Ruby’s Movie Reviews – May & June 2011

June 13, 2011


What can I say about this Australian thriller? Aside from the fact I am glad I didn’t have to pay to go? Actually I think that just about sums it up. It was basically the most unpleasant film I’ve probably seen in my entire life. It also felt like the longest despite the fact it was barely 2 hours long. Imagine long shots of ugly landscapes, close ups of people smoking, having to hear the characters eat noisily for 50% of the film, punctuated by graphic depictions of rape and torture. It’s a shame because the true story of the murders is actually very fascinating, it’s a shock that it happened in Australia and poor little Snowtown has been tarnished with it since. But it’s not worth seeing, not even worth illegally downloading if you ask me. I am not exaggerating when I say about a quarter of the cinema left about half way through after one particularly nasty scene. Save yourself the trouble and just read about the murders yourself.


What is not to love about these movies? Even my intense loathing for Kiera Knightly didn’t stop me from enjoying the first three films, so it was with great relish that I saw this film knowing she wasn’t going to be on the screen, infuriating me with that damn pout, ribs sticking out all over the place. It was the first of the PotC films to be in 3D and I do get the feeling they were following the lead of Shrek by making one last film to cash in on the 3D craze. Never mind, it was still a lot of fun and worth drawing the franchise out one last time. Johnny Depp was magnificent as expected, as was Geoffrey Rush who played a very significant role in this one. I also really enjoyed the parts played by Ian McShane and Penélope Cruz (Blackbeard and his daughter, respectively). Don’t go to see this film, expecting to see something new. It’s just another swashbuckler (this time they’re after the fountain of youth which is not exactly new territory) but it’s fun and funny and has Captain Jack Sparrow, who they obviously tried to roughen up by giving him some sores and making him look especially filthy, but still happens to be the handsomest pirate to have ever existed.


I am not a big comic buff, I will tell you right now. I do like comics and I definitely do love films based on comics, but I am not an expert by any means, which is why I always go to these movies with my boyfriend who is basically the king of Marvel. He was so excited about this film, whereas I was a bit sceptical as I really liked the first three X Men films and all of these comic-to-film reboots are getting ridiculous. But this was very different from the other films (and indeed, most of the other Marvel films to date), and in a good way. Even I could tell these were truer portrayals of the characters than ever before, without knowing much more than few names and mutant powers of the most famous X Men. It delved in the characters of Magneto/Erik Lehnsherr and Professor X/Charles Xavier and explained a lot which you’d have to read a lot of the comics to ascertain otherwise. It also made their powers seem more realistic, knowing where they came from and seeing them struggle to control them before the big and epic climax. Watch out for a hilarious cameo appearance by everyone’s favourite mutant ;)

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