What I Wore – Australia Day 2012

January 27, 2012
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Yesterday was Australia Day! I’ve never really been one to be patriotic or even that worried about celebrating public holidays beyond sleeping in late and doing bugger all for the day. But this year my best friend had an Australia Day BBQ so it was time to get out there and have fun. The theme was “bogan” but I decided to dress up in something completely different. I was also very much in a pink mood so I chose my pinkest and most in-you-face dress.

Dress: Gail Sorronda for Target
Shoes: Super cheapo pink flower thongs pinched from my mum’s closet :D

The dress was white, but as you may have already guessed about me, I don’t really like white (when you have pink hair, you tend to develop a healthy aversion to it) so I dyed it pink. It sort of looks tie-dyed, which was unintentional but I love how it turned out. I haven’t worn it in ages because a certain someone didn’t like it, but now that is no longer a problem, I am going to wear it more often!

And just for good measure, I thought I’d get into the Aussie Day spirit for a few moments:

How was your Australia Day?

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  • This dress is gorgeous on you! I love the cut & the shade of pink.  I spent my Australia Day relaxing at home, so it was pretty good. Happy Australia Day!

  • LOVE that dress, it’s gorgeous! I’ve never even thought of buying something I like that is white & dying it, now my head is racing with possibilities! 

  • OMG it’s the best! I just can’t do full on white so I’ve dyed a few white dresses pink now! 

  • Thank you!!!

    Relaxing at home is THE ideal way to spend Australia Day, I think :)