Ruby’s Movie Reviews – July 2011

August 3, 2011

So I actually saw more than three films this month, but three of them happened to be the final Harry Potter movie. I’ve decided not to review it as I don’t want to nerd you all into a coma and also I think I need to see it one more time before committing to putting my thought to paper (or keyboard, as the case may be). So count your lucky stars and enjoy the latest trio of film reviews!


This is without a doubt, one of the funniest films I have seen in a very long time. Possibly ever. I don’t often laugh until I cry but I absolutely did during this film. Due to its popularity and the fact I have poor time management skills, I wound up being in the front row right to the side, which didn’t even ruin the experience. That is how damn good this movie is.

They say it’s the female version of the Hangover but that’s a bit of a cop put, because in reality it’s actually nothing like the Hangover but then again, if there was going to be a female version of it, this would be about it. I doubt there’s a woman under the age of 70 who wouldn’t identify with at least one of the characters, particularly the lead character Annie. The poor girl is having a shit time at life and now her best friend is buddying up to a stuck up rich bitch who is taking over all of the things she, as maid of honour, is meant to look after. There are some seriously gross parts, but mostly it’s laugh-out-loud funny and also very sweet (not in a sickening, girly-flick kind of way though, thank god). And the temper tantrum scene is just about the best scene in comedy history, I kid you not.


I had very high expectations for Super 8, and fortunately for me the film exceeded them. I saw a teaser trailer for it months ago and was fascinated, but I managed to avoid as much of the hyper surrounding the film as I could so I wouldn’t know too much about the film to ensure maximum enjoyment when I finally get to see it. I did hear someone describe it as the Goonies meets Jurassic Park, which did spoil the plot a little bit, but not enough to ruin my experience.

Think back to your favourite film from the 80s where a group of young boys have some sort of adventure that sums up your childhood and always makes you happy (and possibly makes you want to go on an adventure on your own ASAP). For me this is Stand By Me or the Lost Boys. Now imagine if that film was made now with a supernatural twist and awesome CGI, but still maintaining that child-like innocence. That would be the best way to describe Super 8. Make sure to watch the end credits too!


First off, let me just say that 3D movies are not very impressive these days. For the price you pay for a movie ticket to a 3D film, I expect things to pop out of the screen and look friggen awesome. Sadly, the best you get is the occasional bit of ash coming off the screen and the background looks a little bit further back than the characters. The new Transformers is no exception. There were a few key scenes that would have made for some mind blowing 3D, but sadly they didn’t take advantage of them. I was also disappointed that the trailer looked fucking amazing in 3D but the film was nowhere near is in-your-face spectacular.

But that’s not to say the film was bad. It was actually pretty good and a huge improvement on the 2nd one, much of which can be thanked by the absence of Megan Fox (god I hate her). It was fun, action-packed and featured some kick-arse robot battles. Like the first two films though, the dialogue is kind of… odd. They talk too fast and the story goes all over the place quickly and without being properly explained. It can be a bit disconcerting, particularly when you’re trying to work out which robot is good and what the hell is going on. But  then again, I doubt few people saw this film for the dialogue and story line, so maybe I’m getting a bit carried away by trying to dissect this film too much. It is excessive and loud, but it is fun and robot battles are awesome.

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