Massive Changes for 2012

January 20, 2012
My Life

Well 2012 has been extremely eventful for me so far and we’re only just over halfway through January! Last Sunday I moved out of my flash party pad in the Valley and into the suburbs with my mum. The reasons behind this are extremely personal so I won’t go into them for privacy reasons, but it’s been a HUGE shock to the system. I lived in that swanky unit for two years and before that just over the road in another unit for over three years.

It’s a HUGE change. It was something I’d been thinking about for a few months but I’m the type to procrastinate until the chance has gone or just plain wuss out and not go ahead with major decisions such as these. In other words, I’m all talk to action. And yet I had an epiphany last week and within six days I had moved my entire life across Brisbane. My mind is still boggling that a) I did it and b) I did it so quickly.

It’s easy to focus on the negatives when you make such a big change like this. I’m not a big fan of massive changes, I do like having a bit of a routine with the freedom to do what I want without bothering anybody else. Living with my mum now, I have to rely on here getting me to the train station (until my poor car gets back on the road) and it’s now a big deal transport and time wise getting to work our going out on a Saturday night. In order to look ahead and maintain a sunny disposition and not ket the big stuff get me down, I am concentrating on turning these potential “negatives” into positives in my new situation:

  • The Long Commute to and from work. While this is a massive change from my usual 2 minute train trip to work and 20 minute walk home, I now have lots of time to read to and from the office. I can also listen to music and zone out which is something I haven’t had time to do for ages now and have actually rather missed.
  • Being completely out of the hustle and bustle of the Valley. While I will miss $5 steaks at RGs and being so damn close to everything all the time, I am going to save HEAPS now I have less temptation to go out drinking or out to dinner randomly. There’s far less chance I can pop down to the shops for a late night snack or get tempted by the various shops on the streets surrounding home. I will also find myself with less to do so I will have more time for the things I love like blogging, sewing and various other crafty things I just couldn’t do in the Valley.
  • Being so far away from friends. In actual fact, because my situation has changed so much, it’s likely I will spend more time with the friends I haven’t seen in a while because they’re no longer “just around the corner” and I’ll be able to see them in places outside the Valley (fancy that) which means I will appreciate my time with them a lot more.

In other words I am going to save SO much money, I will get more “me” time, I will be able to do more creative stuff more often and I will get rid of a lot of stress that I’ve just sort of learned to live with over the years. I am actually really excited! Plus I love my mum dearly so it will be great to spend lots of time with her ^_^

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  • Ellie Nielsen

    As a fellow Ipswichian, I found that the move from Brisbane to the Swich’ was quite hard, but have really grown to love living here.
    It has its flaws (like all places, really) – but it’s moving away from ‘Bogansville’ to something more classy. There was even an article in The Courier Mail last week calling (the top of town) Ipswich ‘Little Melbourne’. There are heaps of awesome cafes, and cute little shops, art galleries and the like…

    The night scene in Ipswich is pretty… shit, but there are more and more places putting bands on, and eating out in Ipswich is slowly getting better.

    I know we’ve never ‘hung out’, but feeel free to shoot me an email or what have you if you’re looking for stuff to do, and I’ll keep you in the loop of stuff I know is happening.

    ps: I admire your strength. Sometimes the first step is the hardest. Congratulations on doing what’s good for you.