OMG I now own Crocs!

November 28, 2011
Fashion and makeup

I have something I need to admit to you all. I may lose friends over this revelation, but I want to come clean to the world right now.

I bought myself a pair of Crocs.

I can hear your gasps of disbelief, and I know, I know. I can’t believe it myself. But it’s true.

But just to ease your minds, it’s not a pair of those hideous clogs that I bought. Believe me, I would never, ever admit to that to anyone (EVER). In fact I ended up buying a pair of wedge heels called Lena. They were on special and were so, so comfy that I couldn’t say no.



I think they’re really cute and it feels like you’re walking on soft foam beds (which in fact, you actually are). Their only downfall is that they don’t breathe as they don’t have holes in them like the clogs do, which made for some slippery feet after a few hours of shopping in Paddington in hot weather. But apart from that, I love them and am very excited that I was able to look past the dagginess of the Crocs brand and find something cute and unique. I’m not eyeing off a few of their flats and the adorable bags they sell.

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