Ruby’s Movie Reviews for April – May 2011

May 10, 2011

It’s been a little while since my last movie review, but let’s just say I was saving it up for three really good and varied films for your review-reading pleasure.


I knew I would like Paul no matter what. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are amazing together and have so far picked some of the best film genres to poke fun at. And now it’s time for them to get really geeky. In case you’ve been living under a rock or on the moon or some such dark, fun-less place, Paul is about two geeky English friends who go on a  road trip across the USA after attending Comic-con, to see all of the famous alien sites. Along the way they meet a real alien called Paul who lacks manners, class and tact. They end up being pursued by scary government people who are hell bent on catching Paul and naturally, hilarity ensues.

This film is not for kids, there is a LOT of swearing and general adult themes. But it is a terrific comedy that makes you go AWWWWW at the end because everything works out perfectly as we all knew it would. I managed to miss the very start and one of the key scenes thanks to my lame bladder, so I am looking forward to seeing it again soon.


I read a couple of decent reviews about this film, and then managed to score myself a free double pass to see a preview screening. I didn’t know what to expect, and in all honesty my expectations weren’t very high. I was expecting it to be depressing and all about the agonies Aboriginal people endure every day. In some respects I was right but I was very pleasantly surprised by how it didn’t make me feel sad at all. In fact I would say it made me feel hopeful, which is a far cry from walking out of the cinema with puffy eyes from sobbing too much. The film is essentially about a young Aboriginal boy who lives with his mum in the Kimberly region of WA. He’s starting to get into trouble so gets sent to type of camp for naughty kids to try and remind them of their heritage and help them avoid jail in the future. Meanwhile his father who he’s never met travels all the way up from Perth to finally meet his young son.

It was beautifully shot, the cinematography was just divine and I thought the pacing was really good. The acting wasn’t exactly top notch, but they used real people from the region and I think they did a magnificent job considering they’re not professional actors. It was a little bit sad, but it was mostly bittersweet and you know things were going to work out well in the end, though they didn’t delve into that and kind of let left it so you make up your own mind about what happens next. I also liked how they had candid interviews with the actors during the credits, telling their stories which the film was based on. I highly recommend it.


I had some pretty high expectations of Thor and I am delighted that I wasn’t disappointed.  admit I always found the idea of the Thor comics kind of odd, I mean he’s not a superhero really, he’s the god of thunder! But I guess the definition of what a superhero is can be very varied (after all, Batman is just a rich guy with lots of cool gadgets and Superman is actually an alien who is just average on his home planet). I didn’t realise this was directed by Kenneth Branagh, but in hindsight it was so very Branagh (aka excellent).

In the film Thor is set to become king but his dad realises he’s a bit too much of an arse with a lot of growing up to do after he incites war with an old enemy. So he banishes him to Earth to learn a few things about life. Thor quickly discovers he’s not a god on earth and when he hears bad news from back home he grows up quick-smart while also falling in love with the girl who discovered him. Then he and his cool troupe of friends do some serious arse kicking and also he takes his shirt off to the delight of women everywhere.

Without giving much away, the only flaw I found was that he learned his lesson a bit too quickly. But then again, I wouldn’t have sat through three hours of him being a pratt before he eventually realises he needs to grow up if he’s ever to go back to Asgard. But aside from that everything was wonderful. Chris Hemsworth was excellent, and although I was disappointed that Alexander Skarsgård wasn’t to play Thor, Chris more than made up for it by being equally handsome and possibly an even better actor.


While writing this (let’s just say WordPress and I are not on very good terms right now so this has taken a lot longer than the average post) I saw yet another film which I thought I will add on the end here…


I saw this film on a whim and am glad I did. I hadn’t heard much about it and had only seen a snippet of the trailer which had piqued my interest. I love sci-fi and I love action movies so I really, really liked this. The plot is quite complex so you do need to think a fair bit throughout, but it’s so different and engaging that even the laziest film-goer would find themselved immersed in the story.

I could spent ages trying to give you a decent enough synopsis of the movie, but I recommend you just go and read this review and then take my word that it was great. Jake Gyllenhaal does a great job, which is lucky because after Prince of Persia I have been wary of his acting (luckily that was just a one-off that we will all forget about soon enough). I kind of felt the ending pandered a bit too much to the audience who always needs a happy ending, but then again it was such a twist that I’ve been thinking about it ever since I saw the film which I guess is a sign of a good ending after all. I still don’t quite get how it all worked out, so I am going to have to make my smarter friends see it so I can pick their brains afterwards.

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