filming the first time. Luckily though my sister wanted to be involved and made this version about 1000x better than I could have ever anticipated!  We had so much fun making it and are already planning the sequel.

Please Note: There is a LOT of swearing and it’s pretty damn obnoxious. If you’re offended by crass behaviour, swearing or bad mullet wigs, please do NOT watch this video!

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  • Sian

    Hahaha, the maccas one is so spot on.

  • I love this video so much! Actually, my entire family watched it the other day & we were all pissing ourselves laughing.

  • Oh yeah, i’ve heard a great many of those things being said. Then again, I did grow up in the Western Suburbs of Sydney.