Once a non-believer, Cara falls under the spell of Harry’s magic

July 13, 2011
Harry Potter, In the News, My Life

Guess who was in the newspaper today? It’s kind of funny how, after the Brisbane Harry Potter fan club ceased to exist a few years ago, we still get contacted to do interviews and appear in the local press. This is by far the best one yet as far as circulation and the fact the journalist didn’t misquote me to make me like a total moron (as has happened a number of times in the past). On the downside, they got my surname wrong :(

You can see the online version of the article here as I haven’t had a chance to scan the actual newspaper article. Meanwhile I am off to sulk and mope about the last movie (which I have already seen twice now) and finally finish off he final book so I can sob and wallow some more!

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