I want some Dukas shoes!

October 3, 2011
Fashion and makeup, I love Links

I accidentally stumbled upon this Greek label of shoes the other day and am madly in love. This designer has been around for about 10 years but it’s only been quite recently that the fashion world has been exposed to his… well, works of art. If I could only choose one label for my shoes for the rest of my life, Dukas would be it.

Here are some examples from his latest collections:

And here is my all time favourite design of his. I mean c’mon, pink patent leather with a pink persepex heel that doesn’t look anything like a stripper shoe? AMAZING!

I could sit here and post a dozen more examples but I will leave it you you to Google “Dukas shoes” and prepare to be amazed! The patent pink stiletto’s with black leopard print are especially delightful!

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  • Thanks for backlink :)

  • Helen

    Love dukas shoes . Cost? How? Where?